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Finally, an aetosaur!

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Stagonolepis, the eponymous stagonolepid aetosaur. These odd, beaked, croc-line archosaurs were sort of like armored pig-crocs, apparently using their upturned snouts to root around for roots and other vegetative matter, and possibly insects and grubs (though the latter is more controversial). They were very successful for a brief time in the latter parts of the Triassic, and then were gone, along with the loss of most other crurotarsans.

I avoided doing an aetosaur for a long time (and pushed this commission back to the last possible moment). Not only is the armor obviously a huge pain, but the vertebral column was poorly documented and I was concerned that it would prevent me from restoring even the basic shape of the animal. After talking about this with some other researchers and amassing a ton of papers and photos, it turns out that Walker's venerable 1961 monograph on Stagonolepis actually had some of the key data in it that I needed. So here you go.
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Is that an upright posture?
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Anyway it's a good idea to have commissioned you for unusual archosaurs.
When I find the time for some more drawings...
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Crocodiles\crocodymorphs were truly the most successful group isn't it ? An omnivorus boar croc ? Always welcome :D
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Since you seem to be doing a lot of Triassic reptiles.....why not Longisquama? Most of the skeletals I've seen are either really old or David Peters. Longisquama needs some love! (Not demanding or anything)
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The short and easy (if cynical) answer is that Longisquama wasn't on the list of commissions that these were on.
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A rather unusual creature. It walked flat on it's hindfeet?
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Most croc-line archosaurs are plantigrade on their hind feet.
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I gotta ask, how much does one of these cost to commission?  I can't imagine how much research goes into each of your skeletals. 
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Careful! After the Scutellosaur armor, now this one, we´re gonna start expecting unarmored + armored AND one showing only the known fossils! 3 in one! Oh man, I can´t wait! =D
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Fantastic work! :)  Good skeletals on these sorts of animals are so hard to come by.  Hopefully there's more odd crurotarsans in store the future, though I totally understand if there's not, what with all the armor plating and all. ;)

Is it just me, or does the snout actually look sort of delicate for an animal that's supposed to be using it for digging?  Is it more robust in dorsal view?
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There's no immediate plans for additional crurotarsans, although I think I could get aetosaurs done more quickly now. The big nasal opening does make the snout look a bit delicate. The snout may have been covered in a horny beak, which would have certainly reinforced it.
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These things look so cool. Glad to see someone made a skeletal of them :)
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Dear Scott, I should tell you "Thank you for drawing these valuable illustrations". but I think it is good that that outer bones(armored bones) have a gray color for recognize of bones inside body!
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If you keep doing all of these skeletals of osteoderm-bearing animals, you're going to become known as Scute Hartman.

Aetosaur? More like neatosaur.
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Ooh, strange!
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I don't blame you for dreading that armor. It has so many parts!! This is amazing though I honestly never even thought these animals existed!! Armored pig-crocs. Gotta do some more research on these myself haha
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Between this and your recent Coelophysis I'm in skeletal reconstruction heaven!
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So they had ventral plates / osteoderms on it's belly?  Seems like an advantage Ankylosaurs missed out on, why must nature be so cruel?
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Ah, it is good to see skeletals of those animals not made by David Peters...
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With that armour what was this animal defending itself from?
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