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Kaltxì ma frapo! Hello everyone!

The excitement in me right now cannot be contained!

Have you gone to Disney's Pandora, and wished you could be surrounded by those sounds and music again?

Your wish (well, my wish for sure!) has come true!!! You can now buy a CD that contains the music from both rides, the sounds of Pandora, and all the music you hear in Satu'li Canteen and in other parts of Pandora.... Eywa be praised!

Check out previews below!!!

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Today was the release of a highly anticipated (by Avatar fans) of Tsu'tey's Path #1, by Dark Horse Comics. It chronicles the events of Avatar through Tsu'tey's eyes and experiences. This is something that die hard fans should grab!

There are two cover versions:

Any collectors should get both!

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This post is going to be a continually updated reference of what we know about current, past and upcoming Na'vi characters in the Avatar franchise, and also all the clans of the Na'vi--inside and outside of the movies.

:bulletblue: Upcoming Characters :bulletblue:
With their Actor Names in parenthesis.

Na'vi of the Metkayina Clan: (Avatar 2)

Tonowari (Cliff Curtis) - The Clan Chief (olo'eytkan) of the Metkayina
Ronal  (Kate Winslet) - Hm, perhaps the clan leader, or the tsahik? :o We can only guess, but I can't picture her as anything other than in a position of power.
Tsireya (Bailey Bass) - a female child/teen
Aonung (Filip Geljo) - a male child/teen
Rotxo(Duane Evans Jr) - a male child/teen

New Na'vi of the Omaticaya Clan: (Avatar 2)

Tuktirey (Trinity Bliss) - the daughter of Neytiri and Jake Sully, possibly their youngest child
Neteyam(Jamie Flatters) - the son of Neytiri and Jake Sully, possibly the oldest
Lo'ak (Britain Dalton) - the son of Neytiri and Jake Sully

Javier “Spider” Socorro (Jack Champion) - Not a Na'vi, but apparently a human kid who was born in Hell's Gate. This ought to be interesting!

Na'vi of the Omaticaya in Tsu'tey's Path (Dark Horse Comics):

Takuk - A seasoned hunter
Ka'ani - A young male hunter in training
Saeyla - A young female hunter in training

:bulletblue: The Clans :bulletblue:

Now for all those clans -- there are a lot more than those mentioned in Avatar, and none were mentioned by name. However, different clans are featured and named elsewhere; namely through TORUK: The First Flight by Cirque du Soleil, and through Disney's Pandora website, where you can take a quiz/personality test to see which clan you'd fit in with.

All detailed information is taken from the "Pandoran Research Foundation".

Anurai Clan - Appearance: Avatar the Game (Wii/PSP version); TORUK - The First Flight
  Habitat: Jungle
  Specialty: Artisanal crafts
  Analysis: The Na’vi of this ancient clan are the artists of Pandora. Their musical ability is legendary, and their unparalleled craft work — instruments, visual art, and jewelry — lives on, throughout Pandora and even in the black markets of Earth. The commodification of this work is unfortunate, as the Anurai regard the artistic act as heavy with spiritual symbolism. The scavenged bones of dead animals are their chief raw materials, and they believe that the spirit of each animal “speaks” through the artist’s work, all the way down to individual strokes of an artist’s chisel. Even the simple act of re-purposing a death object, and making it sing, symbolizes the Na’vi principle that all states are harmonized.

Kekunan Clan - Appearance: TORUK - The First Flight
  Habitat: Mountainous/Jungle
  Specialty: Banshee riding
  Analysis: The Kekunan are the most skilled banshee riders on Pandora. Indeed, according to Na’vi legend, it was a Kekunan that became the first Ikran Makto (“Banshee Rider”). Naturally, this makes them a clan that prizes bravery above other traits, as they have at the center of their lives a treacherous climb to tame a banshee, and a hunting life hundreds of meters off the ground. Like the combat training given to the young Tipani, Kekunan children start preparing for banshee riding at an early age. And all Kekunan dress in bright, festive colors to match the vibrant patterns of their mounts.

Li'ona Clan - Appearance: Avatar the Game (Wii/PSP version)
  This clan is from a game, so not much is known except what's in game. (I am not considering it completely canon).

Metkayina Clan - Appearance: Will be the main clan in Avatar 2
  Habitat: Coastal/Ocean
  Specialty: ??
  Analysis: We only know what we can glean from interviews; they are known as the "Reef People Clan", and they use ilu (Pandoran version of a dolphin, but it looks much like a plesiosaur)as mounts. We know they will be the main clan in the second movie, as much of it "takes place in Pandora's oceans".

Ni'awve Clan - Appearance: Avatar the Game, mobile version.
  This clan is from a game, so not much is known except what's in game. (I am not considering it completely canon).

Olangi Clan - Appearance: Avatar (This is one of the many horse clans on the vast plains of Pandora; the name of the clan came from the Pandoran Research Foundation website)
  Habitat: Plains
  Specialty: Direhorse affinity
  Analysis: Vast plains cover much of Pandora’s land mass, and it is here that you will find direhorse clans like the Olangi. The clan is nomadic, following game on its seasonal migratory patterns across the plains and often sleeping under the stars. They claim this freedom of movement as both a birthright and a privilege, affording them as it does the chance to “see” so much of their world (in the Eywa-related sense). They depend on the direhorse for hunting, transport, and self-defense, and so have emerged as the moon’s premier riders.

