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Lowe-Herz Photographer
Like how close you get that shot.
I still want to take one,but with the fire`s haze effect...
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just take care of your lens that's all :D
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Fire shots rock!! You must have got either pretty damn close or have a good lense :D Good work. Check this out if you like fire photos [link]
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that shot was when I had my old P&S cam... the Kodak... so yeah I was really close I could feel the heat coming out of the barbeque :) ... sizzling macro I'd say
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magpie-poet Artisan Crafter
i love how you caught the sheerness, how ti wraps around what is burning.

of course, i'd also love to see a snapshot of you getting this picture without toasting camera or eyebrows ;)
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without toasting my eyebrows... the picture would change a bit I suppose...
but it's these moments that make our pictures be remembered... if y'know what I mean :D
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Can't really think of much to say.
I just really love the focus and close up detail of this one.
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glad you like it :D
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LeahKnoxProfessional Traditional Artist
Gorgeous shot.....you have quite the eye...:clap:
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and quite of wacky ideas too... =p thanks
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Nice close up here:D I love the capture of fire up close and detail. You captured the detail of the wood burning and the flames flowing nicely.
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yeah I like to watch fire burn ... im not an arsonist of course but campfires always look so good.
thanks for the comment.
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I know what you mean, you dont have to be an arsonist in order to enjoy the element.
absent-of-all's avatar
...nice captured...the flames seem very "silky"....
DropKickLippy's avatar
yeah smooth as silk... thanks
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BethElizabethShort Photographer
poate e rama putinb cam lata si "studiata" pt o tema asa simpla "dintr-o bucata" cum e focul....oricum....nu prea zic asta des...i love it!:+favlove:
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thanks a lot.
LeTHaL-1-'s avatar
nice stuff, the angle makes it easier to focus on whats actually being burnt that the actual fire itself

good perspective =D
DropKickLippy's avatar
thanks for noticing the perspective... almost burnt my cam :lol:
LeTHaL-1-'s avatar
yeh they need some all purpose all terrain cameras =D

the things we torture our cameras jus to get a good shot :lol:
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yeah... things we do for art's sake :D
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I like how you don't show us the whole campfire, and it's kinda abstract so you can see your own things in it.
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it's like staring at clouds... your mind creates what it wants to create ...
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missdjtHobbyist Photographer
Awesome =o]
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