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Thunder Lizard size comparison

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Does what it says on the bottle. I did a write up on some details on my Facebook page here: [link]

I assume there will be lots of questions about scaling and which specimens I've used, so I'll see you in the comments section below.

Update: Added a gray silhouette of the mexican Alamosaurus specimen, and changed some of the scale people for more variety.
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I have some qualms about the size of F. Dukei, it seems to be unreasonably small when compared with skinner sauropods like B. Alithorax

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It matches the measurements I have?

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Greetings Scott!
I saw your Patagotitan skeletal and wonder... How would it fit in this scale? My best guess is it would take the place of Puertasaurus 
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My god their recurrent laryngeal nerve would be huge.
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Yes, yes they would.
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Hi mr hartman im mehdi from a highschool in iran im so interested in paleontology. i have a question: who was the last diplodocid on earth?when did it live? and why diplocids disapeared long befor the extinction of brachiosaurids(including titanosaurs)?was it because of advantages that brachiosaurs have against predators and other sauropods?
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I´m not Hartman but I think I can answer some of your questions.
The question of what was the largest diplodocid is a bit tricky because many of the supposed giants are very incomplete and therefor come with uncertainty. The biggest might have been Barosaurus which may have reached up to 40 to 55 meters long and maybe over 100 tonnes. If this is true it would leave other diplodocids far behind in size, except maybe Apatosaurus. Apatosaurus might have gotten really big when it was an adult, because the biggest specimens were not mature. 

The last diplodocid... maybe the undescribed kirkwood diplodocid?

Their extinction may have been due to changing plant life, or maybe just chance. 
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Is OMNH 1670 an adult?
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That guy seems really happy to be with those dinosaurs.

"Yes! The time machine worked, I can finally see these beautiful prehistoric animals in-" *SQUISH*
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Is J berlin's giraffatitan? If so and from what I can tell Puertasaurus and Alamosaurus aren't much bigger than it in linear dimensions? I'm confused right now xD

Having alredy said that; I'm curious on how argentinosaurus would compare to these. What's your take in argentinosaurus size?
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How big would be argentinosaurus?
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Yeah, but the reconstructions which give argentinosaurus a lengh over 30 meters are outdated.
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I do have an answer to that, but it will have to wait for an upcoming paper!
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This paper will be in this month/this year ? or around when ? :D
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What's with the paper now?
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These diagrams are really cool :D it may sound weird, but I didn't realize that their necks were that thick. Now I know! :)
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Hi Mr Hartman, Someone t old me you have an Argentinosaurus skeletal ready to show in future, so Will you update this parade with the south America giant?
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That Will be a Great day!
I saw a replica of the vertebral material back in 2000Idontremember and was Huge, probably in the range of biggest Alamosaurus (I think)....
Moreover there are very few good Argentinosaurus restoration out there and I m sure your skeletal Will be a Great reference for many artist (as usual).
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I wonder what we should call the OMNH monstrosity in light of Tschopp's findings. Probably "Apatosaurinae i.s." for now.
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