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A result of an assignment, also somthing about my life.
Hope  you like it. 


    My first article was published on a literary magazine for primary students. I was in Grade Two. When Miss Shi announced and gave the remuneration to me, I felt extremely excited. It was a story about the game of hand shadow. I had never thought that it would be sent to an editorial department and appear on a publication! Miss Shi is always a kind and understanding teacher, also my first teacher. Today, when I think about this, I still feel grateful to her for sending out my homework articles.

    The remuneration was only ten yuan, but it meant much more than that to me. Before we moved to the present new flat, it had been pressed under the glassy plastic board of my old desk for many at least five years, as flat as a stamp, as important as an award. It didn’t improve my Mandarin Chinese much, but gave me initial pride on writing. Though I also dreamed about publishing articles and becoming a writer before this happened, but I certainly began to dream more about that kind of stuff after this.

    I usually felt tired about writing articles for homework and tests in primary and junior high schools, as I was always asked to write much, but rarely got a high mark. It seemed that I was not intelligent on writing in those days, and there was far less possibility to be a writer. However, because of the experience of my first publication, I have never lost the hope of making it. As long as I remember this, I will never ever give up.

    Read, read, and write. As I read more, think more, and practice more, I write better and better, broaden my mind and enrich my knowledge at the same time. I stick on writing, from childhood to adulthood. Finally, I enter the senior high school. Here, I have much less homework and much more free time than in my old Chinese ones. I read more, make plans on reading, record my emotion by words when I am spare, and keep a diary. Reading and writing become more and more indispensable, become a part of my daily life, and my soul.

    When I hand in my articles, I may not sure about my essays, but those stories are absolutely my pride. I focus on detail, put my own emotion into it, try to make every part natural and real to make the whole story realistic. I write fictions, but I use fictions to tell reality, tell my life. More and more, my confidence grows. The importance of writing also does. If reading a new book is exploring a new world, then writing a story is creating a new world. There can’t be anything more exciting than this for me in the world. So, I try my best to build my worlds brilliantly.

    Nowadays, I can’t stop writing every day, just like I can’t stop having foods every day. However, there’s one thing I always remember, and will never ever forget: my first published Hand-shadow article in primary school, my first confidence and pride on writing, the seed of this progress all the time.




    In fact, the most favorite school for me is the University of Cambridge. First, I want to go to Britain so that I can have chance to experience the culture of Europe. What’s more, Cambridge is the cradle of Science in western countries. Also, it is famous for its study on Biology, my best subject! Before I choose my applications for Britain, I first search on the Internet, find Top Five universities on Biology in Britain except King’s College London, as it is similar to UCL, but less good than it. So, finally, on the application list, there are the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University College London, the University of Edinburg, and the University of Manchester.

    I apply very hurriedly. It’s the beginning of Grade 12, Semester One, September! The deadline of applying for Cambridge is October 15th in British time. Applications for all British schools must be submitted at the same time, and I must find teachers as my referee and help me on editing my personal statement. All the above universities except Manchester are in Top Twenty of the world’s universities, and Cambridge is in Top Five! So, if I’m not careful enough and try my best, I won’t stand any chance.

    By using spare time, and editing again and again by my Biology teacher and myself, I complete my PS., and update it on UCAS. Then, my referee teacher also completes her help. On my personal statement, I write about my will to study in England on Biology, promote to environmental protection, and my two greatest hobbies, reading and writing, and the one next to them, running. Also, I mentions about my achievement on founding the magazine of Chinese Literature Club.

    Anxiously, I’m waiting for answers. Cambridge is my favorite one, but also the most unlikely one, as it almost can be a school for genius. However, as I fancy it so much, I still make a try. However, the thing makes me worry is that I may not even get one of these famous schools. Before being declined by Cambridge, Edinburg gives out its offer, and that makes me relieve a little. However, Toronto’s Biology is QS Top 13, much better than Edinburg’s QS Top 25, so it can’t be a strong reason to let me study in Britain. Only Cambridge is better on Biology than Toronto, but I’m declined by it. I even think I may not go to Britain if I get an offer from the latter.