Omaticaya Clan - Appearance: Avatar, TORUK - The First Flight
  Habitat: Jungle
  Specialty: Textiles and weaving
  Analysis: Even among the highly attuned Na’vi, the Omatikaya are extremely spiritual. They are known to reside in gigantic Hometrees over generations, and for celebrating their direct, personal connection to Eywa. They also celebrate their connection to each other; as Eywa represents the connectedness of all things, the Omatikaya place great stress on the bonds they share with their fellow clanspeople, prizing hospitality and a good meal above other, more warlike traits. As a symbol of devotion and self-abnegation before Eywa, their clothing is less showy than that of other clans — usually a simple loincloth, with limited adornments. But their large, intricate loom work is celebrated by other clans and humans alike.

Tawkami Clan - Appearance: Avatar: The Game (DS version), TORUK - The First Flight
  Habitat: Jungle
  Specialty: Botanical alchemy
  Analysis: We at the PRF have a special place in our hearts for the Tawkami, because they are the field botanists of the Na’vi. They have a deep desire to know the natural world (as it is the manifestation of Eywa), and a correspondingly deep knowledge of their jungle habitat — especially plant life. Using every part of the plant, from flower to root to essential oils, they can make potions for healing wounds, curing illness, directing the behavior of animals, and facilitating spiritual guidance.

Tayrangi Clan - Appearance: Avatar (It is strongly implied this is the name of the last clan we saw in Avatar)
  Habitat: Coastal
  Specialty: Banshee fishing
  Analysis: Like the Kekunan, the Tayrangi are expert banshee riders. What sets them apart, however, is how the clan has adapted this relationship to its coastal surroundings. Rather than hunt game from the air, Kekunan-style, the Tayrangi will ride their banshees out over the waters of the Easter Sea to catch aquatic animals. This means they have a deep knowledge of both the air and the sea, including underwater migratory and feeding patterns. As masters of their coastal territory, they are also some of the strongest swimmers on Pandora, and revere many of the large aquatic predators in their midst.

Tipani Clan - Appearance: Avatar The Game (PC/PS3/360), TORUK - The First Flight
  Habitat: Jungle
  Specialty: Expert warriors and hunters
  Analysis: Though all Na’vi are proficient fighters, the Tipani commit like no other clan, raising all children as future warriors and beginning combat training at a very young age. They are one of only a few Na’vi clans to have been observed wearing armor and helmets by researchers, and they are experts with a spear, prizing its versatility in both close- and long-range fighting. They are also widely considered the best hunters on Pandora — often they will stalk an animal simply to see how long they can do it without being detected. A natural stoicism helps in this; a Tipani rarely speaks, but when he or she does it’s with great weight and consideration.
Jake doesn't name two of the clans in Avatar, so we only know them as "Horse Clans of the Plain" (which can cover several, then; it is possible ) and the "Ikran People of the Eastern Sea"; this is very likely the Metkayina or Tayrangi clan.

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On Patreon

Mon Dec 18, 2017, 10:00 PM
Well, after months of debating with myself, I have to finally admit I have reached that point. 3D art is not an inexpensive hobby, and thus I have come to Patreon as my current job no longer supports the full drive and necessity of my hobby. It was fantastic I could easily support myself while in the military, but as I got out over a year ago now, my current job, though I love it, definitely does not provide a lot of income, and that income needs to go towards housing, bills and food. A lot of my costs for my 3D art are incurred by commissioning custom models and buying assets to use in DAZ Studio and Vue to get use of the programs' full potential.

Also, I want to take this moment to thank those that follow me here on deviantArt! :clap: The fact that I impressed you enough to hit that 'follow' button is extremely moving to me, and encourages me to keep doing what I am doing.  Thank you so very, very much!! :love:

If you do wish to check out my Patreon, it is linked here:

Have a good day, everyone!

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Thoughts On Pandora's Ocean Animals

Thu Aug 31, 2017, 10:19 PM
This DOES contain spoilers for Disney's Flight of Passage!!


This just contains some thoughts and notes on creatures introduced at Disney's Pandora: The World of Avatar, through the Flight of Passage ride.

The first we see is the smaller (though probably direhorse sized) ilu, jumping and swimming together like dolphins. I'll re-post the text from the "Pandoran Field Guide" (at Disney) here:

"The ilu is a large plesiosaur-like sea creature that is the direhorse of the Pandoran ocean. With multiple fins/flippers and a long streamlined shape, this aquatic pack animal serves the reef Na'vi clans like direhorses serve the Na'vi of the forests, jungles and plains."

By studying the Flight of Passage ride carefully, it can be seen they swim in the up-down motion of dolphins and porpoise (jump) out of the water as they go. It is not known if ilu need to breathe air, and it is not specified, but one can also be seen breaching (it looks like a belly flop) like orcas do and another a flip, breaching the water upside down and twisting sideways before disappearing under a massive wave. They are shown both in shallow, near-shore waters and deeper waters.

