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Your Surroundings Don't Define You

By DrRiptide
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:heart: You've got this, you sexy, bloated barnacle :heart: And no matter what, YOU WILL ALWAYS GOT THIS!.
No matter how many thorns or dead ends or crappy conditions you're expected to flourish in, you will prosper because your choose to.

Side note, guys, don't let crappy people tell you, something you appreciate or enjoy, is crap because they don't like it. That's a really jerkass thing to do.

Keep smiling, be good, stay safe. Love you guys.
DrRiptide <3

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TehAngelsCry's avatar
Wow, this is gorgeous! I love how bright the rose is compared to the dark surroundings.
DrRiptide's avatar
Awww thank you so much Angels <3
Yeah it started out just being a simple white rose but by splitting colours, it becomes a lot more interesting.

Thank you! :)
This is a very good pic!
DrRiptide's avatar
Thanks bbc *noogies*
your welcome!
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Amazing colours! Very well done! :D
DrRiptide's avatar
Thanks brother <3 :) *brofist and gives you a jetpack*
Insanity-Break's avatar
haha YAY THEM!!!!!!!!
DrRiptide's avatar
haha, thanks my favourite cheerleader <3 :D
You just made the world a better place ^^
Insanity-Break's avatar
Aww, I try!

Apparently my friend is in awe that I have the guts to wear my AoT cape to school whenever it's warm. My reaction? MY CAPE IS THE WARMEST THING I OWN.
DrRiptide's avatar
Bah, your friends just wanna be you <3 :D haha
I wish i looked that pimp in a cape :D
Insanity-Break's avatar
Damn straight. I look epic.
DrRiptide's avatar
Endgame Assassin's Creed 2, in low-profile mode epic :D
(which is, incase you haven't played AC2, Italian-man-decked-out-the-wazoo-with-knives,-daggers-and-badassery,-walking-slowly-through-a-street-of-concerned-commuters epic :D)
Insanity-Break's avatar
That sounds coooollll....DAGGERS
DrRiptide's avatar
Yeee, Time to left click a sucker's lung out! :D
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Seriously though <3 <3 <3 :D *hugs you tightly and flails around the room like a jolly flesh*
DrRiptide's avatar
:heart: :art: :start: :cart: :fart:
Sgt-Sahara's avatar
Pretty (:
 God bless.
DrRiptide's avatar
Righteous <3 :D
God bless ya toooo ^^
Dee-Dee-Scarecrow's avatar
DrRiptide's avatar
Awwww <3 Zombie, you are my most favourite scarecrow ever <3
Thank you for the love :3
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