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Issued on behalf of :icondigiversity:

The second contest held at Digiversity is finally closed. AFter a one-month extension due to requests and time constraints the contest has come to an end and the judging process will commence soon. The concept behind the contest was bringing visual artists and writers together in collaboration showing us where they find magic in the everyday world. You can view more details here:

Opening article

I want to officially apologise for the inconvenience I have surely caused to some participants. There might be slight delays in the judging process and the announcing of the winner which are due to time constraints on my part as well as limited access to the site but I promise to do my best.

Contest Entries

:thumb177328060: and :thumb176306840:
:thumb177075333: and The Horseshoe by ellastasia
  Chris held it in front of Jessie's face. A swamp green, khaki colored glass marble.  The marble was large, smooth and cold to the touch. Chris took the marble and placed it squarely in the center of his chest.  His nakedness reflected on the marble's glassy surface.  He then placed it on Jessie's bare abdomen.  The marble was an unlikely landmark in the never ending softness of her skin. Chris rolled the marble around in slowly, in small circular movements.  Jessie shivered as the marble grazed her skin. The cold clashed with her natural warmth.  
Jessie took the marble and examined it closely. Its color dragged her in; she felt as though she was swimming in the depths of a murky swamp, surrounded by her distorted reflections.  Her own face, only more surreal, has multiplied.  Little green Jessies with round heads, big noses and beady eyes peered at her curiously.  Jessie blink
and Marbles by TrollGirl
and Flowers in MidgarFlowers in Midgar
Once upon a time, smog from the congested city of Midgar choked the life out of any flower that tried to bloom in the bloodstained soil. The adverse conditions were too much for the fragile, ephemeral life of a blossom. The Shin-Ra Electric Power Company was heartlessly draining too much of the planet's energy, the very life force of the world. It almost impossible for any natural beauty to come to life in the great Mako City.
Midgar was regarded in two very conflicted viewpoints; many believed the truth and were certain it represented the very end of the planet's life. They placed all their faith in the resistance in hopes to topple the greed of Shin-Ra before they extinguished the life of the very planet in the same fashion they had ended the lives of the flowers. Others venerated the technological superiority Shin-Ra blessed them with. The dystopian city was going to be the future of everything if something wasn't done.
But the tools of man are always doomed to tur

Too Far GoneThe wind raises goosebumps along his bare skin. It dances between his fingers, tugs at his hair, pushes him forward. It's too cold to be doing this, he knows. But he can't see the snow and not think of her. He clutches numbly to the guitar with one hand, stretching his other arm out into the wind. The magic's still out there somewhere, it's just a matter of finding it.
When he was seven, still learning his notes, he would sit by the fire and clumsily pluck at the strings of the guitar. He'd stare into the flickering light until he heard her whisper behind him, "It's like magic." Then he'd feel her warm breath on his ear and hear the words, "Let's go outside."
She became synonymous with the bitter taste of winter air, the lingering sound of guitar, the magic.
Her favorite activity used to be pulling fallen pinecones out from underneath their blankets of snow. The two of them would roll them around in the powder and marvel at the tracks they left behind; they would throw the broke
and Too far gone by jonathoncomfortreed
'Potions and Fogs' by Slately and Market DayNimue pushed her red gold hair back over her shoulder as she left the coven's meeting place, thinking not only of the plans made there, but also of the ingredients she needed to buy at the farmers market and the flea market for her potion.  Slipping into her car, an old beat up orange Subaru, the supposedly young woman took off for the first at 42nd and Lincoln.  It always had the best selection of oddities without her needing to shop at the overpriced 'witches' market just outside of town.  She knew some of the older witches thought it wrong to use 'substitutes' for their potions, but how was one to ever hope to make money if the ingredients were that outlandish.
Wandering through, she smiled as she found her substitution for Cat's Claw, which could easily cost fifty dollars for one small leaf, when a few Stevia leaves worked just as well and cost so much less.  The witch stopped at a booth that sold charms and grinned at the young woman behind

BrotherCome, brother. He is slow to answer. He was resting, but there is no time, now, for sleepy thoughts. The moon is sinking, see. The leaves overhead are slick with its death. The moon is sinking and my hatchlings scream for food. My ears bleed. His tail twitches laughter at me. Laughter comes easily to him. He is young yet, and only male. Come, brother. He comes.
There are not so many of us now. Our sisters left when the rains came, drowning the earth. They have not returned. I believe they are dead. Brother believes nothing. It is how he keeps happy and that is no small thing. The hatchlings prefer his company, but they are mine and I do not need love to know I must feed them. They will understand soon and learn patience. Then his empty-headedness will be a nuisance, but he is my brother; I will always have patience for him. They will learn this too. They will learn many things as they grow quiet – too many things. For now though, their chittering will ruin my
and Brother by ellastasia
:thumb179878828: and Ghost WolfJill excused herself from dinner and started on the dishes.  The leftovers were put away, the dishes were washed, and the pans soaking in soap and water; the meager chore washed away her worries for the day.  Before she reached for the towel to dry her hands, she froze.
She looked out the kitchen window to the backyard.  Through the trimmed bushes and fence, she felt two yellow eyes looking back at her.  The moon was full and she recognized the outline of a timber wolf.
Jill knows the wolf, not personally, but occasionally it would show up.  As long as she can remember it was always there, intimidating her fear.
"Go away," she whispered.  She didn't want to alarm her mother and brother.  The wolf's ears twitched, but that's all.  It still stared back.  Feeling those familiar chills creep up, she went to her room, closed her blinds, and hummed to sleep.
It's no surprise how she reacts to the wolf.&

