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[DC!DNA] Gabriel W. / Lycan

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 “A man might befriend a wolf, even break a wolf, but no man could truly tame a wolf.” - George R. R. Martin


Name || Gabriel F. Winchester
Alias || Lycan
Species || Methuselah [Homo Magus]
Race || Terran (earthling)


Age || 18
D.o.B. || 04.03 {Aries}
Nationality || British, with American citizenship
Ethnicity || Mixed - Caucasian / ⅖ Roma from father’s side
Sexual Orientation || Demisexual - Heteroromantic
Build / Body Type || Athletic/muscular; slightly feminine. 
Eyes || Silver with light blue gradients
Hair || dyed black with light gray around the crown
Height / Weight || 5'11" (180cm) / 214lbs (97kg)

Personality ||

Hotheaded and somewhat brutish towards others with his actions and words, Gabriel portrays himself as someone who doesn’t care about anyone or whatever they may think of him. Highly distrustful of others and their “ulterior motives behind their smiling faces” because of how he has been hurt by those he thought believed he could trust, it’s not exactly easy for him to open up or even make friends. In fact, he is actually quite hesitant in forming relationships and this is even seen when he first encounters Starfire. He is so unsettled by her overly-extroverted mannerisms and advances for friendship, that he coldly brushes the cheerful alien off; Gabriel would go so far as to rebuke her whenever she called him her “friend” and/or “dearest friend” following their first meeting before he could feel comfortable with her referring to him as such.

He also appears to be the most wayward Titans member, choosing to act blunt and disrespectful and even taking an apparent delight in belittling foes, sometimes at the cost of his own life; authority-phobic and rebellious, Gabriel prefers to act on his own set of rules like something of a lone wolf, which often puts him at odds with the strait-laced leader Robin. What’s more, notwithstanding his place within the Team and being firmly on the side of Good, he seems to hold a dim view of superheroes in general and frequently disparages their methods and sense of duty to protect humanity. This particular outlook leads him to have an especially low opinion of the Justice League, with surprising exception of the few members he is in contact with from within the Justice League Dark team, scathingly calling them “living, cape-and-tights-wearing embodiments of the human race’s codswallop romanticism” and refusing outright to respect them despite the League’s success rate in saving the world time and time again.

On the other hand, to place further emphasis on the rifts he has with the Titans Team initially, Gabriel was the most incompatible with Raven, who saw him as nothing more than a loudmouthed, choleric person who both intrigued and exasperated her to no end. Likewise, he came to see her as a cold and dreary girl with a “very black and white outlook on life,” something Raven graciously takes as a compliment despite the irony of that statement since he shares the same views himself to an extent. But at the same time, the two of them have more similarities with each other: both act aloof and withdrawn, having pasts with parental figures who were less than loving towards them, while deep down; they secretly desire to be accepted for who they are and not what they are in the eyes of the world, even if it is only a few people. Both Raven and Gabriel also have little to no patience when it comes to the rest of the team and their antics, primarily Beast Boy and his love of pranks.

However, he gradually, if only slightly, appears to bond with each of the superpowered teens as a whole, who in turn come to realize there is indeed a softer side to the young man even with a large amount of patience on their part. Slow to forgive and even forget grudges against those who’ve wronged him or harmed his loved ones, he finds it difficult to trust people other than those he’s closest to, mainly the other Titans and his clan members. He’ll do everything to make sure they won’t overlook whatever bad things they’ve done if his trust is broken.

When he was younger, according to his immediate family, Gabriel was a much different child: he usually expressed no desire to act onto anything and barely showed any sign of emotion, with a habit of speaking rudely and being very arrogant. But Gabriel actually yearned for love at heart; he cared very much about the select number of friends he had, and would do anything to protect them, although he was not averse to acting in an innocent and cute manner, or even as a mature gentleman, to get what he wanted. This had been something akin to a “dark side,” which developed as a result of being constantly spoiled by his mother and aunts.

