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Lil Butchie learning evil grin

Yep, it's not easy being a role model... especially when you have to train little demons showing off a evil grin :faint:

I told you I would create something random anytime soon :eyes:

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Heh, this is so cool and cute at the same time.:D (Big Grin)
I used this in one of my fan fics, but not for the intended use.

In my fan fic the small one is a girl and the big one a guy showing off his muscles to impress her. Giggle 
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LIL BUTCHIEE LEARNED MEAN LOOK :D (sorry just had  too XD)
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lol awww hes trying hard xD he still has a long way to go to achieve that evil grin xDD

Awesome stuff! love your emotes. they have personality! good job!
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Another feature :D
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This is terribly adorable... :love:
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Fella's too cute overload to learn evil grin :iconbummiesplz:
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Actually his name isn't Fella :D
I just noticed through your comment that his name is Fella while during time it's changed into Butchie
Forgot to change it.
So hereby I changed it in the title :giggle:
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OMG I thought it was :noes:
Okay :dummy:
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As if there weren't enough demon smilies. :lmao:
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Is Butchie Droney's son?
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No, he is related but Droney acts like he is his son :)
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evil little dude
very cleaver
great work!
i like your gallery!!!
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