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Portal Wedding rings 3D

So I know this is pretty nerdy, but I felt like modeling something and this seemed like it would be a fun and quick project. Haven't done anything in a while so I didn't want to go crazy.

All credit of the concept goes to ~ yuumei - [link] ,
who painted the awesome original here - [link] .

Thanks ~yuumei for the concept and the permission to use!
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i would buy these in a heartbeat <3
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The scarry thing about this is that your partners fingertip is going to be on your finger, and your fingertip at your partners fingerO.o
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what if you put one on your dick and one her vag that way you could always be together
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OMG you're right, wtf.....
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Hn is there a way to make these real? Like I don't know what here is digital and what's photographed but is there a way to really do this? I ask because this is how I'd like to have my engagement and I'd like to be able to get this exact make if it's possible.
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i wont that box *does the megusta face*
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They... Even... Come... In... Companion... Cube... La~
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Nicely done with the modeling and lighting!! :)
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This would be perfect for Gary Hudson, the guy who proposed to his GJ with a custom Portal 2 map (with custom lines from Valve). It's so... amazing! I so wish this was real :'(
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i really want these made damnit quit teasing us.
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God damn I actually want to make those now.
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I love how light is radiating from the rings. I also love how you can see the reflection of a blue portal in the background. Very,very nice work here.
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the idea is superb.. could improve the lighting tho. :-P
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I was going to do this when I saw the original sketch LOL.. This is very nice.
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So amazing! I love how the rings are the colours of the portals.
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A same that my girlfriend does not like portal...
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This is awesome, I think people would want this for real
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Thanks... but as far as the concept goes, it's all yuumei! Link to her original in the comments
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