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Digital text art is one of the branches of graphic design that is also related to calligraphy as the first text art. It stands out from other genres with its unique subject and approach to creating a piece. Mastering it is no easy task. Some would say that it's all about font and maybe to a certain extent colour. But there is a sort of magic in the perfect composition of the text, the harmony between colour schemes, textures and different characters, that needs years practice to be perfected. There is also something charming in the direct, bold and straight-forward way in which the message is delivered through text art. So is this what attracted typographers to that genre? In order to find out what it is in text art that spurs people on to dedicate their work and inspiration to it and what place it takes in their artistic life, I conducted a survey among devoted text artists in dA and this is a compilation of their responses.

Due to the overwhelming response I received, it became obligatory that more than one article is submitted. To view the first issue for more delicious insight and awe-inspiring typography work check out:

Digital text art: What do you think about it? 1



The purpose of any graphic composition is to convey a particular message, for this, the designer uses two main tools: the images and texts. The images provide an important visual aspect to the whole composition. One image can transmit a lot of different messages, however, the essence of good design combines images and text.
Today I think that the typography is an important part of the consistency of a visual message. And many times, based on its formal status or stylized, it can by itself become part of a graphic composition.

Typographic Poster 004 by Niikitoo Love Tree by Niikitoo Esperandote by Niikitoo


Digital text art today is a really popular art form. I think it's because of its extensive use in advertising and pop art. But I think it's very natural for text art to be so popular. To me, digital text art is a unique form of art on its own. Text art is unlike pictures: both can convey messages to the viewer. But, what appeals to me is that text art is more direct in its approach (the message is there to be read) while at the same time, it can be very creative.



Today there are many more innovations in the art of writing.I think the art of writing is a world apart.Can be lost in a world...
The increasing development of technology programs and visual media becoming more active may have increased the interest in the art of writing. People have the chance to express themselves better in the digital environment. As a result, some very successful digital work has appeared. The current state of the art of digital text is in a very good condition. I am sure the future will be even better.
At least I think that the interest in it will continue to increase.

Mummy Eddie by damnedest:thumb143667936::thumb136459857::thumb153125728:


I love typography, I believe it is inspiring and beautiful and has a powerful impact no matter how simple the design is! I have several ideas of some fav Arabic quotes, I hope I have the time and inspiration to translate them into colors and beauty by some designs.

Arabic Typo .. by simplyloly Fairouz.. by simplyloly Scented words .. by simplyloly Patience .. by simplyloly Tawfeeq.. by simplyloly


There are very talented typography artists, many here on dA, but I think some of these artists should be appreciated more. Many digital typography pieces are very inspirational, expressing very important messages to the world, such as MirkoCamia's artwork about conflicts of our world.

i just wanted to say... by BestDay Jump by BestDay: Story of My Life by BestDay Class of 2013 by BestDay


I think over the past few years and especially within DA the term 'Digital Art' has been embraced by many traditional Typographers. Typography has evolved through many stages over the past 20 or so years, the possibilities and styles that people can achieve seem to be endless and that is probably down to the advances of programs like photoshop/illustrator/flash. The development of the CS suite in itself has re-shaped the face of graphic design and revolutionized the way we work as designers.

Digital Typography appeals to me because it can be so powerful, Especially on Sites like DA, it gives you the chance to communicate to the masses freely and without constriction, I do enjoy illustration but rarely use it without type, they belong together like peas in a pod ;-)

Contemporary typography is pretty much at the mercy of the designers vision thanks to the advances in software, However I think an important quality to remember when designing typography is that you don't need to use fancy effects//filters etc.. these can sometimes make your work redundant and over saturated. A major influence in my own work is the Swiss modernism style, I think this style was re-introduced by the awesome Designers Republic, these were the guys who pumped life back into Graphic Design when it seemed to have soled out back in the 90's.

KARIZMA by Sonicbeanz Anno 2010 by Sonicbeanz SILO PROPAGANDA by Sonicbeanz Bronson by Sonicbeanz:thumb163632421: Aurelia by Sonicbeanz Industrial breakdown by Sonicbeanz Vinyl Abstract by Sonicbeanz


Firstly I am a Calligrapher of Arabic words.
I like this kind of art because it reflects the ideas inside of us translated into words, not images as usual. When you look at a typography piece you're reading the art not watching it, you read and feel the sense directly, you do not need to think about what this art means, but you think what the purpose of these words is, it's a message to the viewer.
To me typography means "the art of communication between minds".

