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Firen looked out over the mountains of Moonlight Shadow, the hallow of Cornin that was never touched by the twin suns' blessing. He tried to plan for the day ahead. He wondered if he would survive.
The coming day marked the season of dragon catching. On Cornin, dragons were captured and used for various things. Nothing compared to riding a freshly broken dragon into the light-violet skys of a Cornin sunset. However, some dragons were "employed" in more practical uses. Hides made good armor, the meat was pretty good with a little seasoning, and there were always loads to be carried.
It seemed that over the years the dragons were becoming smaller and smaller. Strong and hardy catches were more difficult to come by. The man who brought home a large, strong dragon babe could guarantee his place in society for years to come.
So as he stood in the moonlight, Firen dreamed his dreams of glory until he heard Gorth stirring in his hammock. Oh, how Firen hated him. Gorth was Firen's governor in accordance with Cornin tradition. When a child was born on Cornin the babe lived with its parents until the age of seven. After that the child was assigned a govenor or governess depending on the sex of the child. The child stayed with them until the he or she was twenty, which was considered to be an adult for a Corinian. However, Firen was only in his fifteenth year. He had another five years of Gorth to endure before he could gain his freedom from his nasty and smelly govenor.
Gorth got up form his hammock and pulled on his clothes before he came onto the overhang of their cave. Firen noticed that he still smelled of cotha and was swaying as he walked. Firen took a step back, knowing how Gorth's temper usually was after a night of drinking. Gorth stumbled toward the boy and slapped him accross the face.

"Get to work ya' daydreaming fool!" Gorth yelled "Get the equipment ready!"

Firen quickly obeyed without a word. They were ready to leave soon after.


Gorth lead Frien into the darkness with the dimness of a single, burning torch. The ground was cool under Firen's feet. Tall and slender night rushes grew everywhere. An erie stillness hung in the air like morning fog in a swamp. There was a strong musky sent in the air thar filled his nose and lightened his head. Gorth was up ahead striding as quickly and quietly as only a drunk man could, the odd folliage of the muntains crunching loudly under his feet. Firen tried to keep his fears under control. Dragons were huge and deadly and there was no doubt in his mind that not only could they hear them there in the darkness but they could see them as well from the hidden shadowy lairs they called home.

"Quit being so damn jittery ya' pussy. They can smell fear and I bet ya' reek of it." Gorth snarled at him.

Gorth led Firen deeper and deeper into the mountaiins. Then a cave came into view up ahead in the moonlight. Gorth put the torch out on the ground.

"Now listen, I want ya' to creep up to that cave there and look in and then come back and tell me what ya' see." Gorth said.

Firen looked to where the cave was.
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