The ilu, shown in a pack of over a dozen individuals, has colorful patterns and markings on top (including blue, yellow, purple, orange, green and white) while their undersides are a smooth, white belly. Like the ikran, the patterns of the ilu extend on the bottom side along the tips of its four back "wing flippers". The head and queue tentacles are set up very similarly to an ikran, from what can be seen, with the two queue sweeping backward from the side back of the  skull. A long neck attaches to a rounded, pear-shaped body. The front two flippers are small and seem to be mostly white on bottom like the belly. The front set of small flippers and the large 'wing flippers' behind it sit horizontally in the middle of the body and are moved up and down, while the last large pair of 'wing flippers' are positioned on the underside of the peduncle, also horizontally positioned. These last two seem to serve the function of a tail, as the middle, very back of the ilu has an inward horizontal "c" shape (when viewed from below) that evolve into the tail flippers; above it, the body seems pointed--hence the second, vertical "c" shape arising on the drawing on the ilu. It is very likely the last, underside tail flippers are used for balance and steering, while the middle, upper wing-flippers are used for thrust, as are the very front, small flippers.
Lastly, after many viewings of the Flight of Passage ride, I came to note that the ilu that jumps near the reef barrier is also jumping upside down, so it's important to keep that in mind while watching. Its white underside with few markings is clearly visible.

Curiously, they are shown to live in close proximity to the nalutsa, an animal so big it makes the ikran look like a tasty treat and not a whole meal.

From the Field Guide: "Nalutsa: A cousin of the more elusive and fierce akula, this six-gilled ocean behemoth can be seen leaping out of the near-waters. Birthing and parenting behaviors are not dissimilar to those of orca whales on Earth."

It first makes its appearance breaching out of the water in a similar manner to a humpback whale, with the twist and all, and it even has flippers that look like a humpback's. While the first one seemed to be breaching for no apparent reason, the second had a clear goal, and it was to snatch something out of the sky. A few more rides showed it, too, was trying to snatch something out of the sky, but failed horribly. I was trying to figure out WHAT the nalutsa was snapping at, because whatever it was was so tiny in comparison--only to realize it was trying to eat an ikran flying ahead of us! While both nalutsa failed in this task (probably because it would be distressing on a Disney ride to witness a successful kill), I don't see them failing in the upcoming Avatar movie. For those who do not know, James Cameron has already said it will take place in and around Pandora's oceans.

This brings up a curious thought, because I need to stress the Field Guide text above specifies the nalutsa has GILLS, which means it doesn't breathe air, so in this it is like a shark. What is it about ikran that the nalutsa would spend all that energy trying to devour it, when similarly-sized ilu were jumping all around in the water? I must draw a parallel to a humpback again here, since the nalutsa were inspired by them. Humpbacks, being baleen whales, use a lot of energy to feed, and need to get the maximum reward for their efforts. They have been shown to avoid complete lunges at clouds of krill if the krill cloud is not dense enough; that is, there aren't enough of them that are worth the effort for a complete lunge. The humpback will then purposely avoid charging into them. So what is the nalutsa up to? It doesn't need to breathe air and there does not seem to be a reason for it not to eat the ilu. What's the logic here?

The only thing I can think of is the comparison to orcas. While the field guide only mentions parenting behaviors, there are three nalutsa together in the first appearance, and at the end, two of them, with a third swimming up in the water from the left side (you really have to be paying attention to see it). It can be safely assumed they live in small groups, not dissimilar to orcas or humpbacks. But I want to mention orcas because they have very picky eating habits: The Southern Resident Killer Whales of Puget Sound are suffering in their population because they only have one food source--Pacific salmon, mostly chinook salmon, and because the salmon populations are suffering (especially Chinook), so are they. Conversely, the other orcas who call Puget Sound home, the Transients, are doing very well and are not experiencing all of the problems related to food shortage that the Residents are experiencing. Transients eat mammals, including porpoises, whales and pinnipeds (like seals and sea lions). Perhaps it can be surmised that due to culture and what has been passed down over generations, the nalutsa, at least these ones, simply prefer to eat ikran that live along the coast, and leave the ilu alone.

Like the ilu and whales on earth, I was under the impression the nalutsa swims in an up and down motion. However, after a second trip to Pandora I realized that you can indeed see it moving in a side to side motion--if you happen to be on the right side of the ride and look far left BEFORE the ikran lands on the final perch, you can see the nalutsa coming up who is doing to do the large breach at the end.  It does look to be doing a large, long side-to-side motion.
It is a dark blue, not bright, on top and has a distinct white underside, including on its flippers. While both sets of front flippers (big front ones, smaller rear ones) look like a humpback's, and they twist as they jump, that is where the similarities disappear. The nalutsa is also clearly reminiscent of a great white shark in its coloration pattern and the fact it was rows of triangular-shaped teeth in a shark-like mouth. Two flaps of skin hang from the upper jaw on each side of this mouth, and right behind it are the gills. Like the direhorse, the nalutsa seems to sport plates on its back, but these distinctly do not sit completely flat, at least in the official line drawing, and the hint of them can be seen out of the close nalutsa that breaches near the rider during Flight of Passage. The Nalutsa's tail is two pronged and is proportioned like a great white shark's. It is a bit confusing, at least to me, how the nalutsa swims with an up-down motion if it's tail is vertical. (The up-down motion is evidenced by the one swimming under the big wave). The nalutsa swimming at the very end of the ride, under the water, seems to be gliding and so I have not been able to 100% verify if the nalutsa does indeed swim in an up-down motion, or side-to-side.