Likes || coffee/mochas; dogs/canines in general; strawberries/strawberry food products; being on his own; children; the occasional white cigarette; playing chess; stargazing; hunting in the woods; deer and/or rabbit meat; sleeping; parkour; juggling; blue roses; motorcycles.

Dislikes || being around older men outside of his family; people who do not value the importance of family/who abuse their loved ones; overly outgoing people other than his uncle, Percival III, and Starfire; humanity in general to an extent; rules and restrictions; Robin’s cardinal rule of no killing villains; Beast Boy’s pranks; having his nap disturbed; early morning training; uncleanliness; water; teas; his own anger and what it can make him do to others.

Phobias and Insecurities ||
  • Aquaphobia: Because of the near-death drowning incident he underwent as a kid, Gabe’s afraid of water. Though while not necessarily fearful of bathing or swimming in it, he hates having it dunked onto his head without any prior warning. He also doesn't like being unable to see his toes in the water, so he sticks to sitting at the edge with just his legs in the shallow end of a pool.
  • Autophobia [Fear of Rejection/Abandonment]: Despite constantly being in the habit of pushing others away, and wanting to be left alone, he’s quite afraid being rejected and/or abandoned. Seeing himself as a burden more often than not, he actually hates the thought of hurting or worrying those closest to him; at the same time, though, it isn’t to say that he wouldn’t try to seek approval from them.
  • Haphephobia: Struggles with this due to being physically mistreated. He’s otherwise fine with being touched by those he knows, but doesn’t like it when complete strangers lay a hand on him and will angrily tell them off or even get physical with said offenders if they do.
  • Androphobia: While not as noticeable as his other phobias, he has a tough time feeling comfortable around older men, especially those who are “fatherly-aged,” outside of his familial relations. He’s shown various symptoms of PTSD as a result of the extensive abuse he suffered at Braden’s hands, and will sometimes rub along his wrists in moments of nervousness if he is around men several times his age.


Family ||
  • David Beaumont [birth name: Rushil Lawrence] (homo magi father, status unknown; presumed dead)
  • Rhiannon Winchester (mother)
  • Braden Langston (human “stepfather,” estranged/incarcerated)
  • Frank and Darlene Langston (human “step-grandparents,” estranged)
  • Everett Hawthorne (adopted father)
  • Marina Nouvelle-Hawthorne (human adopted mother, deceased [?])
  • Percival Winchester II (maternal grandfather)
  • Selene Winchester (maternal grandmother)
  • Percival Winchester III (maternal uncle)
  • Circe Winchester (maternal aunt)
  • Igraine “Raine” Winchester (maternal aunt)

Hometown || Waltham Forest, London, England

History || Gabriel was born in the East End of England to the Winchester family. His mother, Rhiannon, was unmarried for some time; his father, a Romani homo magus named Rushil Holt, had suddenly gone missing without a word just weeks shy of his and Rhiannon’s wedding while she was three months pregnant with Gabriel. Originally, he was planned to be named Fenris, but was instead given his name as a homage to Rushil, who believed his son would grow up to be a saint. Even with the lacking of a father figure, as his father had been presumed dead by the police after years of unsuccessful searching for him; the first few years of Gabriel’s childhood were generally idyllic, and he spent it living with his family members learning to hone most of his powers under their tutelage in their large mansion. In spite of everything, however, the young boy felt rather lonely and yearned for love at heart. Of course, this loneliness was kept hidden beneath the bored, casual look in his face and the apathetic persona he displayed towards practically everything and everyone, with the exception of his clan.

It wasn’t until after his mother started writing to, and receiving pen pal letters from, an American named “Braden Langston” after seeing an ad for finding international pen pals in the paper, that Gabriel’s apathetic lifestyle took a turn. Needless to say, however, Rhiannon hadn’t even seen Braden as special at first; she was still very much in love with her husband-to-be and missed him dearly. After months of continuous corresponding through letters though, did Rhiannon agree to meet with him in America; even marrying him after a relatively short courtship. But in the end, the marriage lasted only half a year afterwards, as Rhiannon and Gabriel both suffered horrible physical abuse at the hands of her new husband—sometimes for completely unexplained and trivial reasons—in addition to her learning from her in-laws of him being a bigamist who had been married to other women. What was worse, though, was the fact that Braden was an avid follower of Deacon Blackfire, a nefarious cult leader who made his home in Gotham City and usually spread his vile teachings to the homeless and derelict.