Modern Hero: One Of Those DaysThroughout my life, I have always been reminded about my ancestors' heroic deeds. There were five consecutive generations that were the greatest fighters, tricksters and magicians. Wanderers one and all, they fought the enemies of their times and came out victorious. They were the pinnacle of their time, but all were eclipsed by the only person to come out of the fifth generation, Peregrine Ralcran. Not only did he and his band stop one of the darkest forces of evil from ripping the worlds apart, but he also helped build the village where he became the patron. He has always been thought of as the best fighting legend that has ever lived and possibly ever will. And my parents thought that it would be a good idea to hang that over my head for my life by giving me his name!
Of course they lived over a millennia ago, and things have changed massively since the small village was constructed, I thought as I looked out at the booming metropolis that lay before the window of my apartment. The
and Modern Hero: One Of Those Days by redkitebait
Atlas SocietyA small brick building sat buried in a forest and hidden away by trees and brush, not all of it real or natural.  A lone door stood closed to the world, the words 'Private' written in several languages on it.  Only five men had ever held keys to the place, and two had long since passed away.  The remaining three still met in secret, knowing they would need to fill those two spots before they too were killed.
They sat around the table and pored over their notes, each one speaking only as needed, to provide some piece of the puzzle the others might require in their own workings.  Around them pictures of the world covered one wall, while another held a table they often used for calculations.  They're work was vital to the very existence of the world and they'd lost much in this life to pursue its answer.
"Did we ever decide on what the matter of the focal point was?"
"No, Jameson was going to get that all figured out, but they killed him b
and :thumb180028527:
Clockwork, Spellbound Fate by LibertineM and :thumb179835856:
:thumb180076656: and Nature Hates the Dark LordNature Hates the Dark Lord
A garden, that's what he decided.  Finding a term or verse to describe this decided garden was much harder though. Flowers were neither over flourishing nor were they wilting or drooping. The same could be said for the trees, the bees, the birds, or the bushes.
Nothing ostentatious but nothing neglected.
Not like such things mattered; the man never had skill in poetry. What he lacked in lyrical writing, he made up for in magic. Oh, what magical abilities he possessed with pride that accompanied. A single bolt from his staff could decimate kingdoms and its denizens.  Rome may have not been built in a single day but burned in a single, spectacular night; the flame made quite the mood-setting campfire.  
The very staff in question was in fact ominously floating between a rhododendron bush and its dark wizard master. The black smoke emitting from the ends was just a special feature along with the singing of a thousand damned souls in

:thumb179570203: and :thumb178334730:
Invisible WarIf you tell yourself something doesn't exist, then I suppose it must be true…
Cadence shivered, instinctively wrapping her arms across her chest to escape the disturbance to her comfort level. The wind caressed her nape again as if ignoring her long hair. She tried to focus her thoughts to something solid but the only available option was the crime scene she'd walked into.
Not an ideal escape.
"Simple case of pedestrian stupidity and poor manufacturing." An officer muttered to her partner as they clustered their corroborating eye-witness statements. The younger officer gave a sigh in return; Cadence flinched, catching a shadow on the very edge of her vision. Her heart stuttered, and for the fourth time, Cadence twisted to look over her shoulder at a bare wall on the outskirts of the crowd. She bit her lip, embarrassed by her unreasonable paranoia. Telling herself that nothing was there, Cadence returned her attention to reality.
"This wasn't an accident."
Colleen, a hoo
and Invisible War - Accident Scene by Lady-Tempest
New Planet by purpleLights and Down To Earth Contest Final2479 AD
Near an unknown, distant planet in the galaxy NGC 3628 (New General Catalog 3628)
A small expeditionary spacecraft is approaching the planet. The spacecraft contains Aru and Nikotae, two expeditionary experts trained in the Union of Galactic Systems Military and Expeditionary Station on the planet Tou in the Triangulum Galaxy. The spacecraft launched from base number 97701 located on Tou 3.4 million light years away, but due to technological advances, the journey has only taken three months.
"Bringing Nikotae and Aru out of Cryogenic Stasis, sequence started now," stated the expeditionary super computer on the spacecraft.
The stasis capsules open and the two humans begin to regain conciseness. They are still rather
weak and dazed from being in Cryogenic Stasis.
"We will reach the planet in approximately six minutes, landing sequences will begin then. Currently beginning system checks on all terrestrial equipment, Nikotae and Aru you will be outfitted in your terrestri

