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I was thinking about making something new, and i was looking around dd. I saw that people use different forms of smilies, from normal to tards witch gave me the idea of making a machine that could turn normal smilies into tards :)

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Proving that not all of them are just born that way. XD
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you win at life :heart:
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rotflmao... O_o That is so cute and funny! Must put it as a :+fav:!
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Why thank you for the :+fav: :)
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roflmao! That was great. The eye displacement and restructuring of the jaw must have been painful. Good thing he's a tard now. Tards don't feel pain!
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heh heh, correct. Before he could scream out in pain, he turned tard which like you said...don't feel pain ;)
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LOL. I'm going to assume that his wisdom and dog teeth receeded into his head and were used to create those 2 pearly white gems sticking out of his face. Toot gapped buck teeth? BRILLIANT!
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You need some tardness? just call :P
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My bro's a smart-ass and thinks he knows everything. I think things would be better if he had no brain. Oh wait... sry... he's lacking in that category, i don't think you could mess him up anymore than he already is.

I do have alittle bit of hate for Bill Gates. Lets knock HIM down a notch on the genius scale!
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I could create a smart-ass-o-matic for your bro ;) don't ask what it will do :D

Bill gates ey? that's a fine choice, i'll set it on extra tardness (that includes drewling, farting and grabbing random people's behinds) ;)
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lmfao thats awsome
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arg! tardified! :giggle:

kewl idea =P
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yeah, if you want to be tardified, just call me :D
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Naarh, I'm tardy enough as it is :P
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