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I've been thinking a lot lately about the nature of how I make and view art, and how other artists make and view art.

Between my day job (at a famous design house where I do NO art related work) and online talks and discussions with artist friends in various mediums I realized that for some reason a lot of artists get stressed about their art and the "creative process", whatever that is to each individual.

After thinking about and discussing this several times in the last few weeks I came to the conclusion that I think there is a HUGE gap between "design" and "art". While close to the traditional definitions, I view the two as follows.

"Design" is any work whether painted, digitally drawn, sewn, played on an instrument or written that has a defined goal. By that I mean, when it is completed, it is SUPPOSED to look/sound like something that has been predefined.

"Art" is something that is created solely for the purpose of it's creation. There is no set "goal" to the piece, other than to make the piece.

Back in high school my favorite art teacher used to tell me to "loosen up" all the time. So I'd change my line work, shading, etc. He'd tell me I didn't get it, and I didn't.

Years later, I have finally come to understand what he meant.

Let the piece be what it wants to be.

There is no right or wrong in "art". There IS in "design", in fact that's largely the point of "design". When you worry about getting things "right" instead of letting them become what they want to become, stress is inevitable. Loosen up.

Looking at art this way will lessen the stress and burnout some of my friends and co-workers seem to go through.

I've been lucky to never have those feelings.

As Bruce Lee said, "Be water my friend".
If you are a model, (particularly in the realms of fetish, pin-up, or adult) and you're looking for a way to stand out, get more fans, and expose your modeling and website to a whole new audience send me a message.

I currently work with both Queeny Love and Nikki Magnusson, doing comissioned adult comics starring them. I have also been published in adult magazines such as a featured piece in Jade magazine in the U.K.

I can either write stories on my own, work with you on your own basic concept, or simply draw a fully realized story you have. I am also available for doing simple pin-up paintings.

So if you are interested in expanding your fan base, please check out my gallery here on deviantart, or make sure to check out my website here &nbs… a larger selection of artwork. I can also e-mail other more specific samples upon request.

Serious and professional individuals only, please.

Thanks !

Dr. Payne
If you found my page, AND you're a model/actress let me suggest a way for you to bring many more fans to your website.

I currently do an online comic for an adult film star on a monthly basis. She uses this comic to draw in new fans, fans of erotic art. If you are a model/actress, and you've been looking for a new way to increase your exposure and webhits, just contact me and let's do some business.

Serious inquiries only, please.

Also, if you either ink, color, or do text for comics, both digitally and traditionally I will be looking for people to work with shortly, as my workload continues to grow. I am very picky about whom I work with, but send me a message, and I'll check out your gallery.
Freelance artist looking to get more work/experience. After twelve years of working for a living, I decided to sell out my art and try making a living at it. So far, I haven't had to compromise TOO much, but making magazine ads for garden printers isn't what I had in mind.

What I DO have in mind, is doing photography/digital manipulation/ digital drawings for fetish sites/models. Whether for banners, shirts, or prints, I'm looking to work with any models/artists out there that aren't full on professional (I'm not paying for modeling time, nor do I desire to charge at this point, let's just stick to TFP or TFCD).

If you are interested to either set up a shoot in the New England area, or are looking for someone to work with photos you already have, just drop me an e-mail.

Weird artist looking for work.
Always looking to work with models/other artists. Check my user page for details.