The Bootmaker by DeliberateMistakes and The Bootmaker       The hook drifts through the darkness, down-down-down. It cuts smoothly through layers of water, layers of darkness, layers of something-slightly-less-than-real. It travels quite a distance – much farther than the confines of its given line should allow – before coming to a halt in front of an older man, sitting on a ledge of rock, something remarkably like a boot twisting over and over in his hands.
       He frowns as he leans closer to the hook, clear eyes gazing at it intently. The boot he had been holding is set off to the side. He hasn't received anything recently, but sometimes he is asked for payment in advance, and he has plenty of half-done boots stored back in the caves. He wishes he had the time to make a new one - a special one, just for this hook. He can fix up one that is almost done, though, because it will not be here for forever; at most it will only seem like it is.

:thumb179386363: and :thumb177033690:
Down to Earth Magic Contest by ErDexie and A Stalker's Nightmare
    There is a legend among stalkers of the greatest hunter in existence. His ability to predict movement and analyze behavior are said to be so accurate he could arrive at an unknown destination hours before his prey. His stealth and talent for trapping are nothing short of superhuman.
This phantom is not a hero to the stalkers of the innocent, however. He is not a role model or something to aspire to.
He is their bane, their fear.
He is their hunter.
    "Mo-om! Do you know where I put my light pink underwear?" Emily yelled out her bedroom door. "I wanted to wear them to prom tonight!"
    "Why those? No one's going to be looking at them, are they?"
    "No, Mom," Emily sighed, "I just want everything to be perfect."
    "It will be, honey. C'mon, our manicures are in fifteen minutes!"
    Spencer released his breath slowly as the he heard the door close through the

:thumb179350940: and Digiversity_Contest by HikariYugiYamiAtemu
and :thumb179380549:
The WellI. Legend
Love was not allowed between a mortal and a faerie.  The difference in lifespan tended to make things messy enough, not to mention that in all of history not a single story ended happily when such a relationship was involved.
Unfortunately, faeries were never known for following rules.
Love was a stupid thing, especially when one didn't know the subject it was directed towards at all.
For years she'd watched him from afar, for he was the very epitome of what a gallant knight should look like. And whenever he looked her way, she felt her breath catch in her throat. She told herself it was simply the momentary fear that her invisibility spell didn't work, but she knew she was lying.
And then one day, he rode off and simply didn't come back.
She sat in her cave and brooded, waiting for the day he would return, wondering what the difference between love and obsession was, or if there was one at all.
It wasn't the war, nor was it from highwaymen. He hadn't done any
and Magic Well by lmnToL
:thumb182660783: and Sibling SorceryIt was early morning. The sky was just getting a gold hue at the horizon, and fog hung off dewy grass. Two people were making their way through the still sleeping town, a man and a woman. The woman was talking to the man. The man was listened and stared at the sidewalk in contemplation. They appeared to be siblings.
"So Sean, are you going to tell me why we are being called in particularly early today?", the woman asked her brother, jumping from crack to crack on the sidewalk.
"I will Angela, don't worry.", Angela brightened slightly, "I will once we get to the station." She drooped again.
"Fine." she muttered.
"I am sure you can wait that long." He smiled and stared at the cement in contemplation again. His sister rambled on about different things and was in various states of falling over from jumping around for the next block. He never understood how she could be so energetic this early while he was still waking up; he was deprived of the morning person gene.
They finally arrived at

:thumb185802483: and :thumb185809361:

If I missed someone it was either unintentional or I didn't receive the note. Please note me if your entry wasn't listed here.

Donors Feature

In gratitude to everyone who supported this event we have decided to make a feature of the people who donated to or advertised the contest. We will be eternally grateful to you!

In no particular order

These lovely people and amazing groups have helped promoting the contest and spreading the word. It touches me deeply how helpful and responsive you are. Thank you!



The prizes for the winners have been provided by these generous people whose kindness brought me to tears. I have never expected that I could receive such help. Thank you!


The judging process will commence shortly. Due to the number of entries, the multiple criteria, the length of the literary works and the levels of judging, it might take some time to announce the winners. I know you have all been waiting for quite a long time now and I sincerely apologize for this.

SUbmitted by drop-asd on behalf of :icondigiversity:


drop-asd has started a donation pool!
1,311 / 5,000
All points will be used for prizes in the Down-to-earth Magic Contest at Digiversity. Every individual help appreciated! :heart:

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