Revised Spinosaurus skeletal

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Here it is. I'm sure people will have opinions on it. I'm happy to answer questions, but if you want more detailed information I wrote extensively about my choices and assumptions on my website:

And the article on sail shape I posted in the last journal:

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Huh neat, the tail does look strange though, kinda fishy....

P.s Would the neural spines of the tail break off if it "flexed" too much?

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I see what you did there. I do think the neural spines would sustain damage from moving beyond the normal range of the tail. But since they are almost certainly being held in by skin and connective tissue they would probably heal to some degree most of the time. This was exactly why I didn't straighten out every neural spine perfectly from the fossil condition.

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Interesting. The spines did look Dimetridonish?

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I think it looks great! Glad we are back to circular sails, I didn't really enjoy the M shaped one

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Thanks. To be clear, the fossils don't clearly favor one hypothesis over another. On my website I actually show off a couple of other hypothetical sail shapes that would also work as far as what we know right now.

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May I use this for an artwork?

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You can base you life reconstructions on it, yes.

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While I do agree that a more circular sail is more likely, I disagree that Spinosaurus B is a more reliable specimen than FSAC-KK-11888. But unless a fully articulated skeleton is found in Egypt, (which is never gonna happen), nothing is certain.
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That's ok! Of course there are other possibilities too (like they are both reliable...or that neither is). All we need is another dorsal from the FSAC quarry to know about that one at least.

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so we are back to the circular sail now?


interesting read though, i'm looking forward to seeing what this hypothesized sail shape will lead to in terms of Paleoart

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To be clear, there is a range of plausible sail shapes possible. The tops of most of them are broken. I show a couple of other examples on my site.

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i get ya

still gonna be interesting though :D

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Interesting, Mr. Hartman. :)

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