Very curiously, I also noted on my last trip a mural in Windtrader's, on the ceiling, that shows the nalutsa and the ilu. The painting has the nalutsa with undulating 'flippers' (I'm not sure what they're actually called) on the back half of it along its sides. While I am inclined to take an artistic representation of the nalutsa at Pandora as accurate, I DID note that the large creature has a pronged tail (two horizontal flaps and one top vertical one) before the tail tapers off into a long narrow end in Flight of Passage; the mural painting does not seem to indicate this on the tail.

The nalutsa though, looks very much like a dakosaurus or plesiosaurus:…
I also highly advise watching this, for the first and forth creatures were clearly inspiration for the nalutsa:

That concludes all of my thoughts and observations on these two new  creatures. I can't wait until we get to glimpse them again... maybe we will get them in the upcoming Avatar comic, if we're lucky, or even in the book that's supposed to come out (No news on this book for years, though, so no getting hopes up too much!).

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I need 3D Ocean Life!

Wed Aug 30, 2017, 12:09 AM

Every few weeks or so I go to look at the DAZ store specifically for new ocean-related things... and I am always sourly disappointed. There are no realistic creatures on there except some fish.

What about an octopus, a squid, crabs, a real looking manta ray, a gorgeous jellyfish, etc....? The models of these animals are SO GORGEOUS on TurboSquid--check them out!…

But, as one can see, they're also all between $200-$500. So ideally I want something more in line with DAZ prices... and since DAZ is ignoring everything except human figures, can anyone help me out? 

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Commissions Open for OCs

Mon Aug 21, 2017, 1:53 PM
I would love to take commissions for people's Original Characters, whether they be humanoid or, as I have noticed this is a very popular trend on deviantArt, cetacean OCs!

I think people are very creative with their cetacean OCs. I didn't know this was a thing until maybe a couple years ago, and now that I've seen a lot of art of them I just think it's pretty wicked! Nature should take note! Laughing

Anyway, I am completely satisfied with my orca model and my bottlenose dolphin; unfortunately these are the only two variations I can really do (I also have a pilot whale model, bought from the DAZ store).

By the way, if anyone knows of an exceptional 3D humpback whale model, please let me know!

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Disney's PANDORA! Trip Review!!

Fri Jun 9, 2017, 7:26 AM
So I just finished a full two-day trip to Pandora!  Edit: Added additional info from my November trip during AvatarMeet!


This journal has ALL the information you need or may want to know about Pandora, without ride spoilers!

PICTURES are linked at the bottom, to my public photo album of my visit on Facebook. 

First I won't go into many details on the rides, except that Flight of Passage is ASTOUNDING! It is absolutely the most emotional thing for an Avatar fan to experience... I was bawling my eyes out after it ended and could barely make it outside.

But first we must speak of the Valley of Mo'ara, the  place you'll be visiting on Pandora.

There are so many details everywhere, but you really have to look! The story goes Mo'ara is a valley that used to have a small RDA base of operations, but now it's all overgrown. Your visit is 100 years after the final Avatar movie. The staff told me new stuff seems to appear out of no where, even to them, like some stingbats hiding in the mountains that showed up right before opening day, and another creature that showed up just a couple days ago! 

My first day was AMAZING not as a Disney guest but as an avid Avatar fan! About halfway through, I left for a bit to get coffee and came back, and approached two of the Pandora staff to ask about a special pamphlet about the flora and fauna. We proceeded to talk about it, my fandom became known, and then the guy gave me a tour of a bunch of little things guests normally miss! Like little bugs in flowers and over-grown RDA vehicles! The girl broke off for a bit, then found me again learning about the fauna, and she gave me a plush banshee from Windtraders!! Then she asked me if I wanted a personal tour of the Na'vi River ride--and she shared awesome details!! She brought me in, skipping the line, and it was just me and her in the boat, it was so cool. THEN as a final surprise she gave me a fast pass to Flight of Passage!! (I shared with them how my first experience left me bawling!) It was my 3rd time going on this! :D That just I made up the entire trip, I mean it's been going fair but this made it EXCEPTIONAL. Talk about making an Avatar fan's day!!! 

If you really want to make the most of your trip here, engage with the staff! They'll even share their own Pandora stories if you ask. 

Inside Satu'li Canteen! I want to mention this awesome facility. I was told many of the woven decorations on the ceiling have connections to the menu; apparently one of these designs is a fish... :) Also, Marshall Lamm is the character played by a well-known face... Jon Landau! Lamm is the Founder of ACE (Alpha Centauri Expeditions). There is a letter and photos of him inside the Canteen, which is set up like a museum. There are also many photod of him with some Na'vi in Mo'ara, so take the time to check it out!

On the Na'vi River Journey, which consists of a relaxing boat ride down the Kapsavan River, you see various animals not seen elsewhere in the park; specifically, viperwolves, hexapede and tree spirits (atokirina). If you pay attention really closely during some of the "deeper forest" parts, you can see the prolemuris swinging in the tress, too! You also see a brand new animal! A shimmyfly, which resembles a big, beautiful six-winged butterfly. Also the music and singing shaman were utterly amazing! In November 2017, I went for AvatarMeet, and while there we were provided a translation of the shaman's song by Paul Frommer, the creator of the Na'vi Language!

