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Batrachotomus - the 'typical' Triassic loricatan

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Though Postosuchus gets more publicity, Middle Triassic Batrachotomus is a better match for the four-legged, big-headed non-sprawling predatory crurotarsan that people imagine when thinking of this time period (or watching Walking with Dinosaurs). Batrachotomus is also pleasantly complete, making restoring it a straightforward process. This skeletal was done in conjunction with the Dawn Dinos project ( dawndinos.com/ ) which I recommend you check out if you haven't already!
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Beautiful animal. Know it from the natural history museum of Stuttgart. Batrachotomus and the Mastodonsaurus in copper... what a piece of art...
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Is that more of a digitigrade pose in the hind legs instead of a plantigrade one like in Postosuchus?
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It's not meant to be - I didn't want the right fore and hind limbs to overlap (since that obscures more detail) and I didn't want to shift the pace to one that wouldn't match other crurotarsans, so I adjusted the timing of the right foot coming down a bit that's keep the heal from sitting on the ground as long.
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I love how there were "rauisuchians" with a more or less theropod-like body plan and then those that were predatory and quadrupedal...the latter of which is probably what the typical person would imagine of them.

Great work.
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Finally, we got another awesome rauisuchian!
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Wow, this is an avalanche of Skotties! I'm happy!

Were the osteoderms of this animal similar in shape and arrangement to those of Postosuchus?
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Yes, they're fairly similar.
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Would this animal also run bipedally, as Postosuchus is now believed to do?
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Not likely, it doesn't have the specializations we see in Postosuchus.
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A new beast brought to my attention yet again! being a watcher is really paying off! :D
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Batrachotomus wouldn't have coexisted with any dinosaurs, though. 
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That's probably true, though it should have lived with dinosauriforms.
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So if I was looking for a creature that looked like the pop-culture version of "Postusuchus" that did live alongside true dinosaurs, what would be my best bet?
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Saurosuchus would be a good choice.
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OH my God!
You are on fire, hope you keep releasing skeletons on this rate :D
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