Intent on living close to her older siblings, two of who’d traveled to America under the pretense of keeping an eye on them; Rhiannon took Gabriel with her in hopes of giving him a fresh start on life in the States herself after divorcing Langston, who was subsequently sent to receive treatment in Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. However, because of all the mistreatment he’d suffered every day, coupled with the glaring evidence of his innate supernatural gifts; Gabriel withdrew further into himself, adopting his apathetic persona once more and often showing symptoms relating to a rare case of PTSD—the former of the latter unluckily making him out to be ostracized by the other kids in school. During one particular incident with some bullies at school when he was ten, Gabriel was so consumed with anger and despair that he almost ended up killing his tormentors; however, in his insanity-driven rage, he went after a few other more innocent schoolmates and faculty as well.

Whether out of desperation or through a possible bout of insanity, Braden, having been released after just two years of treatment at Arkham, attempted to coerce a neighbor into helping him exact revenge on his ex-wife and son because of how they “ruined his perfect life.” Ultimately though, after that attempt failed, and realizing Rhiannon was not present when he arrived; the man had done the work himself, beating Gabriel severely. Braden also attempted to drown him in the bathtub and even burn down the boarding house where Gabriel and Rhiannon were living in effort to destroy evidence of the horrible acts committed, through some sort of divine intervention, their neighbors heard the commotion and subdued Braden long enough for the police to arrive.

Braden was convicted of attempted murder in the first degree along with some other charges, though this time he was sent to Blackgate Penitentiary instead of Arkham. Gabriel’s mother meanwhile was sent to a mental institution outside of the state following an incident police believed, at the time, was in relation to the harrowing situation.

Having no one or nowhere else to turn to after his mother essentially left him to fend for himself, in addition to the fact he had no way to contact the rest of his relatives and return to England; Gabriel soon took to living on the streets and survived that way until he was found and adopted at the age of twelve by a long-time family friend, a traveling performer and male Methuselah named Everett Hawthorne.

After a slow and lengthy rehabilitation process, Gabriel grew comfortable living as a circus performer; he picked up all sorts of different talents from his fellow entertainers while learning to hone his spiritual abilities from Everett. With his powers at their peak at age 15, the ringmaster paired him with Everett as an assistant and thus, both the magic act and circus prospered. But tragedy soon struck when a trapeze artist named Marina Nouvelle, had died in a freak accident during a sold-out circus show; she also happened to be Everett's wife. Devastated by her untimely death, Everett made a deal with an interdimensional demon by the name of Scath in effort to bring her back to life—which unfortunately required him to trade his soul for her resurrection in return.
Frightened, and somewhat disgusted by his adopted father’s actions, Gabriel lashed out; but was defeated by Everett’s newly acquired and incredibly dark powers when he inexplicably launched an attack on the city that the circus was performing in at the time.
Powerless, Gabriel was left no other choice but to flee with his life while acquiring quite a number of grievous wounds in the process, eventually arriving in Jump City and into contact with the local superheroes: The Teen Titans. Following a rocky start between himself and the group, they offered him a chance to join up with them. Things had not gone the way as expected though, for Gabriel turned down their offer; telling them he was not “cut out for the hero business” like they were, he also admitted it was nice enough to having got to know them while openly apologizing to the team for all the shenanigans he had put them through. But after some time thinking the decision over—and battling his own lack of confidence—Gabriel returned to Titans Tower in hopes of finding a place on their team and pledging loyalty to the Titans, but only on the condition they would help him save his surrogate father and restore him to the way he was before he met the demon Scath. Much to his boundless relief, Robin and the others agreed, eventually finding the magician to be a valuable asset to their ranks.

