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Horse Clan Warrior :: Pa'li Makto

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Na'vi Nawkxey of the "Horse Clan of the Plains".



The direhorse was made by Simple-Creations using Blender. (Right now she is going through some changes, so anything that might seem 'off' will be fixed soon :D )

:bulletyellow: DAZ Studio Iray render | Fan art of James Cameron's Avatar :bulletyellow:

If you fav, please do leave a comment! :dance:
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Glad you like them! :D
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It's a Slepnir! XD and i'm pretty sure I've seen wip of it around the place.  You may have wanted the front legs to be a bit more up as equines seem to have their front legs up when rearing back so I figure these would so similar, unless it's starting to drop at this point in which case ignore me, it's hard to tell from this angle XD Also the red is seriously red.  Love the clouds and the lighting and the zebra stripes!
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Thank you!
Yes, the direhorse is a bit difficult to pose to be honest, but I did picture it going up in the midst of the render. I also seem to recall the one rearing in the movie did not go too high, either. In time I'm sure I will work out the bugs, though :D The animals have all been a bit difficult LOL
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Great. Like everything else.
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Thank you Rainbowhawk :hug:
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That's one great Christmas present! :D
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:la: Yesssss I wanna ride with him LOL
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Awesome work! Nice to see the direhorse in action
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Thank you!! Yes she has been rather difficult LOL
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Well this is just way too cool :omg:
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Gracias! :D Irayo ma tsumuke :dance:
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This is amazing work! I really love it!
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Thank you Treeya! :dance:
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Your welcome^^ avatar is my most favourite movie!
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Yes mine too! It is so hard to find other die-hard Avatar fans hehehe
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