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Charismatic Rouge

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FULLVIEW for some stunning detail ;)
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Very Cool, got similar on in my gallery:)
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EternalRose Photographer
very beautiful....love the textures
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thanks a lot
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Mofturila Photographer
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the insides of flowers are so insane. beautifull shot!
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thanks for noticing that
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missdjtHobbyist Photographer
I love the yellow against the red. So vibrant. Very beautiful. =] :+fav:
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yup the combination of the saturated yellow and red also captured my eyes thanks ;)
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It looks really soft, the colors are incredible, as is the detail. The off-balance composition also works. It reminds me of Georgia O'Keefe (no, not every flower piece reminds me of her :/ ). I like that it's so abstract, it took me a second to register what it actually is. And I like the fuzziness around the yellow/white part.
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thanks for your thoughtful comment
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:eyepopping: once again!
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wow, an amazing twist to a regular tulip picture. the colour is amazing! did you change the colours a bit? awesome awesome!
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yep I did add a little bit of contrast and played around with the levels :)
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Your titles are so beautiful! This flower reminds me of a flame, it's so vibrant, nice capture!
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im glad you like my titles and my photos :hug:
this tulip was so beautiful I had to stop by and take a shot.
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I'm glad you did ;)
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pfuai ce poza :) felicitari
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Its good and weird, looks like spiders legs the black bits....anyway great picture, strange how you could get this close with no blur...shows my camera aint that great.
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well it depends... you just have to focus it right.
i just shoved my camera into that tulip literally =P and this is what came out.
with practice, you will eventually make great pictures no matter how shitty your camera is.
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I suppose thanks, and it is a great photo.
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