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An armored coffee table with legs

Edmontonia, dinosaurian dreadnought of the Late Cretaceous. The side-view hides how ridiculously wide and flat-topped the animal is, and also downplays the giant sets of double shoulder spikes that protrude at close to a 45 degree angle. You very much would not want to meet the business end of an Edmontonia in a dark alley...or even a well lit one.
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Will you be doing other ankylosaurs (maybe Polcanthus? :D)
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I would love to see Polcanthus 
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Did ankylosaurs have three or four toes on their hind feet? I've seen restorations with both, and I don't know what to think.
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What species is this?
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I'm pretty sure that those spikes will kill me even before I put coffee on it......
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You have to sneak up on it and then put your coffee down and run away real quickly. I recommend only filling your mug half way up ;)
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Who's going to drink the coffee then D:
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Nobody would be able to give it a hip massage. . .
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wallpapers of Skeleton:

Gregory Scott Paul (24 December 1954)





Best regards, Amin
I should point out that the Euoplocephalus skeletal linked above is a chimera; it is a Scolosaurus body with a Euoplocephalus head and an Anodontosaurus tail club. All of them were considered synonymous when the skeletal was drawn though.
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LOL Imagine If the Flintstones used these dinos as coffee tables
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I always resisted to draw an ankylosaurian, fearing i'd create an eldritch abomination... But thanks to your skeletal i could try...
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those front limbs are massive. Pop a front wheelie once in a while?
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I thought this guy was bigger. I saw the ankylosaurs werent very big as I thought. By the way good work!
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I guess something like "this must have been a pain in the ass to skeletal-draw" doesn't even scratch the surface...
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Actually, you guys don't know the half of it. But I won't be able to give the full story for a while yet.
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Finally, a nodosaur skeletal reconstruction :D
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The boldest of all skeletal reconstructions: the nodosaur! Very impressive, great work!
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could you make a skeletal of this guy from the front or from the top?
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