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Sand Banks - path from camp site to the beach
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1/64 second
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6 mm
Date Taken
Jul 8, 2005, 3:27:09 PM
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jessedee Writer
some of the most beautiful pictures are those of roads. this is one of them. great work.
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I apreciate it
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this is lovely...so peaceful
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yes... peaceful to the eye... but physically speaking it was kinda tiring getting there. Who wouldnt love a peacefully endless road?
I'm glad you like it.
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BBCVersus Photographer
Try this on BW with calculations...it adds a very good contrast... I am sure it will be more artistic...:)
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hmm good idea... I just tried that for the last 20 minutes and I just realised that the leaves from the left are overexposed, but in colour people didn't seem to notice that a lot. Whereas in B&W it looks sooo obvious. I tried reducing the whites, but I gave up after the 8th leaf hahaha.
I guess I'll leave it like this for now.
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BBCVersus Photographer
Can I give it a try?...:)
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be my guest :D
you'll notice the leaves anyway... even if you're half the perfectionist that I try to be =p
send me a not with your email and I'll give u mine
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BBCVersus Photographer
A note....? Neaa..here! bbcversus@gmail.com and bbc_millennium@yahoo.com The emails are on my front page too...:)...I wait from you an email...And we will talk more about pics...if you have Yahoo Messenger too....Bye now, I have to be in bad... I will send you the result on that tomorow, ok?... Nightie.
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k I added you to Yahoo Messenger... I'll prolly send those pics later on... movie time :D
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BBCVersus Photographer
I've done it though....I will send it to you...we will speak tomorow...
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k man cheers
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this path reminds me of another one near me and it leads to a waterfall, i like the perspective on this, almost like the path has no end as u can see up to a point but then it goes on beyond that

good stuff =D
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omg ce dragutz eeee
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That's fascinating that it goes out towards a beach...you wouldn't think the "end" would be so close! ;-)
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the end is never close... ;)
haha thanks
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I agree that I don't think it should have been cropped for a change of composition -- some works call for a central image such as this, and there is enough movement (& amazing color!) to bring the eye throughout. Great texture too.
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yeah I was feeling like I was in a jungle
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oh wow that is stunning, the contrast makes me salivate! yummy yummy, i'm such a sucker for these shots.
usually i'd recommend cropping to make the path less-centered, but in this case i really enjoy seeing is go straight down the middle of this piece. great job!!
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I did think of making a crop so it sorta looks like I was shooting thirds or something, but after the title came into my mind "Endless" the road itself I guess its better to be represented centered.
Of course I appreciate your point and your thoughtful comment... so thanks ;)
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