In Na’vi:

"Ma Na’rìng alor, mì Na’rìng lu tsngawpay.
Awnga leym, lereym san…
Ma Eywa, Ma Eywa, Ma Eywa.

’Awstengyawnem, Ma Sa’nok aNawm
Awnga leym, lereym san…
Ma Eywa, Ma Eywa, Ma Eywa.

Tìnewfa leNa’vi, Na’rìng tìng lawr
Awnga leym, lereym san…
Ma Eywa, Ma Eywa, Ma Eywa."


Oh beautiful Forest, there are tears in the Forest
Sacred Seed Spirits
We call out, calling out…
Oh Eywa, oh Eywa, oh Eywa.

Connected as one, oh Great Mother
Sacred Seed Spirits
We call out, calling out…
Oh Eywa, oh Eywa, oh Eywa.

"By the People’s will,
The Forest is singing
Sacred Seed Spirits
We call out, calling out…
Oh Eywa, oh Eywa, oh Eywa."

Now for some information on the four newly introduced animals!

Pluropoda Saggitaria, casually known more simply as the Sagittaria, is a snail-like creature that shoots water out of its head through three tubes positioned there. Found in the same water is a big water bug, the Cerebellis Scapularis! This bug showed up only a few days before I got there, according to the Alpha Centauri Expedition staff. It and the Sagittaria have a co-depenent relationship; the sagittaria eat the Cerebellis Scapularis!

The "Ilu" and "Nalutsa" are introduced on Flight of Passage. They are my FAVORITES by far, especially the Nalutsa! 

Now for some information straight from the field guide:

The ilu is a large plesiosaur-like sea creature that is the direhorse of the Pandoran ocean. With multiple fins/flippers and a long streamlined shape, this aquatic pack animal serves the reef Na'vi clans like direhorses serve the Na'vi of the forests, jungles and plains. 

A cousin of the more elusive and fierce akula*, this six-gilled ocean behemoth can be seen leaping out of the near-waters. Birthing and parenting behaviors are not dissimilar to those of orca whales on Earth. 

An iridescent and glimmering Pandoran version of the Terran Lepidoptera (butterfly), this delicate creature gracefully flies through the Mo'ara valley on multiple glowing, almost crystalline wings. 

A predator, this cephalopod-type creature has a hard exterior which is exposed to the air. Long tentacles float calmly in the water. The means of hunting prey, which mostly consists of small flying creatures, is highly specialized and unique. 

*(Hmm, what is an akula? We have no idea, but we are sure to see it in Avatar 2!)

Not written anywhere is the name of the spider-like creature in some of the large pink flowers. If you ask certain staff, mostly the Wilderness Explorer staff, you can learn it's called an Epispike. At night, its bulbous backside has bright orange bioluminescence. The pink flower it calls home also glows orange. 

Lastly, the shimmyfly can be seen on the Na'vi River Journey, as mentioned above. It looks like a beautiful moth actually, but the eight wings are long like a dragonfly's and are, of course, bioluminescent. There are four or five that I spotted on the ride, and there is a design of a shimmyfly on a girl's shirt in Windtrader's, the gift shop.

Also, you can get the official Pandoran field guide HERE:…
You can see drawings of the new creatures and new plants, too!

The big attraction, of course, is the Flight of Passage! How is this possible? Well, PCI (Pandora Conservation Initiative) works with ACE (Alpha Centauri Expeditions) to bring you an experience that facilitates understanding by taking part in a right of Passage (Iknimaya is the right itself, according to a video featuring a Dr. Jaclyn Ogden) by linking people with avatars who are already on banshees. The avatars and the banshees they are riding are guided by a Na'vi on another banshee, and your flight follows hers. The project was set up by Pandora Conservation Initiative to get people to appreciate the banshees (ikran). What people understand and love, they'll work to conserve. 

And let me tell you, ride it not only more than once but get different seats! There are 8 link chairs per room with a two-room set up. Numbers 1 and 9 are on the far left; 8 and 16 are on the far right. The first times I rode I was numbers 2, 1 and then my third time was 4 or so. I was 9 later. Then my last ride I was number 16, and I was blown away that the perspective changed so much!! So you can avoid the same perspective by asking fellow riders to switch numbers. Yes they tell you to stay on a particular number but you can honestly change it, it doesn't matter. Change in queue if you get the opportunity or hop on an empty number in the first room if you're able. It is so worth going on this ride more than once and doing so from different perspectives. I was as amazed the last time as I was the first time.
By the way, not only does the perspective change from left and right, but also if you ride on the first, second or third level. The third level is at the top, and the bottom level is often where fast-pass people will go into. So if you get a chance, also ask if you can ride on a particular level!

I had such a perfectly amazing and inspiring time, I almost didn't return the next day. I could have saved my ticket to come another time. However, I decided to do so anyway--more pictures and more fun. Sadly, both rides in Pandora broke down, not once but twice, and once I was in the line for it when it happened (we all had to evacuate after). The ride did come back up... At 1800! I actually jumped in line near the beginning so I was closer than where I got before when I had to wait again, so it wasn't long. I still enjoyed my second day immensely; it was very relaxing and I didn't even get mad or frustrated over the rides (I know my closest friends will find that hard to believe! But I was actually quite content). 

