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Recoloring Eyes for Gimp

A tutorial all about recoloring eyes in Gimp. The same process works in PhotoShop.

This has been kicking around on my drive for a while now thought i would share it with every one.

Hope you all enjoy it.
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I'm going to use this sooooo much...
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your tutorial doesn't work
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how can i turn on and off the visibility of the layers?...
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Hi Chibachiaki,
Well there should be an eye icon next before the layers name, and to toggle the visibility of the layers, all you have to do is click on the eye. When the eye is visible, the layer is visible and vice versa.
Hope I helped!
chibachiaki's avatar
it really helped!..thanks a lot.. :D
I cannot even figure out how to get my pictures into gimp so that I can work on them. please help.
Pikachufan2882's avatar
Hi cindy0750,

When you say you 'cant figure out how to get pictures into gimp' do you mean your own pictures? If so, click on the file button and a drop down menu should appear then you can just click on open and open your file. If you mean how to make an image, you can click on file (again) then click new and specify the dimensions of your "canvas". Or if its just a picture online, you can copy and paste it.

Hope I helped and reply back to tell me if it worked or not!
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in step 6 and 7 where do i find that on GIMP?
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On gimp there should be a button at the top that says Colors, click that then scroll click on desaturate/ color balance.

Hope I Helped!
ekepandadragon98's avatar
yes you did ^^ thank you
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There is a much simpler way by just making a second layer of your main image and then use colorize. But this is a great one as well. ^.^ Love the colors you chose.
SereHime's avatar
Thanks for making this it really helped ^^
TheGhost2's avatar
I was expecting something a little more complicated. I can't believe it was this simple.
Brooklinrain's avatar
i love this! i am so happy i figured out how to do this! its a nice easy step by step & i am a person who NEEDS step by step! i adore this so much!
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you could also select the eye and then colorify it it seems simpler to me
luna-pchan's avatar
This is very helpful thank you!
Xinful's avatar
Used this for this ([link])
Zetzubou's avatar
I did everything like this tutorial said, but I didn't get the normal eye with another color. I chose purple, but all I got was everything in a shade of puprle :(
Blood-Spirit's avatar
That happened to me too. :( Please help us.
Zetzubou's avatar
I found another easier way:

you can skip the black and white part and do it for the normal skin tone. It works great~!
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How do you turn the visibility off on the first layer?
BlueSkies21's avatar
Oh wait, I think I understand now what happened. I think it's that my top layer didn't erase to transparency... it just erased to white. How do I prevent that from happening? :/
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