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Ship of Fools in jest, oblivious of impending doom
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This is literally a "big picture" comic, a view of the rat racing artificial world drawn as the classical artistic metaphor "ship of fools"... it is a work which uses several dozens of text boxes of fiction to portray key details in the psychological profiling of humans. It softly smashes through a pro-logic, ((pseudo-anti)-BLP) message, which is expected to have a fast, heavily curative and corrective effect on BLPs (Backward-Looking Persons who instinctively hate cannabis). It can outline the patron's personality as a rebelliously pro-logic FLP. It induces laughs at absurdities that everyone often forget to, but must, laugh at; if many consciously avoid the parodied absurdities, the world can be free of ALL problems, in theory. This poster can be stuck, for example, at a door outside of which nosy neighbors or pesky relatives are expected (in their faces), or simply your main party room wall, where your erudite friends gather seeking relevant points of view to talk of (for the benefit of man) and laugh uncontrollably while learning critical information about some of the most exotic aspects of reality in the process. History of this work of art: the first drawing was made with filler/no texts about 3+ years ago. I developed from that an old version comic poster, which had simpler, completely different texts; made 2+ years back. About that old version of this drawing, titled "The Ship of Fools (Theater of the Absurd)" -- you can find it on my profile. This is the newest version, with radically updated texts to make it even more riotously funny while reflecting, at places, exotic levels of detail that even domain expert PHDs are ignorant about. Which reminds me to remind you, do watch my latest film, "Earthy Reckonings of Deep Space"!!

- by the stray alien

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