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By drop-asd
Our series of interviews would be utterly incomplete without a deviant who has made a tremendous contribution to the text art community by submitting helpful articles, featuring pieces as DDs, running one of the most successful typography groups on DeviantArt. Today I'm having the pleasure to present you pica-ae - our text art GM and founder of typoholics.

:bulletgreen:My name is Anne/pica-ae and I am a communication designer from Hamburg, Germany. I studied communication design for 3 years and then started to work as a web designer in an agency. In my spare time I enjoy taking part in the dA community, where I also occupy the "job" as Digital Text Art Gallery Moderator.

:bulletred:Tell me how you got into art to start with.

:bulletgreen:Well, I always liked to draw as a kid. I later went into a private "art school" where I learned to work with water colors as a kid and later went into painting with oil colors. Also at school I was always good in art classes. I even made my "graduation" with a painting. It was always a hobby and then got serious after school.

Rock Hair III by pica-ae Silhouette Lady by pica-ae R for VectorORGY by pica-ae

:bulletred:What made you pursue it more seriously?

:bulletgreen:Well, honestly I don't know. It was so much fun that I did not want to miss it and so kept on doing it. But like most things in my life I kinda just drifted along and took things as they came. It was someone else who made me go to the art school, as well as it was someone else to give me the advice to study communication design. I think I just enjoy art and it made me happy.

:bulletred:Which art form do you enjoy the most and is there one that you cannot make sense of?

:bulletgreen:Mmmh, that is tough. At the moment I enjoy Vector Art the most. It contains lots of detail work and therefore almost is meditative.
From the art forms I tried myself, photography is the one I cant get along with the most, I think. I blame it on my education, since I never really learned it and most of the time do not know what I am doing.

Chestnuts by pica-ae Strawberry Fields? by pica-ae What you looking at? by pica-ae

:bulletred:How do you see yourself in the future?

:bulletgreen:Well, my problem is just that I don't know what I want.
I'm trying to figure that out at the moment but its really tough and I don't know what I want yet :B

:bulletred:Do you work on any personal projects right now, in terms of art?

:bulletgreen:Hehe, I am actually one of those that start way too many projects and cant finish any of them. I am working on several Vectors. But right now i am in a kinda low, and don't feel like continuing any of them.

this vector needs some final touches.

this is the concept sketch for a Art Noveau/Mucha inspired Vector. And of course one of my favourite movies "Moulin Rouge".

this sketch is a hommage to "teh girls" (brgtt, ssst and chewedkandi from dA) where i want to display us as the 4 Queens from cards.

Always Greener... by pica-ae Keep Calm And Carry On by pica-ae You CANNOT Be Serious by pica-ae

:bulletred:How did you come across dA initially?

:bulletgreen:Mmh... like most people: I was browsing the web for free Photoshop brushes. And when the ads really started annoying me I signed up. It then took me some months before I uploaded my first piece (a set of photoshop brushes ^^).
I slowly started getting involved and learned to love this place in the web :)

:bulletred:And how did you get involved in text art and why did you decide to apply for a moderator position?

:bulletgreen:Well, I always loved text art and typography. I loved to browse the galleries and look at other artists galleries.
I was looking for more people that liked it as much as I do and was looking for a club which I could join. But since that was long before Groups, it was hard to find a club and I did not find one. That's when I decided to make my own group typoholics. I am very proud of the group and its members and love  to be involved in it.
To be honest I did not even apply. It was Sander-Seto who brought me into the game. He was GM at that time and in order to promote my group I had gotten in contact with him. We got along really good and he was always nice to talk to.
He was looking for someone to support him and that's where he thought of me. I would have never applied myself, but I then started to like the idea more and more. And when Moonbeam13 asked me officially I said yes immediately.

RAWR by pica-ae Rock Hair II by pica-ae Rock Hair I by pica-ae

:bulletred:What has been the most challenging about it?

:bulletgreen:To find the time. I work full time and being a good GM needs time. I am trying to do as much as possible, but its not always easy.

