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I got tagged by :iconnoire-ighaan:
:iconnoire-ighaan: :icondrowtales: So many blinking chibies.
1. Show us the work you're most proud of, and tell us how long it took to draw it?
I don't know for sure. My lastest chapter is what i'm most proud of but it took months of work...
This piece marked the point where i think i've relearned enough about coloring to match my wife in some ways. Took about 6 hours.
Let's draw it again : Chapter 10 cover by drowtales
But this one is my most popular pieces on social medias:
Fire Emblem grima Lucina by drowtales
People got to love crazy ships. I think it took 4 hours.

2. Same question, but show us the work you are the least satisfied with!
... I've been working for 13 years on a single project. 13! This question is so silly it deserve a butt playing dubsteps
Buttsteps by drowtales
seriously, everything from 2001-2002.

3. Is there an artwork you would like to redraw?
Everything old. At the moment, Daydream first story. This is prompted by the fact someone is commissioning me to do it.
I can't post it on deviantart because it'd end up deleted, regardless of adult tag. Deviantart is funny that way. You can check it out on daydream though:…

4. Is there something you would like to draw, but you're afraid it won't look good?
Varied body types. Extreme sexy such as the arts of :iconlunareth: and :iconblackmyst: . Or simply the dynamic shapes of the artist :iconendling:. i'd like to draw background but i'm not afraid of it, i know it'll be bad. For I've years of expectation build up from my partner in life coloring them.

5. What are you most proud of in your works?
The abillity to script and draw ton of characters in many situation within a very restrictive amount of time, daily, monthly, yearly and not giving up to insanity? Beside that, it seem people like it when i do concept arts. It's the most popular commissions type. Which i guess can symbolize the above.
Ch47 Vicyl by drowtales Ch47 Kiri by drowtales Ch47 Suna by drowtales Ch47 Reka by drowtales

6. What would you like to change in your works?

More dynamism . Break out the canvas constrain i keep feeling. To be able to combine painting and cel shade too. My brain need rewiring for that.

:iconchocolate-rebel: :iconmau-acheron: :iconlunareth: :icondarkvolt:

Second week of game request is on. Send in your ideas!  I need the game name but if you include extra details it may inspire me and this is what matter in the end ; inspiration. The most inspiring idea will be drawn today!

Taking in Mau’s idea, i will do one picture every friday that is videogame related. Based on your request. Send in your ideas via comment!

Sold out, thank you!
15 copies of the artbook 2013 are available for online order. You can grab one in our news feed :…
The next community project (alike Fruit fighters…) will be available for order around 3pm, this saturday, on our news feed:
This will be your opportunity to have your character drawn in a classic sci-fie style along with many other characters. Choose your favorite sci-fie serie and team up with others !
We'll be at Nekocon on the first to third november 2013. It will be our only convention this year. If you live on the east coast Usa, come see us there! Once we have panels setup i'll make a proper announcement.
Chapter 44 role call will be made during a live stream of saturday the 17th on 3hPM east time zone(gmt-5). All livestream audience will be guaranteed a slot if they so wish.
The chapter will feature two key location : ys (A colony) and Felde (Mist sea city)
Characters from any clans will be accepted for the first time. However those who are not vloz'ress or Sarghress must be either a guest of Snadhya'rune or already be part of her group.
Livestream will begin in the morning, if you have a question about a role, you will be able to ask it in the chatroom. Else contact me at .
Due to the limited roles the offer will be available only for 9 to 24 hours.
15 cameos roles from the Sarghress, Sullissin'rune, Sharen renegades and the Alliance will be made available at midnight east time zone. To ask live questions about the roles or simply to be there when it goes online, join the livestream in between 10hPM to midnight!… Else check our news feed after midnight.
Today livestream will run from 9h30 to the evening. The topics are : Gem76 commission of the cast in japanaese school girl outfits. Followed by page 19 of chapter 42. Then ending with an all audience request adventure of training golem 1000.Jump in the chat to participate! Early participants get to choose the first picture composition.……
Join the livestream chat today to participate in the making of a fake snes game cover featuring Baliir against the turtle lords. Followed by Kiel animation episode 6. Those who last till the ened will be able to mpass their request for a special concept.
Today I'll drawing live the next daydream extra archive update of Syphile becoming a succubus. And the book 3 cover that'll go up at the end of the chapter.…
Join in the chat and leave your sanity at the door! Those who are there get choose the succubus picture and pass on a request at the end.
Today's stream will last 6 hours. From now to past midnight east time zone when the cameos will be made available. Anyone in the livestream will be guaranteed to be there when the offer goes online.
Join the chatroom of the livestream to participate in the making of the cameo role call artwork , choose your insanity and of course chat with other drowtales readers!…
Cameos roles usualy go away very fast.
It's over and it was insane! Full report on our news feed:…

Saturday stream is on!
Today's theme is a Kyo and Shan romantic dinner around a roasted tiktikki for lordpanther and page 41 of Moonless age. End of stream will feature the usual insane picture of the day.
The livestream chatroom was upgraded by Valts! Everyone has unique name color, you can now press enter to submit a message and the livestream windows can be poped out of their frame to optimize your viewing experience. Jump into the stream to participate and chat with us!……
Jump in to participate in making this month daydream theme and chat. The first artwork of the day is the daydream picture that'll be used for the theme of transformation. How that should be portrayed is up to you. Second artwork will be chapter 41 page 37. Followed by the insane audience picture of the day. Anyone left online will get to submit an idea that will be combined.
Saturday stream - All day livestream.
Today's theme is an artwork where Ariel and Faen transform into ferals due to a Jaal mad scientist.
And page 31 of chapter 41.
Kite will begin livestream around 2 hours after the beginning of the stream. Join in to participate and chat.…
All day livestream! From 10 to 10! It'll be a busy day. Hop in into the chat to participate in the creation of the Vloz'ress cosplay picture sponsored by Miburo. To use the chatbox you must be logged-on in the drowtales system, if you don't have an account, register , it's free! Plus it'll get you in path to power.

Today's theme :
Kite's page 13 and 20
Vloz'ress cosplaying as Kyorls
Kern's page 27
Today's all day livestream topics : Daydream role swap and Netherworld tv animation 5… join in the chatroom to talk and participate in the creative process.
saturday stream, all day livestream begins.

today's topics are Claire ky armor, a daydream piece. and chapter 41 page 19……
Today all day streaming session is about a daydream artwork and chapter 41 cover. To participate in their creation, jump into the chat at any time of the day!
All day livestreaming. Today's theme : Netherworld tv animation 4 and Demon prince concept art.
Join in at any time over at :