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:bulletgreen: Typography Brilliance
:bulletgreen: Today's Typography Treats
:bulletgreen: Digital Text Art: What do you think about it?
:bulletgreen: Typographers inside and out
:bulletgreen: Typrompts - Challenge #1
:bulletgreen: Constructive Comment Corner
:bulletgreen: Typography Groups You Can Join
:bulletgreen: Inspirational Typography Articles
:bulletgreen: Typography Stamps

This is the first of a series of typography features, which will be issued during Digiversity's first themed event Type Your Heart Out. The series will include a feature of text art brilliance, as well as a small add-on of typography pieces submitted in the last 24 hours. Every issue will contain a new challenge from our Typrompts as well as information on the ongoing events as well as a list of useful resources. For everything texty your heart desires, read on!  :la:

Typography Brilliance

A collection of outstanding typography pieces, which are the pride of the community.

:thumb108876812: :thumb154665253: Fucking Pigeons by MRTNZ :thumb157656318: Save the Trees by MRTNZ my avatar ID 2.2 by devils666 :thumb166671214: Zamrud Khatulistiwa by theycallmeteddy Ramadhan Mubarak 1430 H by dzinc III. by 852 Oh My Gosh by TBS-Tobias Inspire wallpaper by firetongue8 Love by Zeerooh antagonism of fire by tahnee-r :thumb150636257: Is it? by eQinoXx In My Dreams by XeRoblade Welding Typography 3d by ROMAgfx I Have A Ghost by Harbinger2020 Surrender by Anton101 Recession by s-rae :thumb155338798: Paper Cut by Sarah-Q8 Getting high by leobattistella Soul by poyzon When Love Takes Over... by DigitalDean :thumb123035059: Eyecandy by poyzon :thumb158278043: DANZ title by dzinc :thumb151635000: fool by Teakster dreams, fantasies and wishes by alekSparx I am not your TOy by APgraph Water by RenzGFX Picasso by Arifismyname Helvetica Since 1957. by AmySimply We Don't Talk To Monsters by vedoo Save Beaches by sa6o123 Superstars by vedoo :thumb165714950: :thumb156241531: :thumb161619326: Sth New by Yazhubal verdana typography by VedaTYolaL I AM not a Letter by MK-4 I'll Be The Brightest Someday by XeRoblade CityInSurrender typography by ditalento :thumb155620517: hipop rulez.psd by zorro78 Typo Cow by CoffeKec Red is Good by inankilic

Mature Content

ONLY 2 by palax
:thumb147745453:   Apple typohs by shilpa84 Self ID by Yazhubal Red by Arifismyname :thumb160270439:

Arrangement idea stolen from LaLillaa's news article The Beauty of Photography - a fantastic, colourful photography feature. Check it out and give her some credit for her efforts.


Today's typography treats

A small collection of gorgeous typography works submitted in the last 24 hours in the Digital Art >> Text Art gallery as well as Designs & Interfaces.

Eco Line Logo by RogerLima LoGo alNooR by t7aya free point agency by elnagar01 :thumb167654038: Difficult moment, seek God by 23bigideas Oxygene_N3 by 3afsa Xan Artwork by Xan-04 i-pop poster v3 by taylanezer Limited time.. by m-mafa Custom Woodworking by kei-x book thing 3 by TomasuAnime Avantgarde font ailesi 4 by straytuerk Prove Them Wrong by J-Perkins Nirvana by darklynx12 Tipografik Denemeler 11 by straytuerk Tipografik Denemeler 6 by straytuerk Tipografik Denemeler 2 by straytuerk :thumb167694993: :thumb167664002: Custom Typeface: Whimsical by SaraChristensen :thumb167691490: Tipografik Denemeler 1 by straytuerk AAL IZ WELL again by 88versus na-font by nafieq-lvrs baby i'm useless by tahnee-r NOT ANOTHER AEI by saYcoStuDiOz feeling depressed? by tony-tzanoukakis helvetica research 3 by anakfreak


Digital Text Art: What do you think about it?

The first article of the series is already out:

Digital text art: What do you think about it?
A news article based on a survey featuring dedicated typography artists talking about today's digital text art. Some gorgeous works included.  :deviation:


Typographers Inside and Out

In order to gain an in-depth insight in typography as well as to pay tribute to some of the most renowned text artists, we're conducting a series of interviews with tistwas, pica-ae, shoelesspeacock and more! You can now read the interview with Gemma Goode, a.k.a. tistwas

Typo Masters: Interview with Gemma Goode
Gemma is talking about her one-year typography project. If you haven't seen it yet, you should visit her page, the amount of work put in it is jaw-dropping.



