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I get to see Avatar 2 in less than 16 hours.... I really can't believe it. I can't believe I am typing that and it's true. It all feels so surreal; after SO LONG waiting for the next Avatar movie, and I am so, so close--along with many other fans! I haven't been active much on dA lately. Well, when I say lately, it's just not my preferred media of use since they updated the website about two years ago or so. But, my passion and love for Avatar has not died down at all. Actually, I have started an AVatar blog here! Honestly, it's more for myself since I don't really expect anyone to read it. Heck, even getting comments on a dA blog is hard. I think that's why I stopped--no one really seemed to care or appreciate the time taken to write. If people did read it, indications that they did so were rare. Isn't the point of writing and sharing art so we can connect over it? Instead people might fav it, which is nice, but then they just move on. The connection isn't there. Fans of Avatar
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THE TRAILER HAS BEEN RELEASED!! Ma smukan, ma smuke! OEL NGATI KAMEIE! You can watch it here!! Also, you can download the ultra high definition trailers at this site here! If all the technical stuff is indecipherable, just go with the first download at the top. It is the best for most computers. https://thedigitaltheater.com/avatar-the-way-of-water-2022 First, THIS POST IS CHOCK FULL OF SPOILERS, thoughts, etc on the trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water! If you haven't seen it yet (but it's linked above, so watch it!!) or/and you don't want spoilers, turn away! I've seen the trailer several times now thanks to a theatre that puts up with my obsessive fangirlness over Avatar, and I am really, really grateful for it. So I have some notes I need to type up and thoughts I need to share!! So, let's start with how it starts. You know the moment you see the 20th century fox logo, and then Lightstorm Entertainment, THIS IS IT! Honestly, the music hits you first. You KNOW it's Avatar
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Kaltxì ma tsmuk! (Hello, Sisters and Brothers!) In case you might have missed it, there has been some HUGE Avatar news! So let's hop right into it! 1: Avatar 2 is officially titled "Avatar: The Way of Water." 2: A teaser trailer was shown 2 days ago at CinemaCon and will be officially released during showings of the movie Dr Strange and the Multiverse of Madness! 3: Avatar will be re-released in theatres in September, so if you missed it in 3d showings before, you'll get to see it after all!
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Do you still make 3D art of other people's drow OCs? :)

I can take commissions gladly :DI love doing drow~!

Great! I still have the renders you did for me, those were like a decade ago now? It'd be cool to see what you can do with newer tech.

Oh yes, my skills have improved a lot! What renders did I do for you? What were your character names? Maybe I still have them too, haha.

I like your style and find it fascinating how you manage to create these images. I also found you through a friend and I'm really excited :)

Thank you, Alira! Sorry I did not see this comment before. We're connected on FB too, haha. I'm glad to have you follow me! Your art is fantastic :)

Love your art! You are truly an inspiration..