:bulletred:But then again, what is the thing you enjoy most about it?

:bulletgreen:All the new people I met while being a GM. There are other GMs you get involved with and learn about galleries you did not pay attention to before. I also enjoy to get a look behind the scenes of dA.
Of course, the attention from others is nice too.
But the best part is if I can help others. Let it be giving DDs or just feedback on their work.

For TiagosemH - Deadly Secret by pica-ae Gerbera by pica-ae i can cook by pica-ae

:bulletred:So tell me, what do you think about text art in terms of DeviantArt? Do you think it gets enough attention?

:bulletgreen:I think it needs more attention. And more understanding.
People assume its easy to do text art. But making good text art needs a lot of work, more than most people would think.
But I also think, people don't appreciate the fact that typography is one of the most important things in our daily life. It is everywhere around us, but still people just take it for granted.

:bulletred:What do you think are the main ingredients of good text art?

:bulletgreen:A good font and a clear concept.
But like with most art: you need a good idea.

I Love Typography by pica-ae Digital Girl by pica-ae Nobody's perfect. by pica-ae

:bulletred:What are your sources of inspiration (besides Moulin Rouge ;])?

:bulletgreen:Music is a huge source for me. But also movies or books.
Then again looking at other's art inspires me too.
But also dA stock gallery is awesome for inspiration.

:bulletred:Who are your favourite artists?

:bulletgreen:From the "old" ones I am a big fan of Alfons Mucha, Andy Warhol and Albrecht Dürer.
From dA I also have some. Sonicbeanz for his text art, I adore DanLuVisiArt's drawings, j3concepts is a very cool vector artist.

You don't know me by pica-ae Love Potion No 9 by pica-ae Ice Queen by pica-ae

:bulletred:I also want to ask you about your group typoholics - was it hard for you to get it going?

:bulletgreen:Yes. When I started it was still a normal account and not one of these comfortable groups. I was writing notes to text art artists and getting in contact with Text Art GM Sander-Seto. I was working a lot to make people join and keep them interested.
Since the new groups some things have gotten easier. But more and more people join and its the same amount of work like before.
It still makes fun, but it's a tough "hobby".

V for VectorORGY by pica-ae

:bulletred:What do you do to keep it working and is there anything about it that you would like me to include about it so more people find it?

:bulletgreen:Well, apart from people submitting their artwork I have started something called "The Monthly Challenge". I gave a topic and members had 1 month to come up with a piece. It has been lacking my attention lately. But I want to keep it running again. We also plan to make a Typoholics Magazine sometime in the future, but that is still an idea.

Thank you, Anne!


For more interviews, articles and other typography goodness, check out our "Type Your Heart Out Event" at :icondigiversity:

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Great interview! Go ^pica-ae, go!!! :clap:
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Wonderful interview!

We <3 Anne.
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We most definitely do! :nod:
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Nice one' ['In pica-ae WE trust'] ;-)
loved the comment about more attention needed for text art' cheers to that
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A thoouuusand, millions! Gazzilions! cheers for the incredible Anne :iconcheerplz:

Awesome interview! :la:
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*joins in the cheering*

She is that amazing, she is. :nod:
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Excellent interview! Great work! :#1:
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Thank you on behalf of ^pica-ae, she was a joy to interview. :aww:
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Very nice interview :D
I got top see a few work i hadn't noticed browsing through your gallery too :dummy:
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I am glad you liked it and that you benefited from it. She is an amazing person. :nod:
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It definitely looks that way too :heart:
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Long life to typo masters.
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we love ANNNNNEEEE! :aww:
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We most definitely do! :heart:
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Its nice to get to know the Typoholics admin a bit better :)
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Oh it is indeed a huge pleasure! :aww:
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Fabulous interview with a fabulous gal :hug:

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Glad you enjoyed it as I did. :aww:
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:iconexcitedlaplz: :love:

it was awesome to be interviewed by you :huggle: :heart:
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