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Not Zunityrannus!

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The two specimens referred to Suskityrannus have been known for a while (I personally mounted one for the WDC in the late 'aughts), and in more than one place they were informally referred to as Zunityrannus. Now that it's been formally described I've updated my original skeletal to bring it inline with current standards regarding silhouettes, lips, hyoids, etc.
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Did you make a Eustreptospondylus skeletal?
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Very nice work. Just curious, why three fingers?
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Hello Mr. Hartman, I’m an aspiring paleontologist and I love your work. I’ve recently been out of the loop of Paleontology for a while and I just found out the unknown tyrannosaur in the Moreno Hill Formation has been officially named Suskityrannus. Amazing! 

I would like like to get your opinion on another newly discovered tyrannosaur this year called Moro’s Intrepidus. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it, it’s a small tyrannosaur similar to Alectrosaurus found in the Cedar Mountain Formation, Utah in the Mussentuchit Member. If you’ve done a skeletal or web article on it already I would love to see it or if you haven’t I would love to hear your two cents on it. Thanks 
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Sorry I meant aspiring TO BE a Paleontologist.

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Since you have the most extensive knowledge on this... It is accurate to reconstruct Venenosaurus from a Gondwanatitan skeletal reference?


This one

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This is sort of an odd place for this question, but no, I would not want to use a derived lithostrothan (Gondwanatitan) as the basis for restoring a brachiosaurid (Veneosaurus). I haven't looked closely at the remains of Gondwanatitan yet, but I am some somewhat skeptical that they would look like the illustration you linked either.

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It's amazing to see this Tyrannosaur finally get a proper description. Especially so considering it was discovered before I was born.
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Hyoids are great additionok hand emoji 
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Very nice work! How much of it is from known material, and how much is inferred from other species? I know some of your other skeletals had diagrams of that and that's always very useful. 
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Nice! Poor little guy’s been hanging around the AZMNH here for years without a proper name.
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Front half of the head/mandible, good vertebral representation, and most of the hind limbs. Fragmentary pelvic and pectoral girdles, almost nothing of the forelimbs.

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Isn't "Zunityrannus" supposed to be a Tyrannosaurinne, full fledged Daspletosaurus-type thing?
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I think that you are confusing this taxon with the supposed "Alamotyrannus" taxon
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Ahhhhhhhh, yes, you're right! My bad! Long time no see, by the way!
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I'm still around, but just lurking. I've been getting a bit more active on these boards but haven't committed anything to paper yet. 
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I'm still getting used to the way the Eclipse version of the site organizes notifications.

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So Planet Dinosaur lied to me??? :shocked: I'm shocked and disappointed!:cry: 

(No, not really.  MSN Emoticon - :P )

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Lol, shocking I know.

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I have waited for the description of this guy for literally a decade. I was always fascinated by the those Raptors from "when dinosaurs roamed America". Never thought that they would be Suskityrannus, until my research from a few months ago. And then I realized that Suskityrannus held the honor of the first ever non-avian dinosaur to be depicted with feathers in televised paleomedia.
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It seems like Suskit has less extensive lips compared to other lipped Theropods skeletal you made. Is there rigorous way to know size of oral tissue?
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Sadly there isn't, you just have to close the mouth into a resting gape (~3 degrees or so is good) and infer the extent of lips from there.
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Nice work as usual!
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