    However, the life is always full of turns. When I get my second conditional offer, it surprises the whole senior high school. It’s Imperial College London, which is in Top Ten of the world’s universities! The message is gotten on the morning, then, almost every teacher I meet asks me about this when the afternoon comes. I even feel shocked and embarrassed about this speed. ICL is QS Top 19 on Biology, Top 7 on average, and one of the most ancient schools in western science history. This one is competitive to Toronto, and I regain my confidence. At least, it increases my possibility to transfer to Cambridge in the second academic year.

    So, at last, compare to my original expectation, it’s a failure, but also a great success. I become the most shining one of my school in a period of time, and the most important thing is, I try my best on it, and I will continue to try like fighting.




    Imperial College London just gives me a conditional offer, so it is still something unsure. Then, here’s something sure, as I really grow much stronger after two years’ exercises.

    Talking about why I start exercising, I feel a little ashamed because I used to be the weakest one among all students in this school. In Grade Ten students, I should be someone intelligent, but absolutely not strong enough. In the first semester, it doesn’t seem to matter much. However, when spring comes, flu also awakes. I get fever at the beginning of the second semester, and apply for a whole week’s off! It’s so annoying that I miss so many lessons, and my DPA is directly lowered as a result of lacking in participation! Moreover, one or two days after returning, I fall fever again, and then, there’s the third time for this process! I apply for one week’s off continuously in one month for three times! That’s too awful, annoying and terrible! How shaming this is!

    My dream job is to be a photographer of natural documentaries. Then, if just staying at school can put me into this fever-fever-fever situation, how can I survive in the wild? Hence, I start my journey of physical exercises.

    At first, I do kicks and punches. Both of them are easy, and I can do these any time when I am spare. In addition, I change my way to go up stairs. Instead of one stair for each step, I make three every time. After a period of time, I step four every time. Exercises not only increase my strength, but also improve my flexibility. As the time flows, punches and kicks change to something harder, push-ups, sit-ups, squats and running, then burpees and more running. I enjoy soaking in sweat, running under rain, sunshine, and the feel of wind. All of these are so cool and awesome! And everything is so different!

    Good sleep, proper diet, and striving on exercises is equal to excellent health and growth. In the past, I was the shortest child in my family, but now, I’m the tallest one. I can even run in rainy and windy days. I can run no matter it is hot or cold. I used to get bad cold very often, and need about a month to cure, but now, I rarely get one, and it usually takes me no more than one week to turn life back to normal. The only disadvantage is that I’m easy to feel hungry, and I can’t grow more muscle even I eat much.

    Being easy to feel hungry is inconvenient, but still, my body’s quality can be outstanding among all the students. I’m not the strongest one or the fastest one. However, nobody can compete with me on endurance in this school. What’s more, here’s no second student who can wear T-shirt in winter, and get rid of air-conditioner in summer, as I have much more resistance to temperature change. I’m still continuing to try to become stronger, faster, and more flexible. This is, and will always be one of my greatest prides. I believe I will be like a leopard one day in the future. Being both strong and intelligent, I will be close to perfection.




    As I say formerly, I’m extremely interested in writing. As a spare student writer, I’m always looking forward to finding more people like me, share our works, and become friends. However, in an international school, creative writing in English is still a challenge for most of students, and Chinese writing is overlooked by many of us, as just getting used to the English environment is hurrying yet. Even making a Chinese speech in spare time can be reluctant for many of us. However, I think it’s necessary to practice reading and writing in Chinese, as someone loses mother language in mother country is not able to study a second language.

    So, in this condition, I must figure out a way to gather more student-youth-writer like me, and activate and encourage schoolmates’ interest on writing. After reading A Message to Garcia, I produce an idea: If the author of A Message to Garcia starts his business by publishing his own articles on his own magazine, then, I can do this as well.

    When step goes into Grade Eleven, I make a plan about founding a new club for the first literary magazine for our school, and this informal publication is only for young people and students like us. After applying and talking about my ideas, Miss Zhu, guiding teacher of Chinese Literature Club decides to cooperate with me. Instead of founding a new club, I enter an old important club as a new member, be ready to start something amazing.

    First, I design an A4 poster for collecting writing works. On this advertisement, I says that even a note with one or two sentences is acceptable. Let’s make a guess about what happens next. I get ten articles in the first month? No! Absolutely not! There’s not even a character for me! So, the beginning falls into dilemma, and it lasts from October to November.