Then, in the short months following the Team's victory over Trigon, and just when he was starting to grow comfortable as a member of the Titans, did Gabriel receive a visit from the Justice League's renowned magician and archmage, Zatanna Zatara.This was not apparently a social visit, though, for the Homo Magi woman had come to offer him a place amongst the League’s supernatural and paranormal hero division, The Justice League Dark, having gotten wind of the English boy’s prowess in combating magical forces and exploits alongside the Titans... 


Location ||
migrates between Jump City, CA (Titans West Tower) and the House of Mystery
Occupation || Teen Titan / Member of the “Dark New Age Squad” via Justice League Dark; Circus Magician [formerly]
Alignment || Chaotic Neutral (morally) / Lawful-Chaotic Good (assigned)


The basis of almost all of Gabriel’s are derived from the manipulation of his “aura” or spiritual energy, which is described as the essence of every living creature on the planet and one’s own state of mind. These energies are alleged to give off an intense heat, much like real fire, and even tied to his emotions; because of this, he has to constantly try to keep any and all strong feelings [such as anger] he experiences in check—something he often looks to Raven for assistance, as she has obviously achieved this through daily meditation, mantra and utilizing chakra. Total suppression of his feelings, though, may and can lead Gabriel’s aura-abilities to weaken considerably as the stronger emotion he feels, the stronger his “inner fire” will burn. Moreover, the levels of his spiritual-power and its full extent fluctuates throughout the Teen Titans – REDUX series; such occurrences are like when he was first tutored in emotional control by Raven, or when he happened to have his “aural center” blocked and was still capable of holding his own against his foster father and business partner, Everett Hawthorne, while the man was under the influence of the demon Trigon.
  • Solid Aura Constructs and Aura Attacks: With his aura capable of being molded into any shape via conscious thought, Gabriel can often create simple domes or walls that act as barriers against various kinds of attack; as well as project solid bolts to be used as projectiles, or a steady stream of solid force. He also has been known make razor-sharp blades to cut through obstacles, claws or cages that can restrain foes and even pillars to ride on. During his six-year stint traveling with the Circus, he would even make an assortment of animals so as to entertain his audience.
  • Aura Sense: For as long as he could remember, Gabriel has had an innate ability to sense other people’s movements and discover their location by “reading” into their aura, even before they made their presence known to him. However, he has difficulty sensing beings who are trained in fine-tuning and suppressing their aura energy.
  • Aural Energy Perception/Spiritual Awareness: An ability that enables him to see the invisible emotions of a person—typically in the form of colorful halos surrounding their body. He also can detect the physical condition of a person, even from a considerable distance. Although, oftentimes, Gabriel can see and make contact with the spirits of the dead, specifically if an intense feeling lingers behind long after the person has passed.
  • Pseudo Soul-Self/Astral Projection: As Gabriel has tremendous—and denseamounts of spiritual power, he can project “fragments” of it from his body into corporeal form, much like Raven; thus, this technique allows him to interact with the physical world, to traverse through time-space, and even affect others mentally, when using it. These energies can take the form of a double of his own body or more commonly, a large blue wolf; Gabriel is also capable of controlling its size, and its numbers if needed be, at will. Though normally composed of energy that is normally colored blue, Gabriel’s soul-self can change color depending on his emotional state, manifesting as bluish-black [when experiencing negative emotions] or a silvery bluish-white [when experiencing positive emotions].
  • Clairvoyance: He can track any person—human or not—by their empathic residue, otherwise known as an “emotional imprint,” that has been left on any sort of object his target has recently come into contact with. In instances where this is employed, he is capable of seeing “phantom images” of the said person and their past actions or even their illuminated footprints in a room.
  • Contact Telepathy: A seemingly “hybrid” form of standard telepathy and opinokinesis, and the only skill he had actually inherited from his mother. He can use this to gain insight of the target’s thoughts and intentions, through touch.
    • Though it should be noted that while this is a somewhat weaker form of his mother’s own ability, he can also still very much “dive into the minds of his opponents and then send them into a state of insanity,” thus making them revisit either their most wonderful or unpleasant dreams and memories, by affecting their depth perception. Additionally, Gabriel can leave his target in a vegetative state and/or cause the target to perceive the illusions he creates as real if he “dives” deep enough into their mind.

