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Poposaurus gracilis sauntering along

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The eponymous poposaurid (a group of croc-line archosaurs), it sorta parallelled theropods in becoming bipedal, but was also quite different from theropods in other ways.
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It's great to see more non-dinosaur skeletals,really is very few of them.
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this guy is me +20 or so years with my crappy posture hahaha
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It walks over their full feet, just alike bears do. It's a plantigrade!
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It may have been something of a convertible - walking plantigrade at lower speeds and adjusting to a more digitigrade stance when it was in a hurry.
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Oh! Ok. It sounds plausible since the feet have such sape.
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they seriously named them PoPo sauruses? (it means poop in spanish)
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It's named after the Popo Agie Formation in which it was found. The name of the formation is derived from a Crow River Native American phrase describing a prominent river nearby.
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Those are some big feet. I judging by the short robust legs I doubt this thing was very fast
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Yay, you're back!
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I love that it looks like the lovechild of a Komodo dragon and larger early theropods, despite not being very closely related to either 
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Scott back!  And he brought skeletal drawings! :D
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Aw yiss it's here
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Dinosaurs only imitated this bois!
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There is literally a thing named poposaurus....
("popo" is the german term for butt)
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Named after Meme Lord Mr. Popo from Dragon Ball Z and TFS' DBZ Abriged
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Nope, it's named for the Popo Agie river, which is where the type specimen was discovered.
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I know, its a joke
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Also means poop in Spanish :D
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Finally a skeletal that it's not from David Peters :/

The animal really looks lie it's been compressed, probably because of it's plantigrade feet.
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GetAwayTrike also has one.
Granted, it does look somewhat different. It looks like Scott has accounted much more for crushing.
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