Alongside our Love Letter Contest we decided to run a small series of challenges to help get your creative juices flowing. Everyone who participates will be included in a special feature at the end of the Type Your Heart Out event and if there's more interest, perhaps we will add some additional prizes.

Typrompt No.1

The first typography challenge is called Joy-life and requires you to choose one reason why life is good and worth living to the fullest and then represent it in the most joyful typography piece you can manage. Let us share the joy this particular thing gives you. Extra credit if you manage to represent it by not stating what it is directly but hinting at it so we can guess.  ;)

Rules for participation
Submissions send via note to me, drop-asd with "Joy-life" as the subject. The work will be included shortly in the group's gallery. Don't forget to mention in the work's description that it is made for this prompt and add a link to this article or to the group's page. Remember, we only accept new works created specifically for this challenge, otherwise the very aim of the prompt is lost.

I am looking for your entries!  :la:


Constructive Comment Corner

We are aware that to all of us aspiring artists the most valuable thing (besides exposure ;)) is feedback. It helps us grow, perfect our art and find our artistic path through the insight of others.
We also understand that not everyone has the time to give lengthy critiques so here is what we present to you:
Digiversity officially invites you to take part in this give-and-take activity, in which you leave a constructive comment on another fellow deviant's work and they return you the favour. You can submit pieces you want feedback on via note to me (drop-asd) and I will add them to a special folder in the gallery, which you can browse to find work you want to comment on. You may only submit one work at a time, though, i.e. don't submit another one until you've received and returned a comment, or ultimately until after five days from the submission. Only digital text art accepted for the time being.

Credits to 3wyl for the idea.


Typography Groups you can join

Find fellow typographers, share your most inspired text art, browse hundreds of beautiful artworks, participate in community projects - all of this and more in these amazing typography groups, founded and run by some of the most dedicated typographers in dA.

:icontypoholics:  Welcome to the addictive world of Typography! Become a Typoholic like the rest of us by joining this group. :eager:
We collect deviations from our members and promote artists with features as well as Monthly Challenges.

:icontypo-masters:  TypoMasters is a group dedicated to all typography enthusiasts out there.

Here, we value the most incredible idea that may come to your minds, the world of letters, shapes and all that abstract objects brought into pieces to create a wonderful masterpiece.

:icontypola:  Group tends to Typography and all of Text art.

:iconvicious-type:  We Dedicate In: Typography,Share Fonts,Logos,Type Treatments & MORE....

:icontypographers-society:  Welcome to the Society of Typographers, where we encourage literacy education and promote it through the beautiful medium of Typography.  Join us!

:icontypersonality:  Typersonality is typography with personality.
Because you can't just love typography: you need to feel typography.

:icontypebandit:  Typography, Letters, Typefaces, Type Treatment, Logos, Posters. T-Shirts & more..

:icontypographylove:  We are a group that loves typography,
yes, we really do!

:icontype-design:  Active discussion and showcase group with advanced type design critique.

Sporadic features include interviews with typographers, news feed, latest awesome releases, featuring of quality fonts, et cetera et cetera.

:iconawesome-fonts:  Featuring fonts made by the good ol' people of DA.

If you are a font maker please submit your work! All skill levels welcome.

:iconcalligraffiti:  Calligraffiti group is place to show the modern typography.


Inspirational Typography Article

A collection of news articles dedicated to text art.

:bulletred:Wordplay is a series of articles issued by our former text art GM arhcamt. It includes works featured as DDs as well as entries in her "Fool" contest.
Wordplay Vol. 1
Wordplay Vol. 2
Wordplay Vol. 3
Wordplay Vol. 4
Wordplay Vol. 5

More from arhcamt:
Text Art: ASCII and ANSI - the abbreviations explained.

:bulletred:Text Art is a series of amazing news articles by Sander-Seto including not only amazing features but also in-depth insight on the medium, interviews, news, resources and much more!

Text Art Issue #1
Text Art Issue #2
Text Art Issue #3
Text Art Issue #4
Text Art Issue #5
Text Art Issue #6
Text Art Issue #7
Text Art Issue #8
Text Art Issue #9

More articles by Sander-Seto:
Daily Deviations I suggested/selected in 2009
includes an amazing array of works, each of only the highest quality.

20 ways to get some inspiration to design!
is incredibly resourceful, witty and guarantees success!

Text Art: Anatomy, Basics, Effects
is the ultimate guide for every beginner in typography.

Text Art Daily Deviations - April and May
- another feature of high-quality work.

Text Art Daily Deviations - End February - March

Text Art - Tutorials
is a highly informative article and guarantees that if you haven't found what you need in Sander-Seto's own guide, you'll find it here.

Love for Text Art
all dedicated to this sweet feeling - love.  :heart:

:bulletred:News articles by our current text art GM, pica-ae:

Text Art Tips #1
short but valuable tips on how to improve your art.