Occultic Expertise: Since Gabriel was born into a family line of powerful magicians and had gone through rigorous magical training from an early age, he has knowledge of the arcane arts. His overall skill with and knowledge of magic seems to be about as wide and expansive as Raven’s; as he genuinely left the halfdemon girl in shock by figuring out and even executing a spell, one that she herself had trouble with for quite some time, with little to no problems.

Other Skills

Deception: As a child growing up, he learned to get what he wanted—or what he wanted others to do for him—through manipulation and con-artistry; though he would typically employ it on the more gullible or stupid types of people. To this end, he would often use different personas to get what he wanted out of his “prey.”

  • Intimidation

Semi-Immortality / Longevity: Like all of his maternal family’s race, Gabriel possesses semi-immortality, and thus, his body cannot be affected by the process of aging. This also means once he reaches the age of twenty—the most common age when the aging process ceases for the Methuselah—he will remain physically young for the rest of his life.

Indomitable Will: Gabriel does not know whether or not to call this an ability, but he possesses a powerful will, specifically the will to survive and live. His will has also been powerful enough to prevent him from being swayed by individuals or mystical objects with mind-control, illusionary and hypnotic properties.

Supernatural Condition

  • Supernatural Strength: He is noted to have incredible, seemingly superhuman strength, but in reality, this is solely due to his brain lacking the ability to restrict muscular response to pain in order to prevent serious injury; thus making him capable of using his full strength. While learning to control his brute strength, he would chronically injure himself but over time his body quickly strengthened itself and caught up. As of now, he is able to use his power without destroying his body.
  • Supernatural Durability and Endurance: His skin and muscles are about as dense as some of the strongest Earthen metals and this sort of “body armor” provides ample protection against his foes. It’s also rather difficult for an enemy to knock him down easily, making him more resistant to head injuries.
  • Supernatural Speed and Agility: By concentrating and then channeling his aura, Gabriel can move at extraordinary speed in short bursts, leaving trace images of his movement that are hard to read with the human eye. This speed is so high that it is nearly indistinguishable from teleportation.
  • Supernatural Stamina/Metabolism: He has tremendous stamina for someone of his slender and rather effeminate build, being able to jump and land from high heights, run long distances and even participate in long battles while showing no signs of fatigue. This also has lead him to be blessed with a remarkably fast metabolism, Gabriel can ingest a substantial amount of food and still manage to maintain his overall weight.

Adept Combatant: Despite being the second less-physically talented Titan after Raven, Gabriel has proven to be quite the skilled fighter and martial artist in his own right. Often more than equipped to fight against scores of enemies by himself, he can hold his own against the likes of enemies that are vastly bigger than he is. Such an instance is with the Titans final battle with Trigon, as he was capable of staggering the obviously larger demon and causing him to bleed.

  • Polearm Mastery: He is skilled in wielding polearms and similar types of weapons, ranging from spears to glaives; he is also capable of fighting with Robin, who is known to favor using a bō staff, on a equal playing field during their sparring matches.

Heightened Senses: His sense of smell and hearing are far stronger than any human’s; both of which allow him to detect the approach of a person, discern whether or not they are a friend or enemy, and track them even if they are at a considerable distance.

  • Interspecies Communication: Moreover, because of his spiritual connection with animals and the animal kingdom, he has the ability to understand and even speak “beast language.” But he seems to utilize this only with Beast Boy, Klein the Mist Hound, domestic dogs and—to a lesser extent—Silkie, Starfire’s pet mutant moth larvae.
Performance Art Intuition: In addition to being physically fit and relatively skilled at combat, he has talent in juggling and acrobatics, as well as skills in parkour, which were gained from his years living on the streets. He knows a number of basic card and sleight-of-hand tricks, due to having studied under Everett while learning to hone his spiritual powers, and is quite the contortionist and knife-thrower as well.

