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A T. rex named Sue 3.0



This is specimen FMNH PR2081, the largest, most complete, most awesome, most hyperbole-filled specimen of Tyrannosaurus on the planet (the known universe, really).

In all seriousness it's a very nice specimen, but in many ways too much has already been written about it (especially on the interwebs). Still, such a lovely and quite complete specimen needs to be restored, so here it is.

Edit: A perceptive question by bLAZZE92 led me to re-evaluate the skeletal reconstruction again, and I was able to leverage newer data to catch some scaling errors I perpetuated from the original monograph. Thankfully the nips and tucks were much smaller than the recent Stan update, but the legs are a bit shorter now (on the order of 4-7%, depending on the element). Some even more minor adjustments were made to the presacral column. I now have much better references for the skull than I did back in 2006, so I redrew it from scratch; the changes aren't dramatic there either, but it does look a bit different.

Perhaps most pleasantly out of this whole process, I got a better constrained scale bar (since I was able to eliminate the scaling inconsistencies inherent in the original publication). The result is an animal that measures almost exactly 12.3 meters (12.32 by my hand), which (for those of you who are metric-impaired) gives us a T. rex specimen that actually reaches 40 feet.
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Damn, they really were close to the ground.

Its like crocodile levels, I never knew that, documentaries always gave them longer legs