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organic typography

poster design for a party
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amazing realy ..
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This is beautiful !!!!!
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Great design..eyec-atching,lovely use of retro fonts,makes me think of art nouveau:)
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Wow. very impressive
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oh wow, i like this a lot mate. well created and I'm enjoying the green monotone colours on deep black
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Woow. How long are you doing this allready? I mean it's just wow!!
[It remains me on Si Scott. your style is similar to his.]
Can I ask you where you's learn this?
Are you self tought or took you lessons?
How ever you'd done a great job!
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thank you
i experiencing all the time with different styles and i like to integrate typography in illustrations,and yes this is Si Scott alike work,because i admire his work very much and i wanted to do something similar but in my own way.
this piece is a vector and take some time to finish, but i never afraid of how much i work on it.
i'm self taught,and i never went to any art school because you can learn everything by yourself if you have the passion for what you do :)
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yes. you're right. :D
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nice use of colours
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sweet work, gives me nice feeling :)
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Really eye catching! Love the color in this! :D
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looks awesome!
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