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Radiant Silk

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No manipulation at all. What you see is what you get =p
Hope you like it a bit.


FULLVIEW is a must
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simone83Hobbyist Photographer
Nice colors!
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beautiful shot...the contrast of yellow and the blue is wonderful. well done.
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I apreciate it
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Brilliant, I can't believe the plant behind it was that blue! Can't see anything a smidgen wrong with this.
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thanks for the kind words.
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gorgeous vivid color! the fact that this is genuine is even more.. amazing find :}
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indeed it was... (yoda talk :rofl: )
I just went on a long walk home taking pictures of people's gardens haha.
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raziahsuryaProfessional Photographer
Wow. I thought I was the only one who knew how to do this. Mine's not posted yet, but it's also a yellow flower. I find it totally ironic that I almost entered it into the color contest. Great shot!
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Im very glad you like it, and good luck with your submission :D
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Phoenix-88Professional Interface Designer
Albastrul ala pune in valoare excelent laleaua!
Great job!
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shutterbladeProfessional Photographer
This is beautiful, my favorite of what you posted today. The colors are amazing.

If we're talking critique, I would say that I would have liked to see the blue that dominates the top, also dominate the bottom of the image instead of the small flowers....that blue is just so amazing, I hate to see it only in half the shot. Other than that- beautiful!!!! great job!
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yep this is my favourite of the day too :D
thanks for liking it.
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wow the blue and yellow work awesomely together, this is great!
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yup finally someone that thinks just as I do :)
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Wow!!Great [link]'s too damn good to be true.:D
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btw ... I don't know what you tried to say with that link, but apparently it doesnt work... :(
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Damn!!!!That wasn't supossed to be a link.I was trying to say something else.But that isn;t a link.Damn stupid internet!!!
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well I think the lighting had something to do with it, 'cos the flowers at the bottom were blue, maybe those had something to do with it... and thanks for the :+fav:
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Ce culori puternice! Imi place combinatia. Si totul arata asa de soft...
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smooth as silk baby!:D
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So that plant in the background was really that blue? nah you got to be kidding me....
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yep im not joking,
im not saying that flower is 100% natural, cos it's not my garden, but i really didn't use any manipulation.
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