Bah! Captivity!

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So with an oppertunity to leave the country and broaden my horizons (especially in places where they haven't heard the name of drop bear, or the tree just outside of Vlei's front door looks quite attractive :paranoid:) I decided to hijiack out of Australia.

My plans hit a snag though.....

I didn't throw enough rubbish out of Thebuild's suitcase and made rather a lot of noise when the bag was turned and I found myself sitting on his clay shapers :doh:

They've now put me in a maximum security center for endangered, none existant cryptids ._.

I will get out of here and have my revenge.....

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So that's what happened to my dress! :shakefist:
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Ha ha ha :pointandlaugh:

You fool! Only a non-existant cryptid wouldn't realize ...

... that the guards in your max-security center are non-existant too.

Ha ha, enjoy your imaginary incarceration.
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Immaginary my hairy buttocks! D:<

There's toothpaste coated steel bars and everything!
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I guess that would explain why they would't need guards then.

Still, the :pointandlaugh: remains! Nothin' yuou can do about it furball :nana:
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We shall see, I've got a few ideas after watching this film called the Shaw shank redemption.