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Mass Effect 2 Citadel


9.2014 UPDATED RESOLUTION TO 6400x3200

Title: Mass Effect 2 - Citadel
Author: Mikko Kinnunen

I just got mail from Mikko with his approval and blessing to this picture being in my gallery :D
And please stop those accusations ( about art-thief crap )...

Mass Effect 2 Citadel Wallpaper
Most sought after wallpaper :D
Enjoy gals and guyz :D

Just ripped it ...
( Just to assure few nice people if they weren't sure )
and to inform few impolite a-holes
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I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite wallpaper on the Citadel!

good enought to..Eat ?

such am amazing piece of artwork. I always end up coming back to it

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Other petals look pretty flat ^^
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Aaaaaand wallpapered.
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amazing perspective !
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It's a bot, pal. Just ignore it, or report it.
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yeah, it took me a second. I figured it out after a few minutes of research.
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That looks AWESOME :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) Clap Clap Clap Excellent Work Mr burns Excellent 
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Hey, I love this image! Any chance you could make a 3840x1200 version? Would love to use this as a wallpaper for my dual monitor. Thank you! <3
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Can i plot this on an Canvas Print for my Wall? I dont know if this is ok, cause of the Copyright? It will look like a Window. Awesome^^
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In my fantasy I have a residence here . ( psst if you're interested could you tell us more )
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RIP Mass Effect 2007-2010
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whatever you say buddy
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LOVE this photo!
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