By the way, there was a staff member named Mayme who had an AWESOME notebook she did all herself, on her own. So impressed was "Marshall Lamm" that he introduced her to James Cameron AND Zoë Saldana, who were by all accounts VERY impressed with her notebook! It details the plant life around the valley of Mo'ara. The drawings are gorgeous not only because of Mayme's obvious talent but her impressive water-coloring--and she used glow in the dark paints so some plants have a different look in her notebook as they do in real life! Pictures of what she had done so far are linked in my Pandora gallery on Facebook.

I also have a picture of a badge from one of the ACE (Alpha Centauri Expeditions) Pandora members. They can earn stickers depending on what training they have. The picture I have shows he is a trainer for the Flight of Passage (a banshee sticker with a Trainer label above it). But he also earned a sticker for the Na'vi River Journey (a sitting shaman). I forgot what the silver atokirina is that he also had on there. 

Also many different types of staff are here; ACE staff wear plain blue shirts with maroon pants. People with Hawaiin-type-print blue shirts are "expats" and live on Pandora. People in all white work in sanitation, guides have on safari-type clothing and finally the Satu'li Canteen staff wear tan and maroon. 

Now this is fun to know but also important to maximize your experience here. This is especially useful if you plan on being a trading card collector! Each type of Disney cast member carries different cards. These are STAFF EXCLUSIVE and cannot be bought! They have silver/gray coloration on them, and there seem to be ten in total. I managed to get six when I was here the first time, but I think it's unusual as a staff member was carrying five and traded me them all, but the lady in sanitation who traded her card said she never heard of a group having more than one! So I got really lucky. On my second trip to Pandora in November, I managed to snag the rest, as far as I can tell.
(Counting my cards, I have 67 of the 90 you can get. And I have 22 repeat cards I'm more than willing to trade! ;) )

There is also a drum team here. Of the two guys, one is an expat and the other came with his family to Pandora. The energetic girl who does most of the jumping around, drumming away, calls herself a "wild child" who was born on Pandora. I saw this group on my first trip, but when I returned the girl was not there, and there was another expat in her place. They play three different songs, and I have the text for all of them! Again these were provided by Paul Frommer and the Disney staff.

Song 1: Spaw Eywati (Believe Eywa)


"Spaw! Rol! Rey!
Eywa ngahu!
Rol! Srew! Spaw!


"Believe! Sing! Live!
Sacred Place!
Eywa be with you!
Sing! Dance! Believe!
It’s awesome!

Song 2: Leym Ayolo’ru (Call the Clans)


"Leym san ma Tipani! Za’u! Za’u!
Leym san ma Kekunan! Za’u! Za’u!
Leym san ma Tawkami! Za’u! Za’u!
Leym san ma Anurai! Za’u! Za’u!
Leym san ma Omatikaya! Za’u! Za’u!"


"Calling the Tipani: Join us! Join us!
Calling the Kekunan: Join us! Join us!
Calling the Tawkami: Join us! Join us!
Calling the Anurai: Join us! Join us!
Calling the Omaticaya: Join us! Join us!"

Song 3: Slu Na’viyä Hapxì (Become One of the People)


"Eywa! Lawnol! Kato! Toruk Makto! Omatikaya!
Ma Sa’nok aNawm! Tìnew leNa’vi!"


"Eywa! Great joy! Rhythm! Toruk rider! Omaticaya!
Oh Great Mother! The People’s will!"

Speaking music, the ambient music played around the businesses is something else I want to mention! There is a relaxing 40-minute loop of music played in Satu'li Canteen that is just amazing to sit and listen to. It is not just instrumental but includes some lyrical parts in Na'vi and sounds like it belongs in Avatar itself. It is PERFECT for submersion and enjoyment in Pandora. One of the Satu'li Canteen staff told me if I stand between the Canteen and Pongu Pongu (which serves refreshing drinks), the music there is different but seems to match the music played there. You can also hear this music while waiting in line for Na'vi River Journey, along with the jungle sounds that are EVERYWHERE. It is just so utterly relaxing, immersive and exciting all at once.

Also, one of the ladies told me about #ExplorePandora... If you type this into Facebook Messenger you will be connected to Dr. Fitsimti Buckley. This is more for kids but could be fun to do nonetheless because it's a mini quest/hunt for various things. She sends you pictures and you find those plants or animals and she will tell you a bit about them and compare them to Earth counterparts. Be advised this does not work at all if you're not in Pandora and connected to their wifi. However, she is a bot and is somewhat glitchy, and I never actually received the pictures she was sending.

I didn't leave until the last possible minute; somewhere around 1:30 or 2 am. 
I stopped into guest relations on the way out and gave them an absolute stellar review, naming at least four staff members who were just fantastic. They needed it, after what they must've put up with after the rides broke down. So guest relations said I made their day, and I let them know when AvatarMeet was planning to come!! I'm going to see what they can do for the big fans!!

Lastly, I did do a custom Avatar doll at Windtrader's. I really like her, though at some point I'm probably going to send her off to someone for a more realistic, and less cartoon-y paint job. You also get to keep a cool "Avatar maker" card they give you as your wait ticket. It's a nice little souvenir you get to keep!

