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Gondwana's vulture-plunderer

Buitreraptor is a South American dromaeosaur that's trying really, really hard to be a stork. Aside from the long thin beak-like snout, it also has the gangly leg proportions of an animal that frequently wades through shallow water. Compared to restoring some Gondwanan taxa, Buitreraptor is known from refreshingly complete remains.

Edit: The full scale bar and rigorous treatment is now available. Aside from the usual soft-tissue updates, I also had to correct a more fundamental error on this one: I'd placed the pectoral girdle a little too far back on the rib cage. As a result the torso is now a bit longer (also a bit deeper due to changing the angle of the sternum) and the neck is a bit shorter, although adequately fluffy reconstructions probably wouldn't show the difference (we're talking about 1/3 the length of a centrum).
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This a outstanding skeleton. The humerus is perfectly positioned and the snout is at the the right length and thickness. Just wow. Can't get over any of your skeletals. The beauty amuses me and how you put the muscles is wonderful. Wow. The impact pops right into my face. The slenderness of Buitreraptor is portrayed perfectly here. I love how you didn't make the teeth grooved as Buitreraptor's teeth are.It's unique and is 5 stars on vision, 5 stars on originality and 5 stars on
the impact. It looks original and how it should be. The picture beats right into the pupils and fills it up with perfectness. Well done!
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Long mouth boi.
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Do you have plans to update this skeletal at some point to incorporate the new specimen MPCN-PV-598?
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That was a cool drawing what you just did!;)
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Awesome as usual!

This is indeed a strange critter, at least for dromies' standards.

As Tomozaurus said, it has such strange arms... How flexible were its hands? In regards of more classic dromeosaurids like Velociraptor, Deinonychus and such?
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Its funny how short its fingers are, and the humerus lenght - so un deinonychosaurian. How do you think its wings would look like? short primaries and rather long secondaries?
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It's not actually clear that the length of the feathers have to be correlated with the hand size (and some papers have suggested the opposite in this case), but to be honest I haven't settled on what i personally think.
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Amazing, amazing, amazing. I was very surprised at the small hands in the GSP skeletal. Seeing you confirm this makes me feel a lot more comfortable (and also means that my Buitreraptor drawing is not only artistically, but also scientifically outdated :D)
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In a Candeleros mood, I presume?
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I'm in a Gondwanan mood, since the ROM is doing a new display on southern hemisphere dinosaurs.
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Technically, a Stork is trying way to hard to be a Buitreraptor. :P
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Very Professional! You should consider doing work for a technical journal.
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Thanks! Actually these reconstructions do appear in quite a few journals and text books (and museum displays), but I appreciate the sentiment :)
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another spinosaurus look alike! XD dinos love to copy each other, don't they.

Jokes aside, this is an awesome skeletal. One of my favorites.
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Well, it's a look-alike for a spinosaur that's the size of a cat...
I wonder if Buitreraptor and Austroraptor might be sister taxa (within Unenlagiinae) that inherited their spino-mimic features from a common ancestor.

We've had Ornithomimomimus in the form of Limusaurus, now we've got Suchomimomimus...
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I've been wondering this too since I started working on them - alas, there's just not enough data right now to say with any sort of reliability, but it's a hypothesis that should be watched IMO.
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the problem here is that we know very few on unenlagines. I think we are beggining to witness a wide radiation of Gw deynonychosaurs, and I think Buitre and Austro are far each other within unenlagines. Buitre is from Candeleros Fm (Cenomanian) and Austro is from Allen Fm (Late Campanian). There'll be dozens of species to discover within this peculiar radiation of long-snouted southern droms (if they are so!) or whatever they are. Best. Sebastian 
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Good points, and it may well be that they end up rather far from one another - when you only have a handful of data points it's difficult to tell which ones signify a close relationship and which ones are basal to the entire clade.
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...W...T...F...those proportions! I'm very unfamiliar with this species - the reduced hand, the long arms, that dentition and snout is What did they figure its diet was?
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