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This is a compilation of pieces all submitted in the last 24 hours which caught my attention as especially interesting or plain brilliant. Due to circumstantial reasons this feature includes works submitted not only today but also yesterday so the title "Daily beauties" isn't quite accurate. Still I hope that you enjoy the larger collection and leave me a word whether you like it or whether it could be improved.
In relation to a note received by Mike-83 I would like to publicly apologize to Coby17 for featuring a work stolen from her in my last selection. The original work is this:
Dotted Swirls and Circles by Coby17
The ripped submission seems to be deleted so let's give the due credit to the Help Desk and Mike-83 for noticing the art theft.

Digital art
:thumb163869392: Postcard from Sumrakovac 2 by DarkNemos :thumb163998010:

Rollo in the trees by Fakelore Dr HOUSE by AnthonyGeoffroy Brooding Octupa by Calliopie Up From The Soil by DaveWhitlam

DueL by SaTaNiA Devil in disguise by SjerZ Trinity by Pharmagician To the centre by theaver Trinity 2 by Pharmagician :thumb163894264: Flames 051510 by hallv5

M10 First Sister by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM 60566 by kubicki

Lamp by Fiorina-Artworks isla dorada 8 by naiiade :thumb163901603: Breezy Night by NickRoblesArt Red Riding Hood by Pa-Go Book cover by Artsammich LOTUS by phoenixlu

:thumb163889832: The Cathedral by kuschelirmel NOTEme by fabysalmeron :thumb164006137: :thumb164004090: :thumb163987258: The World is a Playground by xetobyte

:thumb163903425: The Discworld by StPerkele

Shine a Light by theeFOB :thumb163899595: TheCruelTeacher by rajasegar Milkshake Typography by Luftherz :thumb164020360:

Amanda by Jude22 vexel request 2 by gilbert86II Spring Blossoms by moonbeam1212 Ice-Cream on a Beach by Adelaida :thumb163930756:


Last building by Ovalds The Foot of the Rock of Tears by kapanaga

starfish by kannagara A place to think... by ChristineAmat ocean 213 by Hengki24 :thumb163848255: 1348 - Nobilis I by boxx2genetica

:thumb163918406: ...Wroclaw3... by canismaioris

:thumb164014286: We're gonna find the sea by Healzo
Him by incisler
come closer by Megson :thumb163911660: :thumb164011449: Orange Tip Butterfly Eye at x5 by Alliec

:thumb163910503: ........................... by innaryba2007 :thumb163920267: 12 by LukeMajewski Lost in black by Mzelle-Annie :thumb163997852: :thumb163902146:
4705 cr by bagnino MERMAID IV by simsalabima 40 by corneliaklimek Black and Red by PorcelainPoet :thumb164017912:
Flying high by addy-ack

Traditional Art

'Going West' by MichaelShapcott Kelley by yaamas :thumb163999591: Nature Revenge by ChamaCamisetas Tulip by EliciaElric

:thumb163980455: :thumb163982016:

Fair? by villasukka Chrysalide by lestoilesdaz :thumb163851320: The reality tree by tolgaozkan :thumb163967124: Das Spiel der Liebe by Peregrinus5Floh

Letterpress part 2 by patswerk Towarzysz Blusz by Drausiq
:thumb163873386: :thumb163873537: 51310a by KwasiRa Mudpuppy WIP3 by Blairsculpture

the horizon by StefanBeutler

Artisan Crafts

project for sf dirt lab 2 by South-Of-Heaven24 red spider necklace by Horribell-Originals Orange flower sugar skull by shelostit CREAM SEASHELL - wedding set by AnnAntonina




I'd like to express my apologies for the lack of literature pieces in today's feature and I hasten to assure you it is not because of sudden laziness but because after browsing pages of literature I became tired of spelling mistakes and heart-breakingly dull cliches. Even if we do have a remarkable literature community here, it is strikingly difficult for me to come across anything worthy submitted exactly today. I wonder, when do the beautiful pieces get submitted? :O_o:


If I may offer you to have a look at the previous article:
Daily Beauties
© 2010 - 2021 drop-asd
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thank you so much! I'm honored!
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Thank you very much for the feature :aww:
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Thank you so much for including me in your feature... I'm honored to be included in such talented company... =D
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My pleasure! I love finding such gorgeous works! :aww:
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Thanks for Featuring AMANDA
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Hi Danielle!!! :wow: again hun!!! This is so cool, what an article and feature and I am so thrilled to be apart of it cupcake!!! You chose one of my most recent pieces and I am so glad you liked it this much to feature it along with such awesome artist!!!!:woohoo::tighthug::smooch::winner:
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Wow, I'm thrilled myself at your enthusiasm. I'm so happy that you liked it and that it pleased you. :la:
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I'm very pleased :)
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thanks for featuring the cruel teacher...
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Don't mention it! I like cruel teachers :D
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Thanks for featuring my work and this beautiful and inspiring collection anyway :)
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I'm really happy that you like it! :heart:
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So many beautiful pieces! Thanks so much for featuring me with them.
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My pleasure! You deserve the recognition :nod:
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amazing works.
great idea yours :salute:
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Thank you! I'm proud of it myself :]
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That's an impressive collection! Thank you very much for featuring my "Lamp"! :heart:
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You're welcome and thanks back! :aww:
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Thank you for featuring me in this article! The collection itself is very wonderful, as it features some very cool pieces as well!

If I can give a suggestion, you should try and make more space for the 'Artisan Crafts' section.
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Thank you very much for the nice words and the advice. I did try to expand on that section in the next articles of the series, you may give them a glance if you wish. ;)
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omg! :faint: those works are so amazing! thank you for putting my work to your news article!
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