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Jungle Jasmine Part 2

Kaa took the hypnotized Jasmine deeper into the jungle and away from the village. They decided to rest for several minutes and get a little more acquainted with each other. "Tell me more of yourssself, princesss..." Jasmine gave a rather flirtatious smile to the snake. "I have a secret I wanna share with you..." Kaa lit up and wondered "What kind of sssecret..." Jasmine continued to smile and came in closer. "I find you very... charming... Your eyes are your bessst feature..." Jasmine lisped just like her snake friend. "Why thanksss my princesssss..." Jasmine kept her spiraling eyes locked on Kaa. She was so deep in a trance that her entire body went numb and she could not feel the coils wrapping her body. When the coils wrapped over her shoulders, she tried to keep her eyes open, but Kaa's tail wrapped her neck and tugged it so tight that Jasmine let out a loud *GULP* and slowly smiled and closed her eyes, feeling the warm embrace of her master's coils...
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Ummm.... Dr Pepper mantra? I have a request..... can you make Elsa in the position of the Ariel’s fatigue original pic with the same story? I would be really happy if you did.:) (Smile) 
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Can we see more pictures of Jasmine actually getting wrapped up?
And pictures involving Kaa wrapping up Jasmine and then eating her whole?
DrPepperMantra's avatar
Depends on which pictures work in that scenario...
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Very good. I can see Kaa making Jasmine his slave girl and having her serve him and help him capture other women to serve him as slaves alongside her.
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What an excellent job. :)

I hope you eventually do Slave Jasmine pictures. :)
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Yeah, Especially in her red outfit :)
JudyHoppsSpongeBob's avatar
Boy Kaa really got Jasmine under his control. Nice!
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