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Big honkin' theropod of the southern hemisphere



I think Giganotosaurus epitomizes what people are expecting in their imaginations when we talk about giant predatory dinosaurs. It's stocky and overbuilt, but not in the "weight-lifting ballerina" style of T. rex. Instead, it's basically just a really big carnosaur with a big head.

Keen observers (or just those with too much time on their hands) will notice that the head is not reconstructed at all like the earlier elongate one that was created for the cast that is mounted at several museums - that's because it was wrong. For this version I drew on skull elements from Mapusaurus and Tyrannotitan to better flesh out the missing bits of its noggin.

Edit 2: As I was working on a size comparison between large theropods, I realized that there was a minor scaling error in the hind legs relative to the rest of the body (or more accurately, I realized I'd used Mapusaurus's proportions instead). This has now been fixed, and Giganotosaurus is somewhat closer to the ground (although still with a relatively tall femur).
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By far the best reconstruction of Giganotosaurus I have ever seen, its bizarre, its beautyful, its original, and most important of all, more accurate.
I does not only correct the errors in the mount but just includes many new things like longer legs and more accurate posture, deffinitely worth to watch and original.
Best Giganotosaurus drawing ever!!!
The ribs are restored correctly and the skull is shorter, also correcting things like the curvature of the spine and improving a slighly more slender neck than the mounts or at least that is the impression.
Deffinitely a Masterpiece of Paleontology and reconstructions.