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Idk if I've ever done a super up close portrait like this in the past, so I decided to do one and I am super happy with the result! (amazing story I know)
It was a lot of fun!
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Lovely! From imagination or reference? 

Extraordinary level of detail tho - that hair I think I've fainted.  and really stunning eyes. Great job!
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Looks amazing!
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Is this even a painting? Simply incredible.
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Excellent detail! 
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Fantastic work! :D
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This is just incredible, ins not just realistic, this one has life. Well done :wow:
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Stunning O: how do you do it
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It's a beautiful work :D, surprisingly it reminds me of Jennifer Connelly for some reason :/
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Redheads are my ultimate weakness. Right up there under pretty women. Combine the two and I'm straight up toast. I don't know why I have such low resistance considering I am redheaded. Maybe it's like old school psychic type pokemon. Y'know, like how they were super effective against eachother..
Anywho, really rad, so rad!
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The details are so amazing! 
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Stunning detail....
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You always have such incredible realism in your pictures that its incredible to look at. Amazing work!
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Thanks a lot felix! Its what I am for ;) (Wink) 
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Wow well done. But doni see it correctly? Is there still a lot of grain in the picture or is it dirt? 😉
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She's a cutie! ^^
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She’s very beautiful
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Wow...her eyes are so real..😍...
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