Freedom And Peace by NoraAlgalad EGYPT by NoraAlgalad NORA by NoraAlgalad


Text art is about a message and communicating that message to other people. It's not like any other art form, where you would have to explain the emotions you're trying to convey or hold lengthy discussions about the content and mood of the piece. I believe text art is straightforward because the message is literally spelled out for you. You don't have to be an art scholar to understand and appreciate it. All you have to do is be literate.

With the tools we have today, the technical aspect of creating text art has never been as simple to learn and use. The only other thing you need is the artist, and that's a more difficult thing to find. If you have the knowledge of the tools, then you're half way there.

I was first taken by text art when I got Photoshop for my birthday. I tried it because I thought it was easy - I was wrong. Text art is not easy. Combining your creative mind and your physical tools to create artwork with words is not easy. But as I went along, I learned a lot from the community here at DA and that GREATLY improved my work. And though I'm hardly at par with most of the amazing artists we're privileged to have here, creating text art and posting it for the world to see has become a great pleasure.

Text art is everywhere - in ads, on books, on TV and on your computer screen. And in my opinion, it's an evolution in communication.

The Fall of Sin - Extended by Anton101 In Your Head by Anton101 Avant Garde Living by Anton101


It is so that we live in an age were digital design is everywhere. But is it so that me cannot forget our roots and lose the way of hand-made design. What I'm trying to say is that people should sketch letterforms before digitalising them. When not designing letterforms it's less important to sketch before. But it can surely help you.
So, in a nutshell, keep sketching. Don't use your mac/pc only to design.



Fresh and old shapes that twist and shift, digital typography gets built up from scratch and constructed to a shiny new type experience. Readable or not, it certainly engage the viewer, trigger the eye through pulsating patterns and blur the line between letters and ornaments, typography and illustration. This is the digital typography today.

My Heart Burn by Giampaolo-Miraglia S.P.Q.R by Giampaolo-Miraglia Memento by Giampaolo-Miraglia Research by Giampaolo-Miraglia


To me typography is a another way to physically express the emotions associated with a quote, verse, lyrics, etc, and a way to create a sort of visualization through words. Typography has a minimalist feel to it, yet it can convey such a powerful message as well. I find words, letters, and their shapes to be very intriguing-- they're much like pieces of a puzzle that need to be put together in a way that fits and creates a coherent picture.



Digital typography is simply ART. A way in which a human can express feelings through combining text with graphs and images. Very strong and very interesting. To me it is strong messages and fun at the same time. It is becoming more popular recently and i am glad about that.

murder by poprage Classical by poprage For Ahmad by poprage


Typography is everything in graphic design. You can speak with people using text in your works or you can make art using forms and rhythm of font. An info and an art at the same time. It's really a magic when you see great posters that are made just of typography. It's much stronger than any kind of photo or illustration. You can create a graphic design piece just by using typography. But you cannot design using just photo or illustration without text blocks. It will always be just a photo or just an illustration.

Humanity, Lewis by SkipDesign Lovers night by SkipDesign Wait in vain by SkipDesign Humanity, Socrates by SkipDesign Humanity, Nietzsche by SkipDesign Humanity, Goethe by SkipDesign


I think the reason digital typography and text-art is so popular is because it's so powerful. I guess the best way to explain it is that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then adding some more could only improve the piece, right?
Okay, maybe that's not the best way to explain it. But text-art and typography today has been used in such a variety of amazing and moving ways that artists have been able to capture any feeling and guide what others feel by prompting them with the word or quote or line used in their piece. It's a way of expressing one's self in a direct manner, telling the viewer exactly what the piece about without losing the artistic side of it.
And I think the communication of the art-form is what makes it so popular.



I want to thank everyone who took part in this survey for their time and input. :thanks:
Keep an eye out for the next article in the series. There are some truly influential artists expressing their opinion.
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