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HU: Leppa

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Level: 1
Age: 16
Race: Hylian/Human, but got all Hylian traits
Gender: Female
Place of Birth (PoB): Ordon
Current Residence: Bounces between Ordon and Castle Town
Height/Weight: 5'1" (the 1 inch is very important!)
Faction: Not yet....
Leppa is a peppy, determined girl with a big imagination and a zest for life. She puts her all into everything she does...everything that she likes, that is! She works as a merchant with her father, something she is not to keen on, and tends to slack off when it comes to her work. She's most passionate about magic and potion making, using the produce and local Ordon plants to make her own homemade potions. She's quite studious and knows her way around a menagerie or greenhouse, but seems to lack common sense, and tends to do things like go out into Hyrule Field at night unarmed to find a specific sort of flower that only blooms in moonlight. She's very honest and stubborn, and is always up for helping others in the only way she knows how - with aggressive meddling, rule breaking, and eating weird plants!
= Doesn't know when to shut up
-"Rules are for fools!"
History: Leppa was born to a human man from a podunk village in Ordon and a Hylian woman who wasn't native to Hyrule. Leppa's father, Peter, is a good-natured man, and was a member of the Ordonian guard until an accident left him with a bad leg. Leppa's mother was a rather flighty woman with wanderlust (something Leppa had inherited) who was incredibly homesick and bored with a domestic life in Ordon. After Peter's accident, she expressed a desire to leave Hyrule with Leppa. Leppa, at 9 years old, was faced with a choice - leave her injured father all alone in Hyrule, or go on an adventure in lands unknown? Her loyalty to her father won out, and Leppa has been living with him in Ordon ever since. Leppa doesn't regret her decision one bit, but she still misses her mother greatly, and is very curious about what lies beyond the borders of Hyrule.

Leppa felt incredibly out of place in her village. Growing up as the only Hylian in a village of humans, she faced a lot of bullying by other children for her ears, which are large even by Hylian standards. The other villagers, including her father, were content to a simple life of farming and comfort. Leppa was bored and felt trapped, and spent a lot of time trying to hone her magical abilities by herself, with little success.

Due to her father's injury, the two had to learn how to treat pain using whatever herbs and plants that grew locally, using the few notes and books they had in town, mostly relying on gut feeling and common sense. Their potion-making became quite good, and they became known as the village healers. At around age 12, the weekend wagon trips to Castle Town began, where they would set up stands and sell their herbs and potions, in addition to Ordon produce.

Finally, Leppa had the chance to stretch her legs and explore! Being in such a diverse town allowed her to learn all sorts of new things and read all sorts of new books. She finally had hope that she could leave the farm and make use of her magic abilities.

She still has hope for that, of course, but it's been four years and she's nearing adulthood and she's still selling pumpkins by the side of the road. But her passion has never wavered. She somehow got her hands on a book detailing almost every magical and medicinal plant in Hyrule - something that would greatly benefit her family's business. 

During the day, she works on the farm or sells produce with her father. Once the chores are done, Leppa is off, scouring Faron woods and the streets of Castle Town. Her father doesn't seem to mind her nightly excursions, under the assumption that she's sneaking off to cause trouble with friends. Nah, she's not meeting boys. She's looking for flowers and bugs.

-She has a decent amount of raw magical ability, but hasn't been properly taught how to use it. She has a special knack fire magic and is able to produce just enough flame to brew up potions. She is very, very careful not to let her fire grow much bigger than a candle flame, because she knows she can't handle anything bigger than that. But she's young and her powers are still growing - someday, she may be able to control the wild fire within her!
-Although she can use elemental magic, her real interest lies in potion making and medicine. Her potions have grown beyond the "shoving weird stuff in bottles to see if it works" stage and she can now produce legitimate red and green potions. They aren't as strong as those brewed by a master, but they do the trick, and she keeps bottles on her at all times, as well as other dried herbs and poultices.
-She's constantly on the hunt to find a master to take her under their wing as an apprentice! Maybe she should check out that College of Mages place...?
-She has an avid interest in bugs and animals, in particular, rabbits. She's heard tales of the Bunny Hood, a magical mask that allows the wearer to run with the speed and freedom of a bunny. Nothing would make her happier than to own one! Unfortunately she never has enough money when one passes through the marketplace.
-Her father is a relaxed man, giving her a lot of freedom that would make many parents blanch, but is still quite protective of his daughter. He encourages her to grow big and strong so one day she can wield the sword he used in his guard days to fight off enemies. The thing is almost as tall as she is. For now, a dagger is a perfectly dangerous enough for a child to carry in her bag.

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Ahh! What a cutie! I love her bunny ears!
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look at m daughter
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I love her...she's so cute o(<<<