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Mass Effect 3 Earth Dreamscene


Mass Effect 3 Earth Dreamscene



Little app that enables Dreamscene on Windows 7 you can download here :…
Open the app choose Enable Dreamscene and right-click on unzipped clip
and choose option set as Desktop background. That's all.


PREVIEW ( Thanks to ~nikeair94 ) :…

If u get bored of Dreamscenes just open the app again and choose disable DS to turn it off.

Good luck and have a nice animated wallpaper. :boogie:

Fix for Windows 7 DreamScene Transparent Icon Text Problem :…
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working link please
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Link doesn't work
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Recognised this one almost immediately.
I think I played too much of that game :(
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This is amazing! But does it also work on a iMac?
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Thank you for this! It looks great.
Thanks so much for this! Its set as my desktop background atm and its fantastic.

That little black square however has always bothered me since the very first time I saw this scene when I was playing through the mass effect game series. Arg! But still great non the less.
Slightly blurry in 16:10 1920x1200 when strecthed, but still the best dreamscene i have found so far.
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thank you v much sir :D
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BLACK DOT IS FIXED, please stop sharing the old one! Download fixed version here...…
can you make a new link please? that link is dead
thought I'll share this with you as I think its brilliant added some music to it which makes it sound and look epic on so many levels. cheers guys.…
I "fixed" the black square in earth's atmosphere, by photoshopping a small square and positioning it over the video.
It's not perfect, but it looks much better IMHO.
Here's the download
and here's a screenshot
many thanks hazardousPie on fixing the black square problem, also many thanks to you droot1986 on making this bad ass dreamscene in the first place. any chance hazardousPie you could put the music droot1986 used in the original on your's. Or if droot1986 could do it i really appreciate it man.
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your link does't work says wmv is 0 kb
What? I just downloaded it again to be sure, from the exact link I provided, and it works fine. 170 MB total.
yeah i cant download it either, its offline, can you provide a new link?
Your link now is offline, can you please reupload it?
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sendspace and filedropper is not working for me can you use mediafire?
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Thanks for this :D Wonderful!
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Wow it looks cool but i dont know why, but one link doesnt work and the other is blocked because apparently it is malware
Awesome job.  Mass Effect is by far my favorite franchise this gen.  That little black square is a real bastard though.  
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