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Death's Apprentice - Mikhail Novikov

By DrPummeluff
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Name: Mikhail Novikov
THREADCUTTER username: Mishka
HP: 12
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 5'6"/167cm
Location: A small town in New York
Level of spiritual awareness: A high 5. Sees apprentices and threads clearly, but has trouble remembering their names and faces.

+Kind - Although he seems like a spooky guy, he's pretty easygoing
+Passionate - He's very passionate about his bizarre personal "religion" surrounding death; it takes over his entire life. He obsesses over dead things, humanity, and souls, spirits and the afterlife. Likewise, he's very interested in apprentices and spends a lot of time on 'that weird sewing website. Misha, what are you doing, you don't even sew' (his sister's words). He has a dream of becoming a mortician and he's very bent on making that dream. Likewise, there would be no bigger honor than to become an apprentice when he passes on. In that same vein, his friendships are very passionate and strong despite his generally timid personality - he's loyal to an almost extreme degree.
+Independent - He has trouble making friends and talking to people, so he tends to stick to his own business.
=Lonely - It's hard making friends when all you want to talk about is how beautiful corpses are and how someday you want to be the most beautiful corpse. He's not exactly an extrovert, but everyone wants friends; he just has a harder time getting them.
=Timid - Very, very very much so. Don't make any loud noises around him.
=Submissive - He is a complete and total doormat, and has no idea how to say no. Although this means he's in good graces with generally everybody, he's very easy to take advantage of.
-Macabre - Mikhail's obsession with death and dying is extremely creepy...
-Socially awkward - ...and he doesn't realize just how offputting it is.
-Temper - Although he is overall a gentle person, there is one thing he's extremely sensitive about, and his biggest passion - death. If anyone disrespects the dead in any sort of way, he will not hesitate to beat them down. This can be alarming and confusing and you might want to walk on eggshells when talking about this, as his views on death are extremely esoteric and seemingly only make sense to him.

Bio: Mikhail was born in Moscow to Natasha Novikov, a young waitress who didn't plan on getting pregnant by an American traveler, but hey, what happens happens. When Mikhail was six, his mother married a different American man named Mr. Alexander, a businessman on a business trip. It was a whirlwind affair and Mr. Alexander easily and happily took in Mikhail as his own son. The little family moved to America in a small town near New York City, and shortly into the marriage little Aleksandra, aka Sasha, was born.

The little family was whole and healthy for a while, although Mikhail had an odd secret and obsession his entire life. Ever since he was a small boy, he could see these odd spiderweb-like threads connected to everybody. He'd see strange people dressed in strange clothes and carrying weapons, but nobody else seemed to notice them. The threads became clearer and the strange people appeared more frequently when he turned 9, around the same time Mr. Alexander fell ill.

Mikhail spent a lot of time in the hospital as a result of this to be by his stepfather's side. The hospital is where he saw these strange people the most, walking through the halls, the nurses and doctors paying no attention to the strangers carrying weapons. He followed one such person into the room of a patient even more sick than his stepfather.

The threads connecting the family were strong and white, but the one connected to the old woman lying in bed was a bright, pulsing red. Mikhail watched from around the corner as this strange man came in and snipped the red string easily with his large knife. And then the old woman flatlined.

This set off his bizarre obsession with death. He began regularly sneaking around the hospital to watch the people he called "angels" snip the red cords connecting humans to life. Elderly, sick, young...he saw many people die from his hiding places. He saw the peace on the dead's faces, how beautiful they were, how their souls were now free from their hurting bodies...he didn't view death as an ending. He saw it as a beginning of something new, and the mortal body was most beautiful at the moment of death.

And so this came to his new life. With his stepfather sick, he could no longer work, and Natasha had to take on the role of bringing home the bread, a difficult feat for a stay-at-home mom who spoke nary a word of English. Things were hard financially - medical bills piled up, food was scarce, there were many cold New York winters where the heat would get shut off. Mikhail, oddly, found peace in death. He didn't want to die. He didn't want his family to die. But if they did? He would be comfortable, knowing they would be chaperoned to the afterlife by these beautiful "angels."
He spent his teenage years in a public school. A dweeby kid like him who wore outgrown K-Mart clothes was relentlessly teased and he made few friends, but he found solace on a strange forum where he learned that he wasn't the only one who saw these angels. In all the chaos that was his life, Mikhail had comfort in the weird little website on the public library's computers where people spoke of these "apprentices" and their friendships with them. Oh, he could only hope to muster up the courage and talk to one!

- Has strabismus. His left eye is his "lazy eye" and he looks perpetually cross-eyed.
- Affectionately called Misha or Mishka by his mom and sister.
- Has some sort of undiagnosed breathing problem. He's a wheezy mouth breather and it seems like its difficult for him to speak in complete sentences.
- Has an odd gait. Kind of hobbles around hunched over. Also very clumsy.
- No sense of personal space.
- Spoke Russian growing up, but he's forgotten a lot of it since coming to America and learning English. He has an obvious accent, but it's hard to place unless you know he's Russian.
- His personal religion seemingly only makes sense to him and he doesn't like trying to explain it.
- Gerontophiliac. I'm not even joking. He digs the GILFs.

Contact: Skype, Tumblr, DA chats

Team/Partners: We'll see how this goes....


STR: 3 - He's oddly strong for being such a wimpy looking guy. He couldn't wrestle a bear or anything like that but he could hold his own in a fight, and he's pretty good at beating people with bats (actual thing he's done when he saw some kids graffitying up a grave.)
DEX: 2 - I'd say this is a low 2. Not his high point. He's quite clumsy and due to his strabismus his sense of depth perception is a bit off.
CON: 2 - A high 2. He has a stunted sort of "he didn't really eat much as a kid" scrawny look to him, but other than that he's as physically fit as any other kid his age.
INT: 3 - Employs an extensive and much too in-depth knowledge about the human body. 
WIS: 2 - Eh, he's about as wise as your normal 17 year old. That is, not very.
CHA: 0 - If I could it'd be in the negatives. He's creepy.
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Ahh he's such a little creepy cutie-pie :iconsqueeeeplz:
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Congrats on being accepted, Pummeluff! Welcome to our DA Famireeeee~~~ ^ v ^

Fran: Oh thank you messy haired boy, but I do already know that I am, indeed -flips hair- BEAUTIFUL.
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Mikhail: *smells fran's hair* :hee: 
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Fran: Mufufu~ You like? /casually hands him bottle of chrysanthemum-honey-tea scent shampoo/ Nostalgic smell, eh~~~ O v O
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omg i just want to hug him so much
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Such an adorable little creep, I really like him! :iconallthethingsplz:
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THIS KID IS SO CUTE??? AND YOUR ART STYLE IS VERY FLOWY? it has a nice subtle movement about it and isn't stiff at all ^0^ 
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ahh thank you! i try my best to give my art movement. i'm glad it shows even in just a boring standing still 3/4 picture
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he may be creepy, but i think he's super cute.
i really like your art style btw.
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(also i feel like he and my bae would get along very well....)
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oh man they would. creepy necromaniacs forever!
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*points* that's my creepy child
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