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Reborn in Music original

So i had my very first sick day, and instead of spending the day recovering, i spent it drawing a levitating blue thing listening to music... yup, i made free wallpaper for you guys instead of getting better for my work ^^;... i hope you're proud of yourself...

Anyway, i feel sick so please pray for me ^^; And a 1600x1200 edition's here: [link]
as well as a 1920x1200 edition here ^^: [link]

I say 'edition' because it's different to this one...Har! That got your attention didn't it! :D haha

Hope you like it.
God bless
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Wow! Beautiful work! :D
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Yaayyy ^^ thank you :D hahaha do you like the darker one or this one more?
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:'D tis pretty
D: how bad is said sickness? <:c
I shall pray for your speedy recovery, sir
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Yaayyy ^^
Bleh,'s just a sore throat, runny nose, headache, feeling like there's warm salt behind my eyes ^^;...pretty much cliché 'sick' :D hahaha

Thank you :) i really appreciate it ^^