Wow so that is a lot! I didn't cover everything either. The rides were so amazing in their own way, I rode Flight of Passage 4 times the first day and twice the second; and River Journey three times the first day and two the second time. A must experience, without going into details. I'll leave you with this: no matter how many pictures you see, seeing it in person is just overwhelming. You can't get the same feelings from pictures, and you'll never forget Flight of Passage. So this place is a MUST for any Avatar fan to visit! I will definitely be returning!! 

Now for pictures!…

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Sat May 6, 2017, 3:53 PM
Today, the first Saturday of May, is Free Comic Book Day in the US! With this day, the first Avatar comic was finally released! :love:

Did you get your copy? What did you think of it?!

Personally, I think it's a perfect beginning, and the art is great!! I always wondered what happened after Jake landed on TORUK's back.. and how he got him. This little comic answers that question, and definitely leaves you wanting more!!

Also, I stopped into Starbucks to sit and enjoy the comic, which I'd picked up 5 copies of (because why not?). When I turned around I saw a guy with a dovazhul tattoo on his chest and just had to comment! That ended up becoming a 3 hour conversation of what fandoms we loved, and he was also a BIG Avatar fan--so I gave him one of the copies, it was great! I love meeting other Avatar fans! :la:


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Uniltiranyu! And new Computer!

Tue Mar 21, 2017, 12:19 AM
I've reached chapter 7 in my Avatar-based comic, Uniltiranyu!…

What took so long is that, although I have a very good computer, trying to do this scene with a massive cliff scene and water, and FIVE figures, along with props... my computer barely put it together, even with my TITAN X video card. As well, DAZ has been almost constantly crashing on me for the past FOUR YEARS. I finally decided enough is enough, and spent money on getting a new, very awesome computer. I finally have left Windows 7 behind (I really despise Windows 8 and, for that matter, Windows in general--but I have too much invested in it to switch to anything else). Now I have a nice Alienware from Dell with 32 GB of ram, and several other nice specs (I can't recall them right now).

So far, DAZ hasn't crashed at all and, as a matter of fact, I'm now able to do something I haven't been able to do yet--use atmospheric conditions. I've NEVER been able to achieve this even though DAZ has been able to do it for years, because something about my set up just made DAZ crash. Now, my art is going to look better than ever! :la: I'm very, very excited and already have a big, complicated forest scene rendering with atmospheric affects. I expect it's going to be rendering all night and into the morning. :)

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We finally have a date for the first issue of the official Avatar comic!

May 6th, 2017! Woo hoo!

And there is a sneak peak of the first pages. They look wonderful!! :squee:…

Also, here is the new page of my own comic, Uniltiranyu:…

Enjoy! :)

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Uniltiranyu Comic! And Update

Fri Jan 6, 2017, 12:03 AM
I have finally uploaded two new pages to my Uniltiranyu comic (set in Pandora, James Cameron's Avatar world) :la: You will see a gorgeous new item I am very pleased to have! Chapter 6 pages 5 and 6 are the newest. :)…

I'm also fully settled into my new civilian life and I LOVE it. I'm in my dream city AND doing my dream job!! Unfortunately that is all I would like to publicly say on that. Also, I've started going to college and have already finished my first semester back and starting the second next week. Here's to busy days ahead!

Lastly I want to express my gratefulness to DarioFish whose dragon morphs are allowing me to finally portray D&D dragons! Especially my favorite on the chromatic side, the blue dragon :la:

Blue Dragon :: Dungeons and Dragons by DrowElfMorwen

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Bye Japan, Hello Home!

Tue Jul 26, 2016, 2:28 PM
It is not my old home I'm in now, but a new home--a place I've wanted to call home for years, and I'm so very happy. I will not reveal yet where, but, you might find out soon through photos I'll surely be taking in the next month or so ^^

So, I left Japan. I'm not really sad about it--actually, if anything, I've been wanting to leave for the past two years. My only regret is that I could not make Deep Sanctuary IV--which is when Moi dis Mois (Mana) and ZIZ (Kozi) get together--which is happening in two weeks. I kept my ticket for it though. OH, my love for Yu~ki and Mana will never die XD (and Kozi too!)

But, several things in Japan were getting so tiresome, not the least of which is the people... they are just too damned unemotional and rude for my liking. But to be fair, I did spend my entire time there in the Tokyo area, with occasional forays into Kyoto and Osaka--where people are more friendly. However, there were other problems, but I just won't get into them here. Overall, of course, I loved my time in Japan and have formed the best memories of my life there--a best friend for life, and my husband. I met them both there and my life would just be utterly depressing without them.

That said, I'm also getting out of the Navy--I have about a week left--something I am VERY happy about. Not only do I get to finally be a civilian again and don't have to put up with military..things, let's say, but I'm finally getting to go to college. I'm going to be studying Astrophysics, as I have a deeply held love for space and science, and have quite an interest in black holes and quantum mechanics. I've read quite a few books on the subjects, and right now I'm reading "The Science of Interstellar," by Kip Thorne, the physicist who worked on the movie. I love reading the details on what we saw.

I'm also going to get to be pursuing another passion of mine--watching orcas in the wild. I hope to assist the people studying them in what little spare time I will have.

As for my art, there is a pause on that. I'm separated from my main computer for the next month or so, and I'm stressing about how well (or not) that it's being taken care of. Myself and my best friend wrapped it up ourselves, but we're hoping the packers packed it GOOD after that. Unfortunately my video card, a nice TITAN X, is still inside. I wanted to take it out but another packer had already packed away the empty box I saved for it. Well, I could go on a whole rant about the packers, but it's not worth it.