    At the end of November, I can’t sit anymore. If there’s no writing from someone else, then I will use my own writing. Though I have worried about the others’ opinions on me, but I still make up my mind on this. This is the first step. No matter what will happen, it creates possibility for something new. And to my surprise, it achieves a huge success, as almost every member of the Chinese Literature Club appreciates my work. “Literature is the bird of thoughts, flies with wings of emotion.” This is what I type on the cover page of the First Edition, November 2016 of Our Literature, the literary magazine for youth and students.

    After the launching of the First Edition, members of our club begin to send articles to me, and a Grade Ten student becomes my partner. Then, after about one year’s hard work, our achievement is rewarded as Excellent Studying Result by our school, and more editors join us when I enter Grade Twelve.

    When I apply for universities, I write this experience on my personal statement, and I’m very sure it’s one of those reasons which make me get a conditional offer from ICL more quickly than all my schoolmates. This is not only my personal achievement, but also an interesting story, a new history of our school. I hope I can see Our Literature becomes a formal publication before my graduation. If that’s too soon for it, I believe I will see that later. This is one of my greatest wishes in present days.




    Writing! Once again, we talk about writing! Long time ago, about before entering secondary school, I had already thought about writing stories for many times. However, forming a complete storyline is not easy. So, it had been delaying for a very long time until I restart reading Warriors, a British novel series about wild cats written by Erin Hunter.

    I used to read Warriors before, and then, I buy more books of this series after I am in junior high school, and finish reading most of them. It takes me a long time, as it is hard to squeeze time if you study in a Chinese junior high school, especially in Grade Nine. From this point, entering an international senior high school gives me more time on this activity. Also, I can spend more time writing something I like, instead of just writing for homework.

    By complete reading four series of Warriors in Chinese, Jack London’s Call of The Wild and White Fang in English, I get more familiar with animal novels. Reading more world-famous books like Mysterious Island and Gulliver’s Travels promote to my apprehension on literature as well. More important thing is, spending more time writing in spare time and keeping a diary improve my writing skills and ability to create stories. You design characters and background, and let the plot flow by itself.

    The only pity is that I don’t figure out a pure original beginning by myself. At the beginning of the story, the plot is very similar to Warriors’ beginning. Also, my main characters have similar appearances with Warriors’ main characters. However, it’s the same beginning for characters with different identities in different environments, so my stories are still very different form Warriors’ stories.

    To make my stories better, more real and more vividly, I still continue to read more books and think about how to form images of emotions and feeling, form pictures of the city and natural world. I even carry these questions when I take a walk in my housing estate and the park nearby, search on the Internet for knowledge about wild plants and animals in Shanghai. It is true that if you want to create something big, you will certainly feel the lack of knowledge and the necessity to study more. But the most difficult part is writing about tragedies. Because if you want to write a story well, you must try to think and feel about your characters’ thoughts and emotions, and it can be awful, even fearsome enough to make you tremble when you write about something terrible like hurt, distrust and death. However, just like the real world, tragedy is undispensable, or it won’t be a realistic or whole beautiful story. At least, a good story can’t always be happy, but it can have a happy ending.

    Up to now, about two years after I begin to do this, I have already written to the third edition of my novel. Its name is Survival, as survival is the key in nature. Jack London writes about the wild and humanity, so I also try this. Less than a half of my chapters are published on Our Literature, as I write them long, and I can’t put too much of my own work on a public publication. I also update my chapters on the Internet, but it can’t be too attractive in a community with many stories while I have no strong relationship with its members. But at least, some of them start to appreciate it, and some people around me like parents, teachers and schoolmates also begin to appreciate it. It will take about two to four years to complete the whole series as I plan to write six or seven books.

    This year, a teacher asks me about whether I want to publish a collection of my works or not, and I decline him gently because if I will publish a book constructed of my own sentences and words, I hope it can be Survival. What’s more, Erin Hunter is a British writing group, so I need to discuss with them and ask for permit on copyright and publication, as I use a few settings of theirs at the beginning of the story, and I have to thank them for influencing me so much and inspiring me to write this, and complete it as one of my most honorable result in the future.




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