Unrecognised Artists vol. 2

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Please :+favlove: this article to help bring more exposure to the featured artists.  :love:

This is the second of a series of articles featuring five/six underexposed artists - one photographer, one digital artist, one traditional artist, one craftsman, one writer and a mixed talent (if I find one) all with under 50 000 original pageviews.

Feature Concept

Firstly, I've often encountered deviants with one or multiple DDs who have less than 50 000 pageviews. How does that happen? If someone has terrific art, why don't more people visit their page? Well, there are a few explanations for that.
The artist in question is not very active apart from submitting artworks. And to be noticed you need to put yourself out there and give back to the community by means of comments, features, contests, etc.
Another possible reason is: their art isn't made for the mass public. Now this really disturbs me. We as artists need to be as open-minded as possible. We need to have broader tastes than the rest of the people because we encounter art every day and this helps us acquire new tastes. But if you only ever browse your favourite types of art, never once stopping to glance at other genres you cannot ever "learn" to like styles and genres, which are considered an acquired taste.
So consider this article a call both to the artists featured to be more active and for the community to open their minds.

Secondly, I have noticed a trend for people to keep blind for pageviews. It's true that popularity on dA doesn't reflect the artist's talent but at the same time it's a valuable stats, which helps us assess whether the deviant needs more exposure.
Furthermore many people's favourites only inclue already popular art. The conclusion? Not many people go out of their way to look for undiscovered talent but rely on the community's evaluation of a piece.
With this series I want to share with you underexposed artists who need to be seen more often in people's favourites and collections because of their exceptional talent and creativity.

:star: Photography :star:

:iconenaston: Enaston - 10,336 pageviews

Enaston specializes in black and white photography where the monochrome is used to deliver an often melancholic or dramatic mood. Her surreal photographs are truly exemplary in the genre with their other-worldly quality. She manages to capture stories that may be bizarre, touching or disturbing but never fail to provoke a reaction in the viewer.

:dalove: Daily Deviations

patience by Enaston

:deviation:  Other Magnificent Pieces

:thumb139389362: :thumb139404478: :thumb139421484: disappear by Enaston :thumb139486595: perfume of roses by Enaston

Mature Content

i'll teach you how to smile by Enaston
:thumb141079462: just me by Enaston don't call me ugly by Enaston :thumb160629161: :thumb160945561:

:star: Digital Art :star:

:iconselenada: Selenada - 7,116 pageviews

Selenada is a digital artist whose work has gone from strength to strength over her stay in deviantArt. Her female portrait paintings exhibit a gorgeous realism in textures, proportions, anatomy. I absolutely love her work on back lighting and skin tones - things many artists find ridiculously hard to master.

:dalove: Daily Deviations

Daily Deviations Stamp V.2 by devlindd

:deviation:  Other Magnificent Pieces

:thumb131956828: :thumb132713758: :thumb134432169: :thumb134845584: Night Flower by Selenada :thumb162007854: :thumb164256833: :thumb176535341:

:star: Traditional Art :star:

:iconkooookooookooookoooo: kooookooookooookoooo - 4,720 pageviews

kooookooookooookoooo's style in painting is absolutely unique! Through the use of a limited colour palette, he turns his paintings into magnificent studies of textures and volumes. The subtle bluish brushstrokes as well as the expressions of the subjects give his paintings a very melancholic mood. The look in the eyes of the people painted is sometimes disturbingly vacant, sometimes appears as something from another world and sometimes communicate such  profound inner sadness that you cannot help but be deeply touched.

:dalove: Daily Deviations

15 by kooookooookooookoooo

:deviation:  Other Magnificent Pieces

A2 by kooookooookooookoooo A3 by kooookooookooookoooo :thumb118619787: A10 by kooookooookooookoooo

Mature Content

A14 by kooookooookooookoooo
A 29 by kooookooookooookoooo A33 by kooookooookooookoooo A34 by kooookooookooookoooo A 37 by kooookooookooookoooo A50 by kooookooookooookoooo a 33 by kooookooookooookoooo A6 by kooookooookooookoooo

:star: Artisan Crafts :star:

:icondragonsanddaffodils: Dragonsanddaffodils - 43,610 pageviews

Dragonsanddaffodils specializes in creating amazing, colourful and unique cakes decorated with sugar. Some of them have very delicate, elegant designs that show simplicity for meticulous care for perfection, while others present scenes and characters which are crafted in a brilliant, realistic way. Her gallery is a gorgeous example of culinary fan art - something not often encountered in dA.

:dalove: Daily Deviations

Hand bag cake by Dragonsanddaffodils White Choc Ruffles by Dragonsanddaffodils Edward and Bellas Meadow Cake by Dragonsanddaffodils

:deviation:  Other Magnificent Pieces

April Mikasa Rose by Dragonsanddaffodils Wrapped in Choc by Dragonsanddaffodils Tattood Koi by Dragonsanddaffodils Baking Industry Awards 07 Cake by Dragonsanddaffodils :thumb105592272: Red fabric rose cake by Dragonsanddaffodils castell coch cake topper back by Dragonsanddaffodils The Catch of his Life Cake by Dragonsanddaffodils Milk and white strawberry choc by Dragonsanddaffodils A cake for a tattooist by Dragonsanddaffodils:thumb126855755: Converse cake by Dragonsanddaffodils

:star: Literature :star:

There will be fewer literature pieces featured since they require more time for the viewer to really appreciate them.

:iconchriscampbell: chriscampbell - 3,390 pageviews

chriscampbell's poems stand out to me with their vivid imagery that's also dreamlike and ties nature images with human emotions and experience in a delightful way. Their short lines work for a gorgeous rhythm that makes reading them aloud a true pleasure. The subtle rhymes and alliterations really add to the phonetic quality of the poems.

:dalove: Daily Deviations

Daily Deviations Stamp V.2 by devlindd

:deviation:  Other Magnificent Pieces


:star: Suggest an artist :star:

I welcome suggestions for unrecognized artists to be featured in this series. Please keep in mind, though, that the artist needs to have less than 50,000 pageviews and at least 12 quality pieces I can feature. Please, don't suggest yourself, I am quite wary of self-suggesting since it tends to be much more subjective than suggesting someone else.
I hope you enjoyed the article!
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Wow! Thankyou so much for the feature, I am honoured :D