Housekeeping Intuition: As he did not have servants waiting on his every beck and call while living with his mother and Braden for the first few years in lower middle-class Gotham, Gabriel was forced to learn how do almost everything they did—like tending to the house, cooking meals and even doing the laundry, for instance—himself. But he’d been able to further hone these rather mundane skills, for he was often left at home alone to himself, while
his mother was out looking for work after leaving Braden.

Survivalist Intuition: Through training he received as a young boy, Gabriel has the skills needed to survive [i.e. fire starting, plant identification, first aid, etc.], and even the capability to hunt for his own food as result of the fact he is spiritually connected to a natural predator.

“Beast Within” / “Wolf Within” Ability

A transformational technique unique solely to Gabriel and his maternal family’s race, the Methuselah, it allows him to shapeshift into an animal at will, and become in tune with the unrelenting and powerful forces of nature. In Gabriel’s case particularly, he can take the form of a wolf. When assuming a partial shift-state of his Beast Within form, dark, shaggy fur grows to cover his arms to the forearm and his hands become equipped with sharp claws. His legs also turn digitigrade, making him faster, with the addition of a long wolf’s tail that extends from his tailbone. As a natural fighter skilled in close combat, he can be very cunning in numerous battles against the Team’s enemies. However, as a significant drawback to this ability, Gabriel has a tendency to rely solely on his animal instincts to the point where he begins to act more like a beast than a human.


Status || Taken
Love Interest || Rosemary “Coven” Young (OCREF - Coven)
Other Relations ||
  • Friends: (within the DCAMU) Raven “Rachel” Roth, Victor “Cyborg” Stone, Damian “Robin V” Wayne, Koriand'r/Starfire, Jaime “Blue Beetle” Reyes, Garfield “Beast Boy” Logan
  • Mentors: Zatanna Zatara, John “Hellblazer” Constantine [begrudgingly]
  • Misc: Richard/Dick “Robin I”/ “Nightwing” Grayson, Jason “Robin II”/ “Red Hood” Todd, Jason Blood, Etrigan the Demon, Black Orchid, Boston “Deadman” Brand, Madam Xanadu, etc.

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Y'all im getting back into DA and I got a lot of catching up to do but...

Gabriel has gotten a GLOW UP- im fucking loving everything your doing with him and honestly talked to Mel a couple of days ago about Gabriel, and your paring and just like. 

Yes yes yes. Loving it all- and the depth of his bio man a freaking treat- I love the detail :heart: :heart: 
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:iconblushu2plz: Oh my, Odin, stop it, you are killing me with kindness here~ Like, seriously you don't even know how it is, hearing so much praise about my boy (and my writing) just gives me a major boost to my fragile ego.
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No but seriusly... your writting is top notch, its always a joy to read because you pour so much passion and creativity to it I just.... I love it ;w; 

And your boy hecking hes is SO FINE- glow up to the max <3 I cant wait to see more of him!! (and your writting e3e)
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Bless you and your gloriously kind words. :heart:
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okay, but, his bio is so in depth ajdbaiwjai i adore him already bro.
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LMAO, thank ya kindly. I'm always super glad to hear that so many people like reading about my grumpy son. :aww:
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ha, ofc! I feel the same way, but, you're detailing amazes me- like the depth you went into with his fears, the patience you must have!
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Lol, it was actually pretty nice, researching which fears/phobias would fit him the best and everything else... even if it did take me a few minutes when I worked on him in the beginning. :giggle:
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ooo, im definitely gonna have to look more into those 👀 well, it's well paid off! it's makes him such a 3D character-
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Very in depth ^^
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Thanks, I tried my best. :aww:
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Wow! This bio is WAY better than anything I would ever be able to write. Nice job!
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You’re very welcome.
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