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Hello everyone, I'm glad to present my Lockhtml3 theme! It was a great learning experience coding this, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

Because I was so close to making this a paid theme, I ask that if you are able to, please donate some change my way! I have some great lockscreen ideas in mind for the future, and having some recognition for my work would go a long way!

donate below:
   Bitcoin: 18EGVPDUkgJ4rusBvb1uRCtQY5tQTuFUh4
   Dogecoin: DLh7FW2ToPqGhsJkSQVtnJ4uDHFCf4caAx

-There may be some issues with the release, as I haven't had much time to beta-test it. Nevertheless this theme is quite versatile, and there are infinite possibilities, I'm looking forward to what you guys come up with! If there are any problems reach me here or on reddit, under the username drpoup.

-For notification support please install groovyAPI, and for Battery-Bar support please install InfoStats in cydia

- Changing the settings through the Lockhtml3 app might not work fully, I recommend editing Config.js with iFile, or on your PC. In fact, changing it on the PC is even better because you can test it quickly by opening LockBackground.html in your browser.

DOWNLOAD:  Shades of K v1.1 (old version)
or the feature-stripped version:

To install place in: /private/var/mobile/Library/LockHTML
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