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October 25, 2007
Love hurts by =Droneguard is a touching representation anyone who's known rejection can identify with. It's also beautifully shaded and animated, especially the flowing tears.
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Suggested by MissM69
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Love hurts

She knew him only for a few days, slept with him and she claims to love him... yet he dumps her like a rock...

That's the sad way how it goes in the world, but it happens. I decided to create a emote out of that idea. Also descided to hop back to a more old school shiny shading, but not too much ;P

Done in: Ps cs2 and Animation shop 3
Duration: 3 hours (lazy yes :giggle:)
Frames: 136

*Watch in Internet Explorer 6 and above or Firefox for smooth animations*
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MercenaryMaster's avatar
This is cute, sad, and at the time true...because it's always the guy who breaks up...
Anisa-Mazaki's avatar
Very accurate to life indeed.
SonOfBatmanDamian's avatar
I feel like punching that "orange" in the face.
program-shutdown's avatar
Lol this is hilarious.
Skout64's avatar
Contrary to popular belief, it is possible for girls to dump guys.

Why was the genders in this apparent? Would have been more relatable if let's say, the balls were both yellow, or in the description you didn't state out loud that one was a man and the other was a woman.
Mizu1993's avatar
That is how I feel now :/ I love her, but she don't love me back and friendship broke
SteampunkStation's avatar
That's exactly what happened to me today , it sucks , but it's the SECOUND time I felt this bad, I can't even keep a girl even interested in me ,what the crap ? 
Mizu1993's avatar
Well same here
TheGalleryOfEve's avatar
Ohh you just killed me with this one! :giggle:

Soniclifetime's avatar
You're cruel ! *slap the orange one*
Zelphyr117's avatar
Alas, 'tis true
Christopherdrewlover's avatar
Omg this is funny sad nd adorable
GigaGodzilla21's avatar
Mean tan emoticon, i wanna hit it
kaylathecat's avatar
missEyez's avatar
Hahahahaahahaha lol This is funny! But I love it lol what a dumb girl lol
Mirz123's avatar
:love: This piece has been featured in Volume 3 of Random Emote Awesomeness
Dackerie's avatar
Dude thats so true. And so sad..what an ass
creativeHellstorm's avatar
Aww! Such a sad, but cute emoticon!
SarahGoodwill's avatar
Awww that's sad :hugs pink:
xXxX-foxxy-XxXx's avatar
oh wow i did that once. worst mistake of my life cause it ended up just like that.
AshleeAkatuskilover's avatar
i know how that feels.
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