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Eocursor, a basal ornithiscian

The newly described early plant-eating dinosaur from South Africa. It's a cute little critter!

Edit: This recent skeletal just needed a repose and some minor adjustments to the silhouette. I still think it's cute though!
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hey, I was wondering of this skeletal is schematic or proportioned/accurate? (which I assume most of your skeletals are) I was just wondering about the skull, since I'm compiling and running a landmarks geometric morphometric phylogenetic analysis focusing on the crania of basal Dinosauria and how the major groups are related to each other.

So I guess just 'is the skull accurately shaped?', thats all:)

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Eocursor parvus by hypo-potamus  My version of this Eocursor
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Cute-little Dino it is! ^_^
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It is cute. Also what Zegh said.
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I always imagine picking tiny dinos up, for them then to kick, squirm and bite wildly, making me instantly drop them, and watch them zoom off sqeaking frustratedly. The following tetanus shot would be totally worth it!
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Lol, that's totally how I expect it would go down too. I really hate shots, but it'd still be worth it.
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The advantage to have access to much neat fossils when having such a position in a great paleontology museum! :D

Schmick as usual.
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Indeed...location, location, location. Thanks!
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Nicely done. Is it more basal than Lesothosaurus? It seems somewhat more advanced.
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It is more basal than Lesothosaurus. After I finish Stormbergia I am going to take another look at Lesothosaurus to see if it deserves a new skeletal reconstruction.
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wow, remarkable critter. Anyways, lookin forward to those!
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Very good reconstruction :0
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Does it have some close relatrionship with the rest of basal ornis, Pisanosaurus and Sacisaurus?
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The paper found Pisanosaurus and heterodontosaurs more basal to Eocursor, but Eocursor was more basal than everything else. They did not include Sacisaurus in their analysis.
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...but if they had included Sacisaurus it would have ended up with Silesaurus, outside of Dinosauria. Which I suspect is where it will stay; I don't think silesaurids are dinosaurs, although they are very close.
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hmm. Reminds me of that burrowing dino they found in Montana. "cute little critter" eh? In my eyes he can't hold a candle next to the monster oviraptor they just unearthed in China.
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holy shit! can you send me a link or something about this monster oviraptor?
Megalania1859's avatar
yeah. the link is in my journal. or i guess here it is. [link]
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Gah! Gigantoraptor may score higher on the 'bitchin scale, but it sure can't hold a candle to the scientific importance of Eocursor.
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