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June 20, 2007
Sticky bal by ~Droneguard is shiny, toothy, expressive and just ever so slightly insane. All shall behold the frustration of the sticky ball and despair!
Featured by livius
Suggested by esoog-adnama
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Sticky bal

I created this emote with a lot of fun. Knowing that you get stuck like that wtf :D
I tried out a bit of tardness and some new shading, more shiny. Also tried out a bit of dissapearing on the eyes and mouth to give it a unique look.
The shaking in the end is oke, but would have been much better if there were such things as transparent pixels. Sure you can do them, but only on a solid background (as far as i know :P)

I think this one of my best emote works, with almost 4 hours working and 249 frames it's not bad right? ;)

Edit: Thought i put my comment here, so you don't have to scroll through the pages:

I'm so surprised with the DD, i had such a bad day today was bit emotional... and this just made it all good.
:iconlivius:, a big kiss for you, you made a person realy happy today. A DD is like a crown on a person's work, again thx :glomp:
I also want to thank :iconesoog-adnama: for the suggestion, you're the best my dear... :cuddle: to death ;)
Thx all for the :+fav:'s and comments, i appreciate it so much and i'm glad you like the emote :)
More will come ofcourse
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to get it go in the emote thing and type in bad day Sticky bal 
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:thumb57817959: :thumb57817959: :thumb57817959: :thumb57817959: :thumb57817959:
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he practically rips himself apart to get the ball off
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lol yay :highfive: awesome!
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LOL! I love the ending where he's practically...I dunno, tearing himself apart to get the ball off! That's what I picture either being stuck in a black hole or moving faster than the speed of light would look like (if either of those were visible), only in just one direction. :meow:
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lol then he touches it again
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❝Hi I featured your Emote in Epimotes.
Feel free to comment and +fav the articel.❞
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Congrats on the DD:D
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I lol'd so hard. :lmao:
This is so awesome. :+fav:
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That emote is so cute!

Congrats on the DD! (:
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This is the first time I've seen this, it's absolutely hilarious :) I've had similar experiences with pieces of sticky tape :p Great job!
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I had an experience like that a couple times. My brother accidently spilled silly putty on the carpet and it took a LOOOONG time to get out! And when I was a kid, I was chewing gum and I took it out and it got stuck on my gloves! Gross! :rofl:
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Ha ha, great job. I love his expressions. :D
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You're welcome :D
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