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Chapter 6 : Uniltiranyu

Fri May 27, 2016, 4:32 AM
Pages 1 & 2 of Chapter six on my Avatar/Pandora comic are up! :la:…

Well, the first page was up for a while before going on my little hiatus, but now page 2 is up as well, and I will be resuming a pace that is only delayed by how fast I can set up scenes and render. Back in full swing!

I hope you all enjoy it! :D

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Chapter 4 (and some 5) is up!

Tue Mar 1, 2016, 5:29 AM
Ahhh finally, chapter four of my Avatar comic, Uniltiranyu, is finally up! :la:

I will be getting to work on chapter 5 very soon, because it's going to be mostly renders, and those take a while.


:bulletblue: EDIT: :bulletblue:
Most of chapter 5 is already up! Hope you enjoy it! :dance:

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Good News!

Sat Feb 27, 2016, 7:22 PM
DAZ is working again, yay! :boogie:

As I stated previously, every time I went to render, I would get a blue screen of death. Unsure of what to do, I actually asked my fiance about doing a check disk. It seemed it might be a possible solution, so that's what we did... and it worked!

Yea, so I am engaged. I am very happy. He grew up mainly in Japan, and a little in England (he is half Japanese, half Scottish) but his name is Jim Kirk, which as a fan of Star Trek I found highly amusing.
If anyone is interested, he is also a musician, and you can check out his YouTube here:… or alternatively, you can check out his page:

Yea, kinda advertising, but I can't help it! We're getting married next month, in a little 'secret location' that I am quite attached to in Shinjuku. :heart:

Oh, I should probably get working on my Na'vi comic again.... >.>

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Art Break

Tue Feb 23, 2016, 12:27 AM
It seems I am taking something of a break from my art. Not necessarily because I want to, but because DAZ Studio has suddenly gone haywire on me. Every time I do a render, I get a blue screen of death. It's extremely frustrating. So I haven't at all been able to work on my comic, and any individual pieces of art I do work on simply cannot be rendered until I figure this out :/

On a good note, I am occupying myself by learning violin. I've wanted to learn since I was young, and I finally bought one! I honestly got encouraged while watching a lecture on quantum mechanics. This was being given at the World Science Festival, if I recall correctly. About a half hour in, a string quartet played. The musical piece was chosen for both it's overall simplicity and the wild, complicated parts within; an analogy of how particles make up the universe. It was very inspiring.

I actually have been spending a couple years casually reading about quantum mechanics, astronomy,  the universe, and related physics and other topics. And I am finally able to apply to a college to go learn officially, full time, because I am getting out of the military at the end of the year, and will be leaving Japan. I'm excited for this next chapter in my life.

Uniltiranyu :: A Na'vi Comic - Chp 3

Mon Jan 18, 2016, 3:26 PM
Chapter 3 is finished for my comic!…

My, that took a lot longer than I expected. I kept running into crashes in DAZ, and then a lot of panels just took a long time to set up. I wanted to add more banshees flying and more floating islands, but DAZ was already struggling. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it all!!

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Uniltiranyu :: A Na'vi Comic

Thu Dec 24, 2015, 12:51 AM
Aaaannnnddd it's finally up!!

:la: :la: :la:…

The first chapter of my Pandora comic is finally up. Oh I am so thrilled (and really exhausted). It took quite a few days just to put that together. But I am definitely glad I invested in a Titan X video card because my render times are unbelievable compared to before!! No render in the comic took more than 15 minutes!! :dance:

Well, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did making it.

And what did everyone think of the latest 'surprise'? If you haven't seen it yet, it's a direhorse!! A few days before I also finally featured an ikran--which I am surprised there haven't been any real comments about it ~_~ I was so psyched to get and use it and I am still really happy, but sometimes it is a bit discouraging, after all the hard work, to have close to no comments on it. Oh well.

Horse Clan Warrior :: Pa'li Makto by DrowElfMorwen

Anyway, please have fun reading the comic. As you can see I published it not on dA, but on an actual comic-making site. Really glad too, because a lot of the pressure is off of me for finding out how to do it XD


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Great News!!

Thu Dec 17, 2015, 2:06 AM
Well, suddenly things have turned around! :dance:

How did everyone like the new Pandoran fauna, the tetrapteron?

Well, this is just the beginning!! :giggle:

And now, finally, my project can really start this weekend. While trying to import a file from Blender to DAZ, which went rather horribly as I totally screwed up the mesh, something amazing happened... a part of the rigging moved!!! See, the problem that has been delaying me now for a month was that I could get static objects to work and to transfer into DAZ from Blender just fine... but rigs wouldn't behave at all. Strangely, a couple rigs did work on a simple item, but then after they wouldn't... why? Well, me fooling around with bones I figured wouldn't work anyway paid off... a clue as to the problem arose! I quickly shot of a message to the person doing a majority of my commissions, and he got back to me very quickly that the problem might be solved. He gave me another prop to test--and it worked!!!

:boogie: :boogie: :boogie:

Now that it is known we can finally get Blender objects to work in DAZ--rigged ones that is--oh, my Avatar fan art is about to expand GREATLY.

LOOK FORWARD TO IT!!! :excited:

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