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How big is your favorite dinosaur?

Now before you start freaking out, note that the T. rex specimen is Sue (i.e. the largest T. rex) while the Triceratops and Stegosaurus specimens that I restored are one the smaller side. For that reason I included silhouettes of known larger specimens to provide a better estimate of the overall size range. I couldn't do this with Apatosaurus or else everything else would have gotten too small.

Finally, note that Velociraptor is the actual skeletal, while the gray silhouetted dromaeosaur is Deinonychus, not some giant specimen of Velociraptor.

Enjoy, and if you have some good ideas for other comparisons let me know, I'm officially taking suggestions right now.
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Is this made from all specimens collected & measured, or from all fully grown adult specimens collected & measured?
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it those sizes 100% accurate?but of course not,tyrannosaurus were a lot shorter
DrScottHartman's avatar
Let's go with 98% accurate? There's always a little bit of slop around individual pixels, but they should be pretty close.
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what if mine isnt there D:
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Add in a Pteranodon and take out the raptors, and you have all the classic Dinobots from the original Transformers series (though, if Sludge were a real Apatosaurus/Brontosaurus, he'd seriously dwarf the others).  =P Yes, I know Pteranodon is not a dinosaur, but that's never stopped the media from including it in with the other "stock" dinosaurs.
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Guess there wasn't much space for the OMNH mega-Apatosaurus, was there? 
DrScottHartman's avatar
Then all the non-apatosaur skeletals would have looked like ants.
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And that one wasn't even mature yet. An SVPCA 2013 abstract implies that a hypothetical adult Apatosaurus would probably have been twice as massive.
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Really? That's quite incredible. 
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Yeah, if you read that abstract (I posted in on my journal entry here:, it implies that through the notion that the fusion of the cervical ribs comes after neurocentral fusion, along with comparisons with Diplodocus and Giraffatitan.

Assuming that CM3018 would have had a mass of ~25 tonnes, then, based on the implications of the abstract, the Oklahoma Apatosaurus would have massed in at ~50 tonnes, and a hypothetical mature Apatosaurus would be at ~100 tonnes omfg

And yet, the JPW site depicts Tyrannosaurus as larger than Apatosaurus :facepalm:
But I guess that with their kaiju mosasaur thing, a kaiju tyrannosaur isn't too far off...
vasix's avatar
Haha oh yes I saw that on the many kaiju-sized monsters to up the cheese factor and extremely outdated Knightian sauropods to boot with all the marks of perfect phylotardation!
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If Deinonychus was the grey silhouette alongside Velociraptor, then who are the other two?
DrScottHartman's avatar
Just the largest known specimens (vs the specimens I actually restored).
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cant wait for stomping lands t-rex this thanks giving
suddenly the notion of Tyrannosaurus crunching/munching on adult Triceratops makes more sense.
DinoLover09's avatar
Looks like Triceratops was over two meters.
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Don't know if you still take suggestions, but what about Aucasaurus garridoi?
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No love for Parasaurolophus? D:
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No, to heck with Parasaurolophus! Just kidding, I just didn't think to include it. When I get around to doing faunal-level ones it'll get some love.
SpinoInWonderland's avatar
A question:

Is a comparison of individual bones from two taxa that's only distantly related(like a comparison of an Albertosaurus D5 and a Baryonyx D5) really a good method for estimating the relative/comparative body masses?
DrScottHartman's avatar
Not particularly, although you could potentially use them to scale up more complete specimens, which wouldn't be the end of the world.
SpinoInWonderland's avatar
Ok. But those extrapolations would have monster error bars then, and thus should only be used if closer relatives aren't available. Thanks!
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