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Avatar Specific Commissions :: Notice

I have very specific Commission numbers for Avatar commissions, versus others, because so much more work goes into them, especially if you want a complete custom skin pattern.
It is even more so if you want your own exclusive ikran (meaning, it will not be used in other pictures; only yours).

Here is an example of a Na'vi commission I did for someone, with their photographs and the resulting Na'vi:…

✩ How My Commissions Work ✩

Some General Notes:

- Most money is to pay for initial character creation. For Na'vi, this involves custom skins with unique dot and stripe patterns (you may forfeit the option of 'your own' dots and stripes if you've a tight budget).

- More than one character may be requested in any piece.

- You can have Pandoran animals featured in your piece! I do not have only Na'vi models. Animals I do have include: atokirina (tree spirits), ikran* (banshees--please see below), pa'li (direhorses), yerik (hexapedes), talioang (sturmbeast), fkio (tetrapteron) and nantang (viperwolves). This means I can do hunting pieces, attacking pieces, anything you might wish!

- For Ikran Only: Ikran are special for the Na'vi and, like them, no two look alike (this might apply to all Pandoran animals, but ikran go further in their coloration and patterns). If you desire an ikran, because it will involved custom skin creation, they will cost as much as a Na'vi character. Many hours of work goes into them.

✩ How Many Pictures Can I Get? ✩

The good thing about requesting a 3D art piece is that the commissioner can also ask for more than one portrait--a close up, a full body, whatever they want. I am happy to do multiple renderings of a character, in the same setting with different views or multiple settings. You would not be limited to just one and I would do as many as you like (spaced out reasonably) whenever I have the time. Generally, the cost you pay covers a full-body, a close up and a 3rd of your choice, generally with your character in the same setting/background. So you will get THREE pictures in the cost. Any additional pictures, or ones with completely different and complicated backgrounds, will cost $30.

✩ So How Much? ✩

As stated above, you get three pictures, but of the same built, because once one is done it is easy to do more. Especially if you want a complicated background, and after a more simple one.
So, here is some breakdown:

Na'vi Character with custom skin: $75

Without custom skin (I'll use one I have used on another character): $40

Addition of animals (not including ikran): Generally $5 each; except: tetrapterons (free); and viperwolves and palulukan, at $10.

Ikran (custom): $80
Ikran (not custom--will use a skin I already have with minor changes) - $40

Charges are in USD.

✩ What About Watermarks and Posting? ✩

On all of my art, including my commissions, I do include my watermark, lightly, on a discreet corner of the picture. Because you may wish to use your commissioned piece as a character portrait or signature picture (on Second Life or in message boards, for example) cropping which results in watermark removal IS fine.... HOWEVER, if you post the picture anywhere on the general Internet, such as in pinterest, please DO NOT crop it nor edit out my watermark. Last, you may post it on deviantArt ONLY if linking directly back to my own deviantart on the submission, with proper credit.


How 3D Commissions Work

With 3D art, not everything is created from scratch. Some items are bought, including the figures themselves which must be manipulated to get the right look, both physically and aesthetically (for example, setting skin and eye settings, lighting, background). For my own artwork I cannot create my own clothing; everything must be bought or found. Same with the hair, skin, and if I wish it, buying shapes for a figure to get a particular face. All that being said, here is how I have set up commissions:

- I have quite a library of stuff within DAZ (which is the program I use) but perhaps not everything I'd need for someone's character. Any prices I will charge would not reflect the work put into it, but items bought to put the picture together. Items I would want to buy for a particular picture--say, a very nice ranger outfit for a female character, or a particular hairstyle for a male--will have to get pre-approval from someone before I buy it. I will pick stuff from my library if possible but some pieces I might not feel I have, so I would ask the commissioner, "What do you think about me using this?" If they really liked it, I would then buy the item, say it's $15.00. If that is the only item I bought and everything else (skin, hair, props, background) came from my own library, the picture's price would also be $15.00. However, the items bought would not be limited to that single picture use and I might use it again in my own renders.

- I would prefer render requests of a fantasy/D&D sort, as this is mostly what I have in my library, OR, specifically requests for Avatar fan art (like OCs). However, I can and would do other pictures but depending on what's being asked for, I'd probably have to buy a few things for a particular piece (and this would add to the commission charge).

- Characters in general are $50, but this can change depending on Complexity. This includes two renders of the same general shot, though with different angles. One will be up close, the other full-body. Plain background. Detailed background will be $75. Adding on animals that need a lot of work will also be $30+, again depending on complexity.

- I'd like half of the payment up front. Paypal only.

The good thing about requesting a 3D art piece is that the commissioner can also ask for more than one portrait--a close up, a full body, whatever they want. I would be happy to do multiple renderings of a character, in the same or multiple settings. You would not be limited to just one and I would do as many as you like (spaced out reasonably) whenever I have the time. Also, more than one character may be requested in a piece.

If interested please drop me a note!


Jagen Sedai / Toshiha
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Today was the release of a highly anticipated (by Avatar fans) of Tsu'tey's Path #1, by Dark Horse Comics. It chronicles the events of Avatar through Tsu'tey's eyes and experiences. This is something that die hard fans should grab!

There are two cover versions:

Any collectors should get both!

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