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galaxy brushes

is that how you spell galaxy? o.O
well, if i won't ever use these lol (if you've checked out my art gallery you know where i'm coming from!)
so here you go public domain ;)

CS2 & up
14 brushes

just note me or comment here if used :)
details on the rules, go check out my journal :)
© 2006 - 2021 drowningheart-stock
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vennja10's avatar… made this random thing XD
the brushes are absolutely lovely, ^^ 
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Loved your brushes! Thank you for making them ^^

Used them here ;) silverspacechameleon.deviantar…
SynxEnq's avatar…
Used there! Thank you so much for the brushes! They're amazing!
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Beautiful. :heart:
I used your brushes here:
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Lovely rushes<3:heart:
used it here [link]
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Used your brushes here

Thanks so much :3
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:wave: I used the moon and stars in here: [link]

Can I ask permission to submit the said artwork for a print? :aww:

Thanks for your gorgeous brush set. :nod:
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wow its great ^^ thanks for letting me know about it :)

& i give you permisson ;)
hey, here's my first attempt...was randomly done
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where's the link? o.O
look at my profile if that doesnt work or search for "golazy"
i posted it on the brushes site, ...i think
thanks, im going to be using them sometime, (everynow and then), i just recently got thinking about galaxy photoshoping...i'll try to post if i come with anything ( good)
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awesome, note me with your finished product ;)
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hey, letting you know i used your brushes... there great.. here's what i got out of it [link]
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These brushes are perfect for what I'm trying to work on! I'm gonna use 'em...
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used your stock check this out and thank you so much!!!
Yours Z...:heart:...
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thanks i'll go check it out ;)
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These are great! Taking them and shall credit when used! thanks a bunch! xD
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