Text Art Tips #2

Digital Text Art April 2010
a very resourceful article including all kinds of odds and ends about text art.

Text Art Over The Edge: Fonts from R & S I
an astounding collection of fonts.

:bulletred:In Love With Typography is a huge series of features by spicone including more than 60 articles full of gorgeous text art. Make sure you pay a visit to the full archive of articles.

:bulletred:Typography features and articles by other deviants:

Massive Feature of Typographic Goodness by fiveless

typo-photo by davespertine

A lesson in Typography by cybergranny

Designalicious Typography by designalicious

Amazing Collection of Typography Features by PyroDemi

Type Inspire Issue 1 by Kiwanji

TyPoGRaphY by zabala15

Type, Typography & Words of Wisdom bypenngregory

The Best Lookin' Letters In Town by hellhoundp2k

F E A T U R E S - 12 - TYPOGRAPHY by kishui

Typography Love by thesashabell


Typography Stamps

i love typography : stamp by ifyouplease In Love With Typography Stamp by spicone Stamp: Gothic by typoholics Typoholics Stamp by typoholics Stamp: Serif by typoholics Stamp: Fraktur by typoholics Stamp: Script by typoholics:thumb156940727: Stamp 'I love typography' by TheDrake92 Calligraphy Stamp by aerendyll Typographers Stamp by OwlInTheMirror Font stamp by vcfgr


I hope you find this article resourceful and keep your eyes out for more.

Compiled by drop-asd on behalf of :icondigiversity:
© 2010 - 2021 drop-asd
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Great creations!
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Great collection. :clap: But this titanic-poster was just remade by the guy you featured here … The real artist of the idea and image was *BeJay and the original is this: [link]
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Thank you! :aww:
I hadn't realized. :hmm: I wish I could fix it. Thank you for letting me know, though.
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You are welcome. No problem, I also wouldn’t know if I hadn’t read one of the comments to this picture.
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thanks a los for the 2ble feat. great article and awsome works, congrats to all those great designers
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You're welcome! I'm glad you like it :nod:
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coolest article around on typography! i'm coming back to go through the links again.... soooooooo much to learn here!! Awesome job! :)
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:blush: Thank you very much for these words. I'm so happy that it was helpful to you. There are more helpful links in the third issue, you can check it out in the box on my page. I decided to take it out of dA for a bit. ;) Thank you so much for the compliment and the encouragement. It increases tenfold my determination to continue.
NeelamChandwani's avatar
i did a feature myself (for the first time recently) ..so now i have come to appreciate the amount of work that goes behind it.. its not just the artists who are featured that deserves the appreciation.. the people like you who actually go out to give these artists and articles more exposure without asking for anykind of favour or gaining anything out of it (apart for a mere pleasure to be able to do this) are the real unsung heroes and deserve appreciation too :)

Cheers! for the god work u did on that feature.. i would definately check out the rest of the typography features(thats why i faved it..so that it's easier to find it when i have ample time to spoil myself with it )
drop-asd's avatar
I just checked it out, you should put it in your front page for people to see :P Yeah, well, sometimes it does take a few hours worth of work and designing. Being the perfectionist I am I always go into detail with the articles as I would do with artwork. And as another parallel, your articles improve with practice, too. Well, thank you for the appreciation. :hug: Honestly I admire people who regularly submit articles but with myself it's a bit different - I've lost this desire to receive any kind of appreciation from others that I had when I joined. What pushes me forward now is to see that people enjoy being featured and to see them participate. It's very encouraging.

That'd be great! I hope that you like the rest of them :nod: The latest one has some new features, which may intrigue you.
NeelamChandwani's avatar
humm.. :) well i respect u for u are doing for the DA community :) really.
Its so selfless.. and all i can say is thanks for existing here :) :P seriously!
i'm not sure if i would be doing it regularly..but there's so much of my interest around here that i would love to see at one place..and it's going to take a hell lotta time to do it the way u do :D

i'll keep checking the articles from time to time :)
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Thank *you* for the wonderful comment, it really lifted my spirits. :hug:
NeelamChandwani's avatar
:) :hug: i really meant it!
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You've collected some wonderful art here! I'm amazed to be included -- thank you!
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Don't mention it! :aww: I am happy that you like the collection.
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this article is great!! added to fav!
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I'm happy that you like it! :aww: Hope to see you around again
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Beautiful collection. Thank you for putting it together!
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You're welcome, I'm glad I'm of some help. I hope you can benefit from it ^^
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Thank you for featuring me in this lovely selection :)
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You're most welcome :nod:
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thank u so much!!!!
drop-asd's avatar
Don't mention it! I hope